A pair of OEM leaks thought to depict the same display appear to strongly suggests that, despite the skinnier side bezels and a smaller form-factor, the iPad mini might still incorporate the display which has an aspect ratio of 4:3, just like prior iPads and iPhones (except for the iPhone 5, of course).

This means videos played on the smaller iPad will continue to be letterboxed, at least until an iPad mini with a taller display arrives (you heard that here first!). I guess Apple had to save something for future iterations. Also leaked today: another image of a battery said to belong to the iPad mini, with the label rating it at 16.7Whr and 3.72V…

Smartphone parts supplier ETrade Supply (via MacRumors) published below photos of the iPad mini display. It’s allegedly made by LG Display and measures almost eight inches diagonally, or “about 162mm in length and 124mm in width”.

Previous rumors painted the iPad mini as having a 7.85-inch display.

Of note, this screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3, though the publication previously saw OEM display parts with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Codes on the back indicate that LG Display is supplying screens for the iPad mini, per rumors.

Text on the ribbon cable extending from the display is also consistent with labeling on genuine Apple parts, the publication notes. And the following image published by the French blog NowhereElse is said to represent the iPad mini display in quality testing.

We first heard of the iPad mini battery last week when a pair of claimed photos showed off a battery carrying a model number of A1445 and an Apple part number of 616-0641. It was also rated at 3.72 volts, offering 16.7 Whr of energy on 4490 mAh of charge.

For comparison’s sake, the battery inside the iPhone 5 comes in at 1,440 mAh with a 5.46 Whr capacity. The one in the iPad 3 is rated at 11,666 mAh and 42.5 Whr and the iPad 2 battery is 25 Whr.

  • ReanimationXP

    Any word on res?

    • Mads Teland

      I did hear before it was 1024×768 🙂

      • Yujin

        I heard it may e a low resolution with $200 price tag and a retina one at $300. Just a few more days.

      • Murphy

        You heard nothing. Shut your mouth bitch

      • Haha omg

      • Joseph H

        Don’t be an asshole.

  • Dont rate batteries in Watt-Hours 😉 Rate them in Amp-Hours.
    Batteries’ voltage changes, on Li-po batteries, they’ll be ~ 4.26V @ full charge, as low as 3.1V at empty (can go as low as 2.8V but then they may be rendered useless)
    Watt-Hour ratings use an average voltage (~3.7V) and multiply buy Ampere-Hour rating, using the simple equation W=V*A. Thusly the most accurate rating (the one that doesnt change much, except with decay of battery it lessens), is Ampere-Hours (or AH, or mAH). Watt-Hours are only good when V remains mostly constant (i.e. in a house on AC power).
    in AC, you can accurately/precisely measure WH, in DC, with batteries, you really cant, unless you constantly log voltage/amperage over time. even then you get a statistical average 😉
    Sources: I’m awesome and know a whole hell of a lot about batteries https://apocolipse.com/?p=208

  • Huw Martin

    Did you seriously expect a different display ratio? Maintaining that is the only way iPad apps will be able to downscale elegantly.

    • JamesR624

      I agree. Also, I had a Transformer pad for a couple weeks once and I HATED the aspect ratio. The 16:9 on a tablet made the Transformer screen seem SMALLER than the iPad even though in reality, it wasn’t. It was also VERY awkward to hold. In landscape, it was too wide. and in portrait it was WAY too tall. The way we understand and use tablet apps now, both android and iOS, widescreen doesn’t work at all.

      • Huw Martin

        Completely agree, for me 4:3 feels like the ideal width for a tablet, any wider would feel uncomfortable, that wider aspect ratio works on the iPhone up on a 8/10″ tablet it doesn’t. It would honestly make me feel better to know that this article was a bit of link bait rather than ignorance.

    • i idont want a loooong ipad damit…

  • I assume this most article is a bit of a joke. I mean no one is expecting any other ratio then 4:3 right?

    • SimonReidy

      I honestly only clicked through from my RSS reader to say the same thing. We’ve known for some time that 1024×768 was the most likely resolution for the iPad mini to make it instantly compatible with all existing iPad apps using non-retina assets. 1024×768 is 4×3 XGA resolution. 1366×768 is 16×9 WXGA which has not ever been mentioned as a serious possibility by anyone. There’s no way Apple will make devs deal with yet another new resolution and UI change, so close to the introduction of the iPhone 5. It would also make the mini launch with a tiny amount of apps ready to go, rather than the entire iPad back catalogue.

      I just can’t imagine Apple making devs produce 4×3 and 16×9 versions of all their iPad apps on top of standard and retina 4×3 resolutions. It’s just not going to happen.

  • iPad Mini seems to have become a very real product, yet we still know very little about it. Here are our best guesses. iPad mini have 7.85 inch display, NFC, 4G, 30-pin to Lightning adapter, MicroSD card slot, Flash web browsing and HDMI output etc.