According to a well-informed blog, in addition to the iPad mini and some new Macs, Apple today could also release a set of four new Lightning adapters and cables, two of which are aimed at providing compatibility with digital cameras via USB and SD cards, costing $29 each. The other two should provide a way to feed video from the device to external displays, projectors and other devices via the industry-standard VGA adapter or digital AV, priced at $49 each…

Seth Weintraub of 9to5Mac provided the following list of the four incoming cables and prices.

There will also be a new 60W MagSafe power adapter (a $79 value), likely for a rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina display. Another adapter is Apple’s standard USB power adapter, priced at $19 and rated at 12W instead of 10W.

That bump up in wattage could allow much faster charging and perhaps fix one of the most complained about features of the iPad 3rd generation: The long time it takes to charge.

If that adapter is meant for the third-generation iPad, then Apple could easily launch a retooled iPad 3 thought to incorporate Lightning I/O as well as an improved display tech that consumes less energy.

What do you make of this?

  • First! Can’t wait for iPad mini

  • asf

    If they change the screen on the iPad 3, they will reduce the battery too, so no need for the 12W adapter. They probably will only change the conector. Of course they can change the screen “silently” (so the current iPad owners don’t feel “ripped off”) and mantain the same battery, giving the iPad some more hours of battery :).

    • Falk M.

      You can be sure that they’d not give a revamped model a significant improvement in battery usage.

      They’d save that for the next generation pretty certainly.

  • iPad camera connection kit (lightning) it has to be another iPad