Apple’s long-expected media event is underway at San Jose’s California Theatre and the company’s boss Tim Cook just announced the fourth-generation iPad, ending months of speculation and rumor mongering. Stay tuned as we update our coverage with more details regarding the device…

“We know we are just getting started”, Cook said before inviting marketing honcho Phil Schiller to show off the new iPad. It’s basically twice the performance with some new features for the same price.

It’s got the new A6X chip with twice the CPU and GPU performance. Also expected, this retooled iPad 3 features Lightning I/O and has better support for 4G LTE bands so it should support fast cellular networking in more place around the world.

And now, the inevitable iPad sales stats.

Tim Cook stunned the audience announcing that Apple sold its hundred millionth iPad two and a half years since its launch.

That’s just mind-boggling and an important milestone for such a new product.

Yes, the tablet revolution is happening and Apple is at the forefront of it.

In fact, Apple sold more iPads than any other computer manufacturer sold PCs in the June quarter.

The iPad also rules web traffic share, Cook said.

Feel free to post your initial observations and thoughts down in the comments.

  • This is bullshit

    • JerseyD

      I think Apple needed to add worldwide LTE support and wanted to give all its devices lightning ports. The A6x and HD FaceTime are just bonuses. Since they’re already assembling those for the iPhone 5 why not add them to a retooled iPad.

      Everyone always complains when tech companies hold back features on purpose. The fact they added this without changing prices so fast is a good thing. Apple doesn’t owe anything to people who already bought a new iPad.

      • Al

        True, Apple doesn’t owe anything to anyone. But as an iPad 3 owner it will second guess my purchase for the next tablet. I enjoy having an iPad 3, I enjoy the screen. But screwing up the cycle is a “no, no” in my book, it helps resale value when it comes to buying a next generation iPad. Now it’s all SCREWED UP!

        I assumed it would be a lightening port upgrade.. with an addition to more LTE support. But a spec bump, wasn’t in the cards. Not a smart move by Apple, IMO.

      • JerseyD

        Did your iPad lose any abilities because of this announcement no? It is still a good product worth the price you paid plus all the time you got to use it. The differences are stuff you won’t even notice. You’ll get the same experience on both devices.

      • Al

        True.. I haven’t lost any abilities in the “now outdated 6 months ago iPad 3.” And yes, it’s still a good product. With that being said, it just wasn’t a smart move by Apple. Of course, the A6X and HD Facetime are bonuses. But they couldn’t just wait till next year to release those bonuses.

        Life goes on, but lets be honest.. if you spent quite a bit of money on a particular device and the next generation was released 6 months later. And you were under the assumption it would been released a year later. I doubt you will be “perfectly fine” with the release..

      • you are just mad you lost the ability to say “i own the newest shiny toy” so get over it, seriously.

      • Al

        Dude, I’m not mad. I’m fortunate to have the iPad 3, all I’m speaking on how it wasn’t a smart move for Apple. I’m sure majority of iPad 3 owners feel the same..

      • I Do, you are Right!! NOT Happy…

      • Dan

        Don’t try to argue with people like him, apple could drop a turd on his head and he would praise the allmighty Cook

  • JerseyD

    Just like with iPhone I think 4th generation is finally time for me to pick one up.

  • John

    f*ck u Apple

  • Moses

    and how does it look like? the same than ipad 3??

  • What does it look like?

  • John

    I fill like an idiot right now. First the so called new ipad didn’t support 4G where I live and now this. Wow apple sure knows how to make it’s customers happy

    • lol, not really their fault if your area doesn’t have 4G though………

  • nobody saw that coming…!!….finally an awe moment…

    • nobody wanted to see it coming we did not need the ipd4 right now..

      • i understand your feeling…but my point was finally there was something at an apple event that we didn’t know….

  • Still no wifi ac. Ugh

  • sathiel

    What the fu*k apple ? I just bought ipad 3 less than 2 months ago – it’s half year since it was released… I feel like you just want your di*k in my (and everyone who bought ipad 3 ) ass, don’t you ?

  • So glad I didn’t get the new iPad .. 6 months and now this is out on.. November 2nd

    • dont speak to soon cause eipad5 will be out in February

      • iUser2012


        and iPad 10 will be available by November 2014.

        They started to increase the “generation” for every update and more frequently. This may not remain as a joke though…

  • Wow. What other company releases a product and then literally kills it off 6 months later, basically telling their customers “Hahaha, idiots. You thought you’d get a year out of it. Nope!” What total bullshit, Apple!

