Apple has immediately updated their website to reflect the new iPad mini. There, you’ll be able to digest the new iPad mini video, watch the entire keynote address (coming soon), and look at screenshots and statistics for the latest entry in the iPad line.

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  • I can’t wait

  • So where the fuck is iTunes 11 at?

    • Incubus5187

      It was already announced to be at the end of October so it most likely will just be a silent update now…

  • Thorasgard

    OMG. My 3rd Gen iPad is no longer in the lineup. Obsolete in 6 months. So obsolete they are not even selling it !

    • lol yup.. and the ipad mini = small ipad 2.. old tech…hahaha

    • Incubus5187

      No reason to keep the iPad 3 there if its more of a replacement and it costs the same…

      • Thats what Im saying. Thats bullshit really. They needed to drop the iPad 2 and make the 3rd Gen $399 like they always do. Whats is their reasoning behind this?

      • Incubus5187

        I think it could be that if they were to do the price drop then they would receive even more backlash…

    • Don’t worry, if the ipad 4th generation was important, Apple would demo it’s features like the processor. But they didn’t because the new processor has a more efficient design which stops heating issues, the new screen solves the reflection problem and the lightning cable is to make it compatible with the new accessories. I am pretty sure that there isn’t a significant difference between A5X and A6X, and that this new iPad is nothing but a revamped iPad 3.

  • okay so the best thing about teh ipad3 is that on 5.1.1 you can be jailbroken.. the ipad4 will come with ios6 and not be jailbroken for a loooooooooooong time..