While going over its sales figures for the quarter yesterday, Apple once again neglected to mention the Apple TV. In fact, it wasn’t even until an analyst asked a question about it, that Tim Cook spoke of the product.

This should kind of give you an idea of how Apple views the $99 set top box. It’s obviously not near as important as say the iPhone or, any of its other iOS devices. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not selling well…

In response to a question from Benjamin Reitzes of Barclays Capital regarding the Apple TV, Tim Cook said that Apple sold 1.3 million of them last quarter. That makes more than 5 million ATVs sold this year.

Cook goes on to say that due to the size of the revenue of the Apple TV business in comparison to Apple’s other businesses, it’s still considered a hobby. He then cheekily comments “However it is a beloved hobby.”

Either way, that’s some hobby. If you take 5 million Apple TVs, and you multiply that by the average $100 price tag, that’s $500 million. That’s more than some companies generate from all of their products combined.

Cook ended his remark with the usual “we continue to believe there is something more there, and continue to pull the strings to see where it takes us” statement. A common response to questions on Apple’s future TV plans.

On that front, it seems that all of the speculation regarding Apple building a full-sized television has died down as of late. But now that the iPad mini rumors have materialized, some believe the TV is next in line.

  • after seeing ipad mini..one this is certain..that tv is gonna cost a BOMB…:/

    • no way it’s a full TV. DVR box sounds way more logical. TV’s don’t get replaced often enough for Apple to like them. DVRs can and would get updated every 2 years or so if Apple entered the market.

      • real valid point…

  • im doing it wrong, my hobbies cost me money.

  • Al

    Anyone with an iDevice… An Apple TV is a no brainer, I took the plunge 2 months ago. I’ll recommend it to anyone especially someone already invested in the apple ecosystem..

    • I still haven’t taken the plunge, but I’m heavily contemplating it. What do you use your apple tv most for?

      • Streaming Pandora to my TV. Streaming movies I download. Renting movies from iTunes on a Friday night date night with the Fiance. Watching NetFlix….etc etc.

      • Al

        I use it mostly for Plex with AirPlay and while browsing web on my iPad.. If there’s a video I wanted to see enlarged.. I’ll AirPlay it to the Apple TV. The most compelling feature is AirPlay, but while having guest over you can use your iTunes Match to play music along with a gallery of photos as the screen savers..

        I’ve had a Roku box along with the WD TV Live Media player, but the Apple TV is more suitable for me..

      • Kaptivator

        I like Plex…Is it really worth it with Apple TV? I’m on the fence because I stream to my PS3 but I’m getting tired of the cinavia blocks from time to time. Really ruins the mood when watching movies and things of the such. Do you have to jailbreak or can you use the plex app for iPhone and play it through airplay?

      • Al

        I can only speak for myself, I enjoy having the Apple TV. And having a iDevice makes the Apple TV worth it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t. I have a 3rd gen Apple TV.. So it’s not jailbroken. I’ve been on the fence with Apple TV, but went ahead and gave it a try. With a thought process of its not what I expected, I would take it back. I had a Roku previously, but I use the Plex app and I just AirPlay it.

      • Kaptivator

        @Al: Thanks for your input.

  • Gerard Hampton

    i wonder how many they would sell if it couldnt be jailbroken

    • I have jailbroken all of my iPhones I have had… my iPad which I sold a few months ago and love the whole jailbreaking spirit. But I have yet to jailbreak my AppleTV. I guess because I mainly use my Roku. If I hadn’t sold my 2nd gen when I bought the 3rd gen, I would have played with the jailbreak on the older one.

  • Then you factor in the purchases made on said 5 million Apple TV’s and they’re raking in the dough from a little hobby of their’s.