Well, that’s all folks. Apple’s highly anticipated iPad mini event has come, and gone. All announcements have been made, all new products have been unveiled, and now the day is coming to a close.

A lot has happened in the past 14 hours, with new tablets, computers and software all making an appearance during today’s event. And we understand that it might have been difficult to keep track of it all.

That’s why we’ve put together this awesome roundup of everything important that happened today. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPad mini event…

The day started off with the revelation that for the first time in more than 5 years, Apple would be live streaming its media event to the public. And it was actually pretty nice, as we were able to watch everything in real time.

Now, onto the event. As usual, Tim Cook got things started by rattling off a bunch of Apple’s recent achievements and milestones like, as of two weeks ago it had sold over 200 million iPads. More on that here.

Cook then went on to show off new versions of iBooks and iBooks Author. Both apps were updated today with new features and improvements. If you’re an author, or an iBooks user, you’ll want to check this out:

Next, SVP Phil Schiller took the stage to introduce the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, and updated iMacs and Mac minis. The new iMac, by the way, looks awesome. Here’s all of our new Mac coverage:

Then it was onto iPads. First up, Apple unveiled the new fourth generation iPad. It’s essentially the same as its predecessor, but with a faster processor and other improvements. Here’s all of today’s iPad 4 news:

Finally, it was time for the main event. As expected, Apple took the wraps off the long-rumored iPad mini. It has a 7.9-inch display, it’s 7.2mm thin, and starts at $329. You can find all of your iPad mini news here:

And for good measure, here’s a head to head spec shootout between all of Apple’s tablets, a link to the video stream of today’s iPad mini event and everything else that we couldn’t find a place for in the above categories:

Whew! That should just about do it. Obviously there will be more iPad and iPad mini-related news over the next days and weeks. But from all of us here at iDB, thank you so much for hanging out with us today.

  • ThinkThong

    Introducing the ipad mini is a subtle way for Tim Cook to say Steve Job can be wrong at times.

    • that was also in the past, his view could have easily shifted as time passed and technology developed.

    • Kurt

      at times? there is a long list

    • yeah tim has to make his own mark and prove that he too can make apple succeed..

    • Although I’m pretty sure Apple has been working on the iPad mini way before Jobs passed away.

  • For the first time ever I didn’t need iDB today my Atv had me covered.. It’s about time Apple used its hobby device for events like this..

  • Ok Seb when is iDB going to give one of the iPad minis away..
    Like iDB Facebook = done
    Retweet this post = just waiting for the post
    Leave a comment down below = see above …

  • Why does it seem apple acted as if the 3rd generation ipad never existed. Does this mean the 3rd gen is discontinued?

    • Yes the New iPad is now discontinued .. All Apple gave done is make a newer iPad that is now world wide compatible with LTE if you get the networked one… Yes there is a speed increase and the new connectors .. If I had one I wouldn’t we worried to much its still going to get updates it’s just that Apple have made the iPad 4 what the New iPad should of been ..

      • Its not discontinued will be discounted only mate.

      • Kurt

        it wont be discounted. instead of offering the previous model for 100 bucks cheaper, as the ipad 3 should be, they are only selling th ipad 2 cheaper and the ipad 4. so the ipad 3 and ipad 1 are no longer available.

      • lol at them still selling the ipad2… i will prefer to have an ipad3 thanks..

      • Kurt

        same here

    • yes the 4th gen is the new new iPad

      • Kurt

        or Newer, New iPad?

  • i’ve never bought an iPad due to the expensive prices, now I can finally say that on November 2nd I’ll get to buy my first iPad, the iPad Mini. It is everything and even MORE than I expected and this is the best thing Apple could have done, you’ve earned a new iPad user, Apple!

  • philadelphia

    I was most def gonna pick up an iPad mini.. Until I found out that it’s not Retina.. Smh.

    • ppl buy google tablet and its not rentina and this is way better…. ijs this is better than all those low end tablets

    • has a higher PPI than the ipad 2 but still lower than all retina screens zoo i will have to see one in person to know how bad it looks.. Has the same power as the ipad2 with a smaller screen so it should perform okay

  • I’m so f#%ked off with this new iPad. Only had my iPad 3 around 3/4 months & now they’re making it obsolete! Tossers!

    • Same here but its not obsolete at all. Blows all the competition out of the water still and will continue to do so. The so called 4th is just a 3S with a newer processor not much of a attraction to me if they have made it lighter then yes. Wait till march when the all new one comes out ;).

      • true hell.. .folks still use the ipad2 and think its good..lol

  • mwpitt52

    $329.00 for basic model no LTE? No thank you!

    • I expect to see best buy and others selling these at $299 very soon

  • Screw Apple this time, wasted $ for “New Ipad” , now what? “Newer Ipad”? Im so sad , Apple should follow their Ipad cycles , so i suppose next year Ipad announcement will be held at the end of the year ?
    !@#$% Apple, This is the 1st time i thumbs down Apple…The 1st time

    • thats life so you can either buy nothing.. or my every other generation..lol the ipad3 though great actually lacked the power to power its screen properly.. so they fixed it n the 4… ipad3 though powerful suffers from graphics lag

  • Javier Gore

    These retina shortcomings lead to believe Apple is running out of ideas. This is a way to keep captive customers loyal to them as long as possible meanwhile they invent something new. What will apple come up with in the short term had they thrown the retina display at the mini ipad now ?.