As precious as your iPhone is, you still love to use it naked… not that you’re naked, I mean case-less. Using an iPhone the way Steve wanted you to tends to leave a concern for scratching and flaking anodized aluminum, which several iPhone 5 users have noticed. When tossing an iPhone in a backpack, duffle bag, or purse, there is always potential for scratching. Consequently, I prefer to use luggage or packs with dedicated gadget pockets that are lined with protective fabrics, but that is not always an option. ColcaSac is here to help case-less iPhone users with their hand sewn organic, hemp sleeves and we’re here to give away 5 of them…


The company prides itself for using smart materials and healthy products to provide minimalist design. The organic hemp is easily degradable and provides a warmer experience than neoprene or plastic. The outside of the sleeve is similar to a burlap coffee bag, but much softer thanks to the natural hemp. Inside a thick, soft cotton cradles the iPhone for protection.

Each ColcaSac product is hand cut and sewn, which means individual attention is given to each sleeve. However, this individual process also produces unique nuances to each piece. A sleeve of this type does not require factory made exact precision and I like that each sleeve is its own build. In my Uintah iPhone 5 sleeve, the iPhone fits perfectly inside, exactly as I expected and is not buried in the case, allowing easy access to the Lightening connector and headphone jack.

Without a phone in the sleeve it still measures approximately just over one inch. This is my sticking point. The sleeve is well made, handcrafted, and unique but I find it to be too thick. It is not going to nicely fit in a front or even back pants pocket. I wouldn’t even want to carry the sleeve in a coat pocket. If I were a cargo pants kind of guy, I may carry one because it will certainly fit in a cargo pocket. Where I actually see myself using a ColcaSac is in a backpack or bag that does not have specific lined pockets for digital gadgets.


The ColcaSac iPhone sleeve line comes in various styles and materials, only setting you back $15. It is a great natural way to protect an iPhone, but not the easiest sleeve to hide in a pants pocket. However, it is a great addition to your favorite pack, or purse for the ladies. Thanks to the ColcaSac team for sending one over and for taking time to handcraft all of their products. In a world of machines and mass production, it is refreshing there are still a few companies creating their product the old fashioned way – by hand.


  • Handmade from quality, natural materials
  • Thickness helps protect the iPhone
  • Price


  • Too large to fit in a pants pocket


What do you have to do to win?

In order to win one of five ColcaSac sleeves for iPhone:


A big end-of-the-week congrats to our winners! @YeahJLou, @Bourbman_OoRITE, @StinkyBud, @fndpena, @Mark_Shew. You will be contacted via Twitter DM for the details!

Thank you to our friends at ColcaSac for making this giveaway possible.  Keep your eyes out for other upcoming giveaways on iDownloadBlog!

  • Guest

    I love the inside, I would like to put my hand in there