Microsoft airs first Surface commercial

By , Oct 16, 2012

It seems like it’s been months since Microsoft first showed off the Surface tablet —the company’s first foray into the space. Actually, it’s been four months. But never fear, the long-awaited release date is almost here.

Microsoft is set to launch the tablet on October 26th, alongside the latest update to its operating system, Windows 8. And it kicked off its advertising blitz last night with a new TV ad entitled: The Surface Movement…

The ad, as pointed out by The Verge, went live during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast last night. And it’s just a part of a marketing campaign for the tablet that will reportedly cost Microsoft over $1 billion.

Unfortunately, the spot doesn’t really offer up any new information on the Surface, or its pricing. It’s a bit odd, actually, that the device launches in a week and no one has any idea what these things are going to cost yet.

Remember, the Surface will come in two flavors: one built on ARM architecture, running Windows RT tablet software. And a Pro version, built on Intel CPUs, that will run a full version of Windows 8.

Though Apple hasn’t officially said anything yet, we’ve heard several reports that the Cupertino company is planning an “iPad mini” event for October 23 — three days before the Surface is set to go on sale.

And if that holds true, Microsoft is going to need more than dub step to convince consumers to buy their tablet.

What did you think of the Surface ad? Well done, or not enough?

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  • Paris Paraskeva

    Great…. just another ad for a product that does not show a single use of the product. i can get that you are targeting students and older people from the Ad Microsoft, but please do show us whats special about your tablet than others!

    • Damian W

      i guess special feature of the tablet is synchronized dancing

  • MiKey

    And once again a company fails in producing a commercial that actualy makes you want to buy the product…

  • rosssimpson

    I thought the ad was pretty sweet :)

  • ronb

    Unbelievable. Lots is music and dance, yet not even a hint of what the Surface offers. What was appealing was the multiple colors. Still looking forward to what the product offers and how it performs.

    • Joe Jonsen

      yup they are selling a lifestyle of joy for a vague product

    • 2tearsSr

      They have 1 billion to spend. The first commercial is just to build excitement. Its part of a larger strategy.

      • Jack Wong

        It doesn’t work on me… maybe it works on other people.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    A little off topic Microsoft, huh?

  • Melvco

    I think the ad would be great for an already well-established product line — like Apple’s latest iPod commercial. But for the first spot for a brand new tablet that’s 3 years late to market, I don’t think it’s near enough.

    Mind you, the average consumer has no idea what a Surface is. And I don’t think that changes after watching this commercial.

    • Joe Jonsen

      soooo true.. ipad rule is so strong the competitors dont even know what to

      just show that you are great and what you can do great an why people should have you ..its that simple..

  • Ba Tongxue

    Any patent infringement?

  • Yuri Medeiros

    I’m not sure why but I got really angry while I was watching the video, its a bit ridiculous, it annoyed me

    • gabriel espinosa

      jaja me too

    • Joe Jonsen

      waste of money and time..

  • Roy

    I’m going to buy this so I could improve my dance moves.

    • Jack Wong

      lol I <3 the part with the young kids~

      Ask any kids if they prefer a iPod touch or Surface 😡

  • M. Abdurrahman Faruq

    it will be cool if it can run simatic, or other industrial software that can run in win7. I’ll wait for it and see the compability of the device

    • Joe Jonsen

      MS should have made a PC-PAD which runs all standard office stuff and games too but has the same usability of an ipad.. instant

      • tokencode

        It’s call the surface pro and its out next year.

  • Jesse Matherly

    that’s a fantastic advertisement, and i absolutely love it! Compare that to Apple’s ads for the new iPod touch line, and it’s no comparison. I’m not a microsoft fan, but kudos on that ad.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      You high bro? Or terrible sarcarsm?

  • wadjj

    Well-produced stupidity, like what Melvco said, this type of commercial only works and doesn’t look stupid for stuff about which you can’t describe features without boring people. I don’t even know everything about surface, I expect people to know nothing at all about it, what’s this ad for?

  • Shadowlink

    no surprise since they were the ones to bring usher to the e3 lol.

  • ChiefSpecialK

    Was that a KitKat commercial or a new trailer for a Step Up movie?

  • f1ght3r

    Anyone seen the ad during the Walking Dead season premiere? Now that was a good ad! Apple, take note. Anything with zombies is a huge bonus!

  • Vanditt Sama

    Nothing special to boast about?
    Call the dancers!

  • tokencode

    Exciting stuff, can’t wait for the pro version. Finally someone understands how to make a productive and portable device

  • Sam A

    iPad smart cover ripoff is all I see here

  • ddreamer7357

    what is the guys name that is the main actor in the Micrsoft Surface commercial