With Apple’s dual-core A5 chip, the same found inside the iPad 2, the iPad mini has enough horse power to drive existing apps because pixel count didn’t change: the device still features a 1,024-by-768 pixel resolution screen like the iPad 2. As a consequence of the smaller display, the pixels are more densely packed, yielding crisper images and fonts.

Its 7.9-inch display is rated at 163 pixels per inch versus 132ppi for the iPad 2 (264ppi for the iPad 3 and 216ppi for the Nexus 7). Taking it all in, The Verge had a chance to briefly play with the new gizmo after Apple’s events, here are their impressions and a nice hands-on video…

The Verge editor Joshua Topolsky writes that the iPad mini is “an incredibly thin and light design”.

Build quality is top notch, he notes.

I must say I’m a little concerned about scuffs – as previously noted – due to its diamond cut chamfered edges and aluminum chassis with anodized finish, like on the iPhone 5.

Topolsky writes (emphasis mine):

Like most Apple products, the build of the smaller tablet is excellent, easily surpassing the competition on the market. By comparison, the Nexus 7 and Fire HD feel like toys. Other manufacturers are going to have to up their game with this product in town. It’s just a striking difference in materials and solidness.

Indeed, here is a nice comparison of size and display characteristics of all iPad models, courtesy of Apple.

Topolsky only had a couple of minutes to put the iPad mini through its paces so he focused on graphics performance and the general smoothness of the device.

Performance on the tablet, however, suggests that it will do just fine with the current crop of iPad software. Applications I tried out seemed to run as snappily as anything on the 3rd generation iPad.

Titles like Real Racing 2 took a little bit of time to boot up, but gameplay was fine. My suspicion is that fewer pixels to push around onscreen makes for speedier performance overall.

He also says the keyboard “feels a little bit more squished” in portrait and of course “a little more comfortable” in landscape.

Here’s the video.

I don’t know about you, but to me responsiveness, smoothness and UI performance are of utmost importance in a mobile device and to hear that the iPad mini doesn’t disappoint in this regard is exciting.

And if the above hands on video demo is an indication, Apple’s gonna sell truckload of these.

Just look at how small and compact and irresistible the iPad mini is.

I most definitely will be getting one for myself, in white & silver, I think.


  • They may feel like toys, but they’re $130 cheaper.

    • and 100% crappier

      • Don’t you mean 100% better

      • Nope nexus 7 and kindle fire are crap compared to the mini anything really that goes up against apple is crap

      • I don’t know. I’m an Apple fan and bought a Nexus 7 to wait for the Mini. I thought the 216ppi resolution on the Nexus was already a compromise, but it was crisp enough. And now the Mini has only 163ppi? That’s going to be terrible to read with. I’ll have to wait for a Retina iPad Mini.

      • It isn awful to read with I still use my iPad 2 for reading and it’s quite nice

  • I will be getting one for my with in white. Perfect size for a lady.

    • yup women and kids is the main audience for this which is why they did not load it with top level specs

  • Would love to get one! But having no job at the moment it’s going to have to wait for a long time.

  • KiKO4LiFE

    Still happy with iPad 2, gonna wait for 4 o-O but mini seems to be awesome for portability and price

    • the 4 was announced today with the ipad mini

    • do u mean iPad 5th next year?
      Apple announced iPad 4 at the event, too. It comes with A6X chip and Facetime HD camera

    • KiKO4LiFE

      They surly did but not in official way, well hope they will have some surprises in that one

    • Same here. Still rocking my ipad2 and will continue for a long time if this is Apple’s new trend with products.

  • Can’t wait or a Retina display one!

  • So people who went to the event can buy the iPad mini already? They don’t have to wait until November 2nd?

  • ishaluka

    Just first sentence of the quote is enough and suits the context. From what’s written just before the quote, The quote seems to be inserted considering build quality of iPad mini itself.
    I can’t understand why the writer not only included needless part of the quote but also emphasised the sentence “By comparison, the Nexus 7 and Fire HD feel like toys.” which is out of the context and the point of this article.

  • Like to get one