You have to feel bad for anyone who unknowingly purchased a third generation iPad within the last month (assuming they can’t return it). Because after only 30 days, that tablet has become obsolete.

The slate is being phased out by its younger, cooler, but same-sized sibling that is the fourth-generation iPad. Apple announced the new tablet at its media event this morning, alongside the also-new iPad mini

What’s the difference between the two? Well aside from the noticeable change from the old 30-pin dock connector to the Lightning plug, Apple has also given the tablet a speed bump with a new A6X processor (versus the A5X) and has expanded its LTE to Sprint and other carriers. The FaceTime camera has also been updated to HD.

It’s odd that Apple has decided to release such an update halfway through the iPad’s typical year-long life cycle, but there does seem to be a bit of silver lining here. As noted by The Verge, the Cupertino company is now offering refurbished third generation tablets for as low $379. That’s just $50 more than than the iPad mini.

Refurbished products from Apple are actually very top-notch. They are put through the same testing as new products, come with the same one-year warranty, and the iPads generally come with a new back and battery.

With the holidays around the corner, we expect these to sell out extremely quickly. So if you’ve had your eye on an iPad for a while, and weren’t impressed with today’s announcements, you might want to look into this.

What do you think, deal or no deal?

  • No thanks, I’ll get,… THE New iPad 4th Generation

  • CollegiateLad

    Can’t the A5 in the mini be jailbroken?

    • no new devices can be jailbroken at this point..

  • I´m really happy with my iPad right now, but just in case i will ask for warranty on late november trying to avoid heating, hoping they give a new one, now that they already discontinued the current version. Is just an hipothesis. But again, Im pretty happy right now, swipe selection, terminal, R statistical.

  • Shadowlink

    Im sorry but wth is apple thinking seriously? Who in their right mind would choose an ipad mini over an ipad 3 when its 50 more? I know people will say “some people want a smaller one” but seriously.

    • I would. Gonna sell my iPad 3. I prefer thinner, lighter, and will carry it around more.

      • if the mini had retina a and the A6 or A6X i would do the same..

    • Then get the iPad 4 .. Not the mini then .. This is not about the mini..

      • Shadowlink

        I know this is not about the mini but its the fact that people have options. I would like to assume that if people see that there is a way better apple product available for a mere 50 bucks more, then why would someone purchase the mini? But to each their own i guess.

      • some folks dont acre about specs they care more about size

    • Guest

      I would choose iPad mini because it would be easier to hold and read.

      • bob

        Uhhh, you do know the iPad 3 has a retina display right? iPad mini does not. I’m selling all my Apple stock. Will be calling my stockbroker tomorrow. Tim Cook is more of a I do something “because I can” kind of guy. I don’t know how much authority he has but he seems to be f*****g everything up. I mean, iPad 4, really? This quick? I don’t know what Apple’s marketing department is smoking, but it is certainly something very strong.

      • Not only that but it’s going to kill iPod touches. For $30 more you can get the mini. WTF?? It better drop iPod touches to $199. Apple really fucked up here.

      • yes they are so greedy the wana price all their stuff in the same $300 to $500 starting range..

  • Thorasgard

    Six weeks here. This is a major intelligence failure on a level the CIA has never seen. How could all the talking heads be so wrong? They sentence people to six years in jail in Italy for failures less than this ! “A minor refresh, new dock connector, maybe new LTE chips”. How could you all be so wrong ? !!!

    Hopefully they will run out of refurb 3rd gen within a year and I can put my AppleCare warranty to good use.

    So can we now expect a New New Newer iPad in March ?

  • I saw already on the site: “iPad with retina”, nowhere there is written thirth gen (or even 4th gen) anymore.

  • I have waited for quite long before thinking of buying an ipad and ended buying the 3rd gen ipad only 31 days back. i am so very sad to have missed the new ipad

  • Joel631

    I’m happy with my 3rd gen iPad. Would be a waste of money to upgrade to the “4th gen” iPad just for a faster processor and lighting port.

    • KewlDewd

      Yeah, but according to Cody Lee your 3rd gen iPad is obsolete. Your only option is to use it as a paper weight…or maybe a coaster.

    • Dan

      That’s how i feel about my iPad 2, new apple products don’t appeal to me like they used to

      • i had the ipad1 and skipped the ipad2 cause not retina a and not enough ram..

    • Eric D

      just admit it, man. you are feeling really pissed at Apple since they make your ipad 3 outdated now. I know the feeling, it’s okay. dont need to comfort yourself like that. Everyone wants the latest devices.

      • Joel631

        At first i was a bit mad, i wont lie but once you start thinking about it…its a waste of money. How does it feel outdated? It’s going to do the same thing the 4th gen is. I use my iPad for reading and ocassionally some gaming.

      • the frame-rates and load times will be better on the 4 thats about it..

