In addition to the iPad mini, and a handful of other announcements, Apple is widely expected to unveil a tweaked version of its current full-sized tablet at its media event tomorrow.

The retooled slate is said to feature a handful of changes, including Apple’s new Lightning connector, a global LTE chip and, if these images are legit, an improved FaceTime camera…

BGR posts a pair of photos tonight of what it believes is a display assembly from a refreshed third gen iPad, pointing to the larger camera sensor cutout versus that of the current model.

“The most noticeable changes we can see are the fact that the front-facing camera cutout is larger than the previous model, allowing Apple to include a bigger sensor. We’d bet that Apple will continue the 1.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera from the iPhone 5 and iPod touch here.”

The site says it’s possible the display belongs to Apple’s next-generation tablet, which would assumably appear early next year. But it’s confident it’s a part from the aforementioned model.

If true, the retooled iPad looks like it’s going to be quite the upgrade over its 6 month-old predecessor, with new display technology, the new Lightning port and a FaceTime HD camera.

We’ll find out for sure tomorrow morning. Remember, the event kicks off at 10am PST and we’ll covering it and all other Apple announcements right here on iDB.

So, what do you make of this tweaked third gen iPad? Smart move on Apple’s part?

  • That sucks for people who bought the iPad 3 already.

    • SimonReidy

      The tweaks to the retooled iPad sound good, but there’s nothing to get too excited about. I’m actually happy I bought my iPad 3 recently just so I could get one running iOS 5.1. I’d rather my jailbroken iPad3 over a new version with the rumoured improvements, but stuck on stock iOS6 for ages.

      Once the “new new” iPad is jailbroken, the iPad 4 will probably be out, so I’ll wait for that instead 🙂

      • The downside to it is that if your in Europe some LTE providers won’t support the iPad.

      • ReanimationXP

        Good point, I don’t feel so bad now.

      • Matt Arnold

        It devalued the trade in value of your iPad how it that good come March when the new iPad’s come out?

  • Apple is going downhill :/

    • Guest

      Are u high?

  • Pacalhero

    I bought a new iPad 10 days ago and yesterday I gave it back to the Apple Store (according to the possibility to bring it back in 14 days) because I live in Italy and I want to wait the LTE global connection (in November, here, mobile companies should will be able to propose LTE offers in 4 cities included my one) so I prefere to wait and buy it again when it will be retooled. I just hope I don’t have to wait the next year. Sounds crazy that Apple show a product and people have to wait something like 2 months… I think the name will be just “new iPad” plus a letter, like 3s or maybe iPad+… I don’t know… I just hope they are going to sell it soon…

  • annamarie