Angry Birds Star Wars the game is landing on November 8 for iOS and Android and Rovio just posted a nice-looking new trailer to promote the software. It doesn’t reveal much in way of details, but sure as hell appeals to fans of Star Wars.

And as part of its broader partnership with toy and board game company Hasbro, Rovio and Hasbro pledged to release Star Wars and Angry Birds-themed merchandise and various mashups, including board games, costumes, plush toys and much more…

And here’s the previous teaser trailer.

Rovio jokes that Angry Birds Star Wars will be here “in less than 12 parsecs”.

What’s a parsec?

Wikipedia is your friend.

Hopefully Angry Birds Star Wars is as entertaining and challenging as Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex.

More information about the game is available at the official web site.

In addition to iOS and Android versions, Rovio will release Angry Birds Star Wars on Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac and PCs running Windows 8.

I understand many people are growing tired of the whole Angry Birds phenomenon, especially with Rovio milking the franchise for all it’s worth, but as long as they continue making addictive games I really don’t care.

Judging from this trailer, is Angry Birds Star Wars a game you’d like to play?

  • philadelphia

    Silly Han Solo.. A parsec is distance, not time.

    • Solowalker

      True, but he didn’t say it was, did he? While Kessel itself was not owned/occupied by the Empire, the space surrounding it was and was very heavily policed by Imperial forces. Smugglers would go to Kessel, pick up a load of spice, and bring it back for it to be sold on the black market. If you had a fast enough ship that could outrun the ships guarding traditional routes, you could make shortcuts in your route and evade capture even though you were spotted. So while the easiest, most traditional Kessel Run route was 18 parsecs because they went far out of their way to make it past most of the Popos, Han took a more direct route of less than 12 parsecs and still managed to not get caught because the Falcon was fast.

      For more fun info:

      /end geekery 😛

  • Drbballwater

    I agree, I don’t understand the “just give it up already” backlash directed at Rovio just because they keep releasing fun, addictive games that people download by the boatload. By their logic, Apple should stop making iPhones because hey, we are on iPhone 5 now – haven’t they milked the product enough yet?

  • What I hate about Rovio is that they don’t build universal apps and that I have to buy the game twice. What’s worse is that I don’t actually pay for a new feature, I just pay for some upscaled graphics…

    • I HATE that. I always end up playing my iphone angry birds on my ipad because i refuse to pay that extra money when millions of apps nowadays have iphone and iPad support

      • Yes I know what you
        mean because I do exactly the same thing. Rovio should sell universal apps for 0.99$ like Disney that sells “Where is my Water?” for 0.99$. If you add the HD price with the SD price of Bad Piggies you will pay 3.98 for both versions and that’s a 3$ difference from 0.99$ and I prefer to give those money to charity rather than Rovio that charges me for upscaled graphics…