    • im happy with my ipad. But i will try to get a warranty claim on my 3rd gen ipad once it gets released in my country. issue – “overheating”. and yes it overheats even when using ibooks. and that takes the fun away when reading a book! Thank you apple for giving us a beta ipad 3. they should have released ipad 4 back then.

    • yup and the 4th gen wont be jail breakable for a looooong time… i need a jailbreak on all my IOS devices

  • I already saw it on the site: ‘iPad with retina’, no where is written thirth gen (or even fourth gen) anymore.

  • Apple won’t come out with a new iPad in march; we can now expect new iPads every Fall…right after the new iPhone gets released.

    • Al

      That’s the only positive side of iPad 3 owners by having to wait for the 5th generation iPad in Fall, if they even decide to do it. With this announcement, there’s no telling when a new generation will come. Could come in March, never know. iPad 3 owners were practically beta testers..

  • I am pissed that my almost brand new product is already outdated! I mean Why!

    • Al

      iPad 3 owner here, although the announcement comes as a shock. I come to the realization that Apple just doesn’t care…

      • welcome to capitalism.. where caring is not profitable..

      • Al

        I just find it all hypocritical, when Apple so called “cares” about there customers. I’m for technology advancing, but they went against there own customer base here. And I will not be upgrading. It’s just too soon… Especially when the iPad is already dominating, I don’t even know what or who Apple is these days…

  • caguerra

    Classic – I have 3 iPAD ‘3’s still in a box unopened purchased exactly 31 days – return policy 30 days, perfect planning Apple – kudos to the marketing geniuses there!!

  • KewlDewd

    “Because after only 30 days, that tablet has become obsolete.”

    Are you kidding me? Yeah, the 3rd gen iPad is useless now. Sucks. Guess I’ll just throw mine out.

    • Melvco

      Definition of obsolete: no longer produced, or used. Out of date.

      • ipad 3 is still compatible with all 700,000 of the app store apps so it is not obsolete .. what is is is discontinued

      • KewlDewd

        Exactly. So how am I still using mine 6 months after it became obsolete?

    • Lupius

      I’m still confused about the “after only 30 days” part. Wasn’t this released in March?

  • Don’t care about LTE, don’t care about an HD front camera, and the A5 processor is fast as hell already. I am 100% happy with my iPad 3 with zero regrets.

  • Guest

    I’m selling all my Apple stock. Will be calling my stockbroker tomorrow. Tim Cook is more of a I do something “because I can” kind of guy. I don’t know how much authority he has but he seems to be f*****g everything up. I mean, iPad 4, really? This quick? I don’t know what Apple’s marketing department is smoking, but it is certainly something very strong.

    • Pete

      you have any I pad 3 64 gb wi fi + cellular left

  • Extremely sad what they had done
    I can’t use LTE in this modal and I just bought it 1-2 months ago 🙁

    • buying an LTE ipad will never be an option for me.. i can just tether to my phone for free..

  • My take on it is this
    Apple: “we screwed up with the iPad 3 between the light screen leaks and all the other issues people are having but we won’t admit we were wrong and just make a little enhancement to it, lets just release the next one so we seem like we weren’t wrong.”

    • this is true.. and they also did not give it enough power for its screen..

  • JoelKing

    I only have a iPad 2 and I am happy,It is plenty fast enough,There will always be something newer and faster coming out.If a person has lots of money good for them.

    • ipad one was really lame and all the other ones are more than goo enough

  • I love how all iPad 3 owners wants to get stuck in the past because of an upgrade… Have you ever counted how many times a year a MacBook Pro have been upgraded? Hint: sometimes more than 2 times… That doesn’t make yours obsolete.

    • omg i hate upgrading my computers i ail use my 2011 13″ i5 unti it dies..

  • Who says that the iPad 3 is outdated???? It’s still the second best tablet out there!!! Anyone who is mad at Apple for updating the iPad now can suck Tim Cook’s C**K!!!!! Get a life you american sheep!

    Get mad about the presidential puppets who are controlled by a satanic cabal!! Worry about the false flag events on Sept. 11 2001, or false flag Aurora shootings, false flag Oklahoma bombings, false flag Benghazi consul attack, fast and furious arms smuggle into Mexico, the CIA durg control agency of the world and and and!!!!!


  • HAHAHA! Sucks for the dude that just bought my 3rd gen for $650

  • I feel that apple should stop f*cking with people’s head with all these 12 3 4’s

  • Thinking of getting a refurbished iPad 3rd Gen. Undoubtedly, it’ll come with iOS6. Can this be downgraded/restored to 5.1.1 without SHSH blobs and jailbroken with Absinthe 2? Or would Tiny Umbrella be able to recover 5.1.1 blobs? Is a jailbreak available with this A5X chip? I’m getting so confused…..