If you follow me on any of the social networks on which we all live these days, then you probably know that I sold my iPhone 4S some time ago, and have been living with a Samsung Galaxy S3 ever since. There were brief flirtations with an HTC One X and Galaxy Note along the way, but that Galaxy S3 has been my daily drivers since long before the iPhone 5 was announced.

As that semi-dramatic title may have tipped you off though, I’m on the verge of ditching that Android flagship handset in favor of a shiny new iPhone 5. At least, I will be once I manage to find somewhere that will sell me one! That’s a whole different story though, and I digress.

So, having proclaimed the Galaxy S3 to be the best smartphone I’d ever owned just a few short weeks ago, what’s changed, and why am I ready to give it up in favor of Apple’s latest and greatest?

Firstly, a word on that Samsung phone. Until recently, I was happy to call it the best phone I’d ever owned because, in all honesty, it was. It has a nice, large screen that looks gorgeous. Yes it’s possibly a little too colorful at times, but there are ways to reduce that. The build quality isn’t as bad as I expected either, though obviously not quite in the same league as the post-iPhone 4 releases from Apple. I fell in love with Android too, with Google’s OS having come a long, long way since I used it last. All in, the package was just what I wanted and, in truth, I was perhaps ready for a change.

Months later though, I’ve come to a stark realization: I need to get another iPhone!

As much as I have enjoyed using this Galaxy S3, I still find myself having to think when I use it. That may sound odd, but with the iPhone I never had to consider how to accomplish anything. It was just there, a sort of muscle memory. That’s not to say I couldn’t work out how to use Android, or that it’s just inherently more difficult to use, because I don’t believe either to be true. It simply comes down to what you’re used to, and I’ve lived inside iOS for so long that I’m very, very used to it.

There are things I’ll miss about Android, too. I’ll miss being able to throw files and content into virtually any app thanks to its awesome ability to make everything feel interconnected. Apple still hasn’t quite managed that with iOS, and apps do tend to feel disconnected. It’s something you have to accept, and I have. It’s a trade-off, like so many things in life. It doesn’t make Android worse, or iOS better. They’re… different. It’s not a religious decision, and I don’t feel like I’m a bad person for switching, either!

I’ve not found Android to be lacking any of the apps I lived with on iOS, either, which was a surprise. Still, I find myself wanting to give Marco Arment’s new app a try which, obviously, is iOS-only. It’s little things like that, but when added together, they’re just enough to make me miss my 4S.

So where are we now? Well, I’ve got this Galaxy S3 that I’ll be keeping no matter what. But I need an iPhone as my daily driver. Something that feels like it’s part of me, something I can use without looking at the screen and that I know inside out. All I need now is for the local Apple Store to let me buy one.

But that’s a different story completely.

  • KockBurn

    Nice to see constructive comments on this and not fanboi bullshit. I myself prefer the iPhone and love my 5. To each his own.

  • Apple probably payed a nice amount for you to write this article, or just simply the marketing of Apple and the “to belong to some breed” works.
    Although I must admit that I use windows phone since a week or so, and I would be quite happy with it IF I wouldn’t be SOOO get used to the iphone. We always want better, and better, but what we get is better, but different. So the question is: can we get used to it or not?

  • its your world guys.. dont be mad use what you want, whats helpful to you and what you realy like. no matter if you use iphone or samsung whatever..

  • How was the resale value on the S3?

  • android sucks all it has is a few bells and whistles to distract you and the build quality of android phones is cheap.. iphone screen is still slightly too small and IOS is smooth stable but stagnant.. but iphone is all round the best phone on earth still…

  • I made the switch from the 4S to the GS3 about two months ago. I was disappointed with the battery life when I made the upgrade to iOS 6, which cut the battery life down by about a 3rd. My general rule for a phone is that of the phone can hold a charge all day under modest use, than it’s a good phone. The 4S on iOS 5 had amazing battery life. When I pulled it off the charger at 8AM it would still have 25% by the time I put it back on the charger around 11PM.

    I should also explain what I mean by “modest use.” I dont use a lot of apps. I mainly use it for email and texting. FB, Twitter, and a few other social networking things sporadically. Most of the day the phone is in my pocket unless I get an email while I’m in a meeting.

    So I ditched the 4S and replaced it with a shinny new GS3. After using the GS3 for a couple months, I have gone from loving it, to just accepting it. The battery life is hit or miss. Some days I’ll get less than 8 hours from a charge, and other days it’ll last all day and still have 20% by the time I get home around 7PM.

    Bottom line, the GS3 is not an all day phone, nor is it super reliable like my 4S was. I could trust that my 4S would have a charge all day, and that I wouldn’t even have to worry about it if I went out after work. My GS3 lives on the charger while I’m at the office, and investigations into the battery usage indicate that the biggest drain is coming from cell standby. I will admit my building is pretty bad when it comes to cell phone signal, but all I have to say is that it never bothered the 4S or my Lumia 900.

    So in a couple weeks when the Lumia 920 launches, I’ll be making the switch back to Windows Phone. The 900 had (by far!) the best battery life I’ve ever seen. And because I’ve come to accept that I only really use the phone for “basic” things, I think I can stand to have a less robust library of apps. Plus the iPhone 5 is out of stock. Which would have made my decision a little harder…

  • Winski

    PLEASE – PLEASE let me know if you find an Apple store that will sell you one (I’m assuming factory un-locked) because I’ve tried everything I can… No luck… I already have a nano-sim ready to snap in place…. No phone…. AAARRRGGhhhhhhh…..

  • Justinfrederick

    Props to him for moving back to an iPhone; clearly the superior technology.

  • Though galaxy s3 is a smart phone but galaxy s3 have hardware problem…so i moved on to iphone5

  • Mando

    I really can’t find answer to my question anywhere! What is better a Jailbroken iPhone or the Galaxy S3?

  • disqus_XU5wGN64hl

    OMG I am in the same position as the poster. I initially liked the S3. Then came 4.1.1 and it is so slow that I could launch the dialler, take a swig of cola, and look at the screen to see the app launching little by little.

    I used to use an iphone 3gs. 800 mhz proc and 256 mb ram. But never had to put up with this kind of slowness.

    end of the day, if you are like me, and need to use only 4-5 apps and cannot have them not working or slowing down, or acting up, then choose the iphone.

    If you want lots of apps, want to play around, and are perfectly ok with the device having a mind of its own, then android is for you.

    I miss apple.

  • I understand GS3 is to complicated for you. It’s better to stick with 123 ABC phone. ENJOY!

  • madschen genova

    I got my s3 a few months ago and it’s an alright for me. I like the quality of camera. The only thing I dont like about is the hugeness and a few People i know make Fun of it. I’d still want an iPhone 5 though since it’s easy for me to type and I’m used to it cause i also own an itouch 5. Ps. I’m the only android user in my family.