iPad mini is the future. It’s the future until May, at least. Probably more like the end of May. Or more than likely, June.

iPad mini is now the future until then.

  • jose castro

    haha love how it said black apple employee hahahaha.

    and the future until may at least hahahahahahha

    • lol yea until May!!!!

      • Kaptivator

        or at least the end of May…Or at lease June..

  • Hahahahahaha. Laughing from the belly. You guys missed your calling. Should be in advertising or Actors’ Studio or something.

  • I’m a big Apple fan, but who cannot seriously laugh from beginning to end? Good job guys!!

  • seyss

    banned by who?

  • Guest

    Fuck the retina display, iPad 2 resolution is great, and on a smaller screen, it’s even better. When I clean it, it looks retina!

    • Lol… Wut?

    • Thorasgard

      Just agree with him so he feels better. I guess he cleans it after the f#^% part.

  • Way better than the others, I am watching the rest from them.

  • Ass holes

  • Aaron de Silva

    iPad mini is now the future until then.

  • Seriously the best, most hilarious video out there. The future until May or probably June. Gold. Pure gold. Love watching this and sharing this with my friends and family. Hahaha. I love Jony Five!! Start a fan club for Jony Five. ☺