Rumors that Apple had plans for a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet go back at least two years. Our earliest report on the topic dates all the way back to August 2010.

But the gossip has gotten a lot more serious over the past 9 months or so, and the iPad mini is widely expected to debut at Apple’s recently announced October 23 event.

It’s actually been interesting to watch this story unfold this year. And if you missed any of it, never fear, the folks over at GimmeTech put together this infographic timeline…

The following infographic comes from GimmeTech, via Mashable, and it shows a timeline of the significant iPad mini rumors and reports we’ve heard throughout the year.


Apple is widely expected to unveil its new tablet alongside new Mac computers, and possibly a retooled iPad 3, at next Tuesday’s event in San Jose’s California theatre.

Recent reports suggest that there could be as many as 24 models of the iPad mini, made up of different colors and storage options. And prices are said to start below $300.

There’s been a lot of skepticism over the past several months regarding this particular Apple rumor, with folks saying that a budget tablet wouldn’t fit in Apple’s lineup.

Well, what do you think now?

  • R N

    Frankly speaking at that price, I am tempted to buy one, maybe 16gb for my mom for xmas *she hates my iPad 3 being too big” so at mini size, it is the perfect gift and size…

    But I still want to know about its spec’s… screen wise…

  • yes I pad Mini is handy and I would like to play more games like planet Burn on Device.

  • I just wonder how much the mini iPad will cost cuz past few days been saying different prices :/

  • Matthew Tanner

    It’ll be a mini iPad 3… Apple isn’t gonna make a product with no ‘Pizzazz’

  • iPad nano is a cool name

  • a gift for my son this christmass