    • John

      I totally agree with you and that’s exactly how I feel right now, but hey what goes up must come down…

    • ipad4 was not even needed now.. ipad3 is a total beast..lolo maybe the competition is getting ready to drop some big things?

    • Damn, I just got my ipad 3.

      • marco1993

        If you just got your iPad for less than 14 days then return it and get your money back if you can get something better for the same price why would you stay with an older model ( not there is anything wrong with iPad 3)

    • Kaptivator

      Yeah I purchased the ipad 3 on launch and now its old news. Sucks ass.

      • Not only is it old news, it’s discontinued and starts at $379 for the refurbished one. In-freaking-sane.

  • coejam

    3rd generation = The New iPad
    4th generation = The Same New iPad

    • yeah he never did say what its is it ipad4 or new

  • HALF a Year Later… NOT Happy!! What a joke…

  • I guess third gen ipad should be $399 right…guess not

    • Thorasgard

      No it is discontinued like the Edsel.

  • You know, I understand it. They have to keep up with the onslaught of Android devices and they want to steal some thunder from Surface… but man, I really did not expect a 4th gen iPad. I just expected a retooled 3rd gen.

    Feeling a tinge bitter, I’ll admit.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    dear new ipad customers…….F%CK YOU…… sincerely apple

  • Thinner/lighter?…

  • max

    Apple claims the new ipad is the best ipad yet but, they go ahead and replace it 6 months later with a new one. it is indeed bullshit and i think apple is full of crap!!! No one replaces a product that is doing soo well in 6mths, i’m sorry but, this is not apple like.

    • Thorasgard

      Is the 4 the updated design like the iPhone 5 and mini with the chamfered bezel?

  • OMG this will cause alot os scamming since ipad 1..2..3..and 4 are all look exactly the same there will be tons of folks buying the wrong iPad…lol

    • JerseyD

      iPad one no camera
      iPad 2 camera
      The new iPad camera and heavier/thicker
      iPad 4th gen lightning port

    • not true,
      ipad 1 no camera
      Ipad 2 – camera
      ipad 3 – the back looks different
      ipad 4 – new connector.

      If you know you won’t get scammed. But now that I think about it, it’s actually really easy to scam someone who doesn’t know.

  • YESSS 🙂 Can’t wait to get it!!!
    I have the iPad 2 and this is an awsome update :))

  • What the fuck apple this is a close as if u brought the iPhone 6 gen lol

  • Dave

    Why is everyone so mad about the iPad 4? So now your iPad 3 will stop working or what? It will still be the same iPad 3! Apple could either have hold on to this new ipad 4 technology or released it now, what’s the big deal? Or you just mad because you can’t afford to have the latest all the time?

    • people are mad because when the new ipad was first announced 6 months ago, they toil and save. 3-5 months later they can afford the new ipad and buy it. One month later, their new toy becomes sort of obsolete.

    • Al

      Dave… it’s a cycle, I and other iPad 3 owners were under the assumption of a yearly cycle. True, it’s just a spec bump. But it’s the same price as the original iPad 3. And, the totally killed the iPad 3.. not even selling it. But they selling the IPAD 2!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

    • iUser2012

      As Apple sells image more than the product users have right to be mad about this shortened cycles due to rushed to market versions. Try to understand those who think so.

      I have iPad 3 and, bought it 4 months ago and doesn’t consider it old at all. I don’t like Apple as a company. I dislike its hardware dominated policies and locked-up iOS features. I feel it will go back to old days with this approach (Mac against PC) as the big innovations slowed down and now there are strong rivals unlike early days of iPhone. Yet I use iPad because it satisfies me. ıncremental updates are not really updates unless something revolutionary comes like retina screen.

      The new one only has better processor from my perspective. The rest is not beneficial for my use. (no LTE here and with download limits no difference with current fast 3G either) . So processor is not a big deal as it is hard to overload it (maybe some games might but not my apps).

      As you see ı am not mad and even making fun with their naming scheme. But I understand hose who are mad. Apple pulled out iPad 3 fro its website and replaced it with this new 3.x device (I don’t call it 4) but kept iPad 2. So their product is vaporized from manufacturer website while a previous model is still present. Does that feel right to you?

  • Yan Kar

    Right move, on 29th much better nexus 10 will be announced Apple had no choice but at least come close to specs. I have ipad 3 and i total agree , its not fair to customers but for apple it was only way to compete and make money, now they will be pushing those lighting connectors and make up for loss sale.

