We’ve been stressing how many new features were packed into the new RedSn0w, and we weren’t kidding. Another under the radar feature that’s been added to the new RedSn0w is the ability to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 untethered on Pre-A5 devices in A5 Non DFU style.

This is accomplished using the same method used for jailbreak tools like Absinthe, which utilizes backup and restore instead of the typical DFU ramdisk method. This is a great feature that speeds up the jailbreak process on Pre-A5 devices running iOS 5.1.1. Check inside as we give you a video demonstration and tutorial showing how it works.

Note: as recommended by the iPhone Dev Team, it is best to assess your device’s current state before decided whether or not to use the backup and restore method, or the typical DFU ramdisk method. If you have a lot of media, apps, and games on your device, it’s best to stick with the traditional DFU method. If you have minimal data on your device, or better yet, of it’s a new install, then the backup and restore method should be fine.

Another point of note is that you must be running iOS 5.1.1 on your device. This will only work with iOS 5.1.1.

Step 1: Download RedSn0w 0.9.15b2 from our downloads page and open it.

Step 2: Connect your pre-A5 iOS device running iOS 5.1.1 to your computer. Ensure that RedSn0w recognizes your device after it is connected.

Step 3: Click jailbreak, and you should be prompted as to which mode you want to use. To select the backup and restore method click No, and the jailbreak process will begin.

Step 4: Three steps will then begin: preparing, processing, and cleaning up. This process performs a backup. Once the process is complete, you will notice your iOS device go into restore mode, which restores the custom backup created in the first three steps.

Step 5: Once the restore is complete, you should receive a Restore Complete message on your iPhone’s screen, which will appear only briefly. You should also see a pop-up message on RedSn0w reporting that the jailbreak succeeded. You can click OK on this message, and then click Quit to close RedSn0w.

Step 6: Next your device will respring, and show an Apple logo with a loading bar underneath. Once this loading bar is filled, the Lock screen will be shown. Do not touch the device just yet. Wait a few more seconds, and you will notice the device respring again. After the second respring you may safely unlock your device, and you should see Cydia on the second Home screen page.

As you can see, this method is a lot simpler than the DFU mode jailbreak methods that pre-A5 devices have grown used to. It’s nice to just be able to plug your device in, click jailbreak, and essentially be done with the whole process.

Again, this pre-A5 backup and restore jailbreak is only available with the latest versions of RedSn0w, which you can find on our downloads page using the link above, and you must be running iOS 5.1.1 to qualify. Otherwise, you’ll have to stick to the DFU mode for jailbreaking for the time being.

Be sure to visit our dedicated RedSn0w page for more details on the many features of this great jailbreak tool.

What do you think about this new pre-A5 jailbreak method?

  • yea, but we are waiting on iPhone 5 JB news.

    • John Jackolo


    • Manuel Molina

      I’m with you, but realistically, that one will be a LONG wait (hoping its shorter).

      • I can definitely wait. If they open up a donation pay pal tab; i would definitely pay 15$ if that was the minimum for everyone

      • Mac_Guy

        I’m sure you’d pay much more than $15 to have a jailbroken iPhone 5, so why not donate more? This “iCommunity” should be more than willing to donate to those amazing individuals making the existence of jailbreaking possible. These high-end products are quite expensive so its clearly not an issue with money. I know if jailbreaking wasn’t free, I’d be willing to pay up to $50 to be able to access one of my favorite apps on iOS: Cydia

      • It’d be nice if people could read nowadays. As i stated above; IF IT WAS THE MINIMUM, potentially meaning a higher amount could be added. I would do that also. I can afford all the iproducts so i would have no problem. Jailbreak is priceless

    • Than why come in here when it clearly reads,” iOS 5.1.1 on Pre-A5 Devices”?? Why don’t you be patient and wait or jailbreak it yourself?? I had to wait about 8 months on a jailbreak for my 4S. I dealt with it then. You can do the same now.

      • lol you mad? btw its spelled. THEN. Than is the comparison between 2 things.

        but in other news. I’ve had the iPhone since the 2g and had almost every one.. patience… i can do..

        im not trying to rush anyone sooooooo go rage elsewhere.