  • This post is incorrect the iPad mini does not have the A6X chip it has an A5 chip.

    • Except we’re not talking about the iPad mini here…

      • This whole iPad things getting confusing I thought the mini was the 4th gen ? So is the mini the 5th gen?

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        I’m guessing its the iPad mini first gen, just a guess.

      • I mean its like iPad after iPad hard to keep up lol

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        True 😛

  • THAT’S WHY they didn’t call it the iPad 3. This iPad will be regarded as “4th generation” by consumers and bloggers, but in the apple website, it’ll be the same “iPad with retina display” probably to not get customers angry.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    no wonder those bitches called it the new iPad. they knew it all along! ;P

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Maybe now some of the blind fanboys on here will learn that apple Honestly doesn’t give a shit about your loyality. Don’t be the clingy wife with the abusive husband.

    • That iis so true, i was thhinking of it like that the other actually! lol

    • Sorry, i was using the supper fast iPad 3 to reply hahaha

  • Steve

    I love it,gona buy att least two

  • Looks like an iPad 3S.

  • Mahjikk

    The iPad 2 was, in my opinion, the best apple-related purchase I made. It’s been more than two years since it came out, and it’s still being sold at only $100 less. No regrets.

  • Steve

    I love new ipad4

  • Kinda sucks but whatever I fucking love my iPad 3. I’ll wait for the iPad 5.

  • iUser2012

    I have new iPad (iPad 3) and happy with it. Now they call the new device still as new iPad but it is newer (iPad 4). This naming scheme is becoming such to deserve those funny things in Apple promo videos regarding device naming. By 2015 we will have 247th gerenration of any iDevice as they call all non-major updates as a new generation

    So called iPad 4th generation looks like 3.x not 4 to me (choose the x according to your preferences)

    I expected lightning connector and more LTE frequencies like everyone, even though they are not available widely and cheap (my 3G is satsfactory enough as I don’t run server or download torrents). Despite it is always nicer to have better I didn’t care about front camera as I don’t use it very much, probably many users do the same. The only thing really changed is the A6X processor. Which adds more power but that is hardly enough to be called as new generation. Even SIM card is still micro not nano. So it is not complete makeover to catch-up with iPhone 5 specs.

    iPad 3 is out iPad 3.x in. Nothing much changes for current iPad 3 owners.

    Apple really loses the grip to provide real changes as it has been promoting for long time and it is becoming not revolutionary but incremental updates. That should be a normal process I guess considering product lifecycles.

  • 2Vini

    Coming up next:
    The all new and even smaller Lighting 3 connector 7th generation.

  • it’s a different port and an updated chip. big deal people!

    reading through the comments the same sentiment shines through….that y’all are pissed you don’t get to brag that you have the NEWEST iPad available. now you’ll have to whisper to people “i have an iPad 3″…OH THE SHAME, THE SHAME OF IT ALL! get over yourselves people. iPad 4 looks like the iPad 3, looks like the iPad 2. whoopie doo! how dare Apple! LOL you people make me laugh.

  • All I can say is atleast I am still jailbroken

  • WOW my iPad 2 now seems so old

  • I don’t really care if Apple comes out with two new iPads in a year. If they did it with the iPhone then I would be pissed. I’m fine selling my iPad on Craigslist every two years and updating.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    My bf and I just broke. Wtf. Right after I bought this damn thing. Who wants it? Shoot me a price

    • Mahjikk

      I’ll give you an iPad 2 with a case plus $20.

  • I’m so f#%ked off with this new iPad. Only had my iPad 3 around 3/4 months & now they’re making it obsolete! Gutted!

  • SoCoMagNuM

    seems apple is slowly fragmenting their base…it was only a matter of time. guess all that pride isnt enough to keep consumers from looking elsewhere. competition is heating up and its showing now (lawsuits, breaking the chain of refresh models, etc)
    i was anticipating on getting an iPad Mini (dont currently own an iDevice to use all the paps i paid for previously) but knowing it doesnt have a retina display deterred me. seems they still hold true to the bread crumb technique. not just that but this time they even stepped back a notch. so next year when they release a retooled version it will have a dated A6 chip and retina display and they will yell “Revolutionary” lol…….ill just wait for that revolution then.

  • mwpitt52

    I just purchased an IPhone 5. To go to a non retina devise not running the new A6 processor would be painful.