  • Huh? You could do this in the last version.

  • Error 2601 fix..!!!…someone..??..:/

  • MOE

    Why don’t u make a video on how to use the rerestore on the A5 devices because they are the one with the risk of loosing jail break not A4 devices

  • rabbeting

    does it work with canadian ver, baseband 04.10.02 using gevey sim

  • Not resolve my problem!
    How to upgrade iOS 5.0 to 5.1.1? All blobs are saved on my MacBook. Anyone can help me, please.

    • If you have your blobs saved, just “stich” them to the iOS 5.1.1 with Redsn0w. Put your device en PWNED DFU and restore from iTune with the firmware that have the blobs stiched.

  • pcsweb

    What..? It’s an old feature.. Jeff you are late..

  • It’s off topic but can anyone suggest me the best unlock process for iphone 4S 5.1.1 jailbroken. Next month i’m going on a vacation for a month and i want to use my iphone 4S there. I’m in japan so factory unlocking is not an option. And that good old ultrasnow never gets updated.
    I heard gevey sims works but since their are different types of sims available, i’m confused which one to buy.

  • i have a question .. i have this 4s .. i wanna do a restore to 5.1.1 .. can it be done ?? also i need 2 save my BB … in thinking tinyumbrella .. but redSnow confused the shit outta me saying the BB will be updated to the latest no matter what firmware

    • im curently on 5.1.1 btw just need to do a clean restore ..

      • bartuus

        It wont be updated in 5.1.1 -> 5.1.1

  • will this work on ipad 3 wifi+3g? i ahve ios 5.1.1 on my ipad 3, will it?

  • What if I’ve got loads of files and apps on my phone?

  • If a5 jailbreak or downgrade doesnt come in 2 weeks ill go for galaxy s 3

    • you can’t expect to give them a ETA it doesn’t happen like that this things that time and tests, they don’t release a buggy jailbreak to the public (well sometimes) they want ppl to get the un buggy so that everything runs smoothly a possible

      • U know and i know jailbreak is in apple hand and they r limiting u like ios and they decide for u what u should want i hate it

  • Think a paypal tab is in the future/should be reccomended.

    Since they do it for free, we should definitely do it as a thanks! (Now one for ios 6 pl0x)

    15$ 25$ 50$ 100$ tabs 🙂

    if anyone here is close with dev team, do suggest it!

  • Mani

    Same here ”
    yea, but we are waiting on iPhone 5 JB news.”

  • panther

    I did everything exactly as the video, it start to run cydia and everything, and all of the sudden the iphone turn off and now I only have the stupid newsstand which I totally hate. What can I do know ? I had version 5.1.1 (build 9B208).

  • panther

    I did everything exactly as the video, it start to run cydia and everything, and all of the sudden the iphone turn off and now I only have the stupid newsstand which I totally hate. What can I do know ? I had version 5.1.1 (build 9B208).

  • Wtng fr JB for iphone 4s running ios 6 … ne update on tht ..?

  • Devin Rodriguez

    Does anyone know if this works with IOS6 yet? Or when it may be out?

  • Andriy

    I have a iOS 4.3.5 in iPad 2 GSM but I can not upgrade it to 5.1.1
    Can somebody help me???

  • Andriy

    I have a iOS 4.3.5 in iPad 2 GSM but I can not upgrade it to 5.1.1
    Can somebody help me?

  • Nguyễn nhật Trường

    help me. when jailbreak iphone 4, Do have insert SIM into iphone or remove SIM.

  • Kevin

    I need software help me restore firmware 5.1.1 for iphone 4s because i cant use RedSn0w 0.9.15b2 restore this firmware like every guide told ! (I have SSH blob for my iphone)

  • Jamaruu

    Yeah did that , I jailbroken it with redsnow 15b3.Ok now I have a small problem.When it starts is not starting untethered. The cydia icon is white and I can’t access it.Not even mail app or safari doesn’t work.
    What could cause this ?
    iphone 4 bb4.12.2 / ios 511 factory unlocked

  • after succesfull jailbreak cydia is not working..plz help

  • cydia is not working…wht shud i do??

  • Nishna

    can i press no even if i have like 50 apps or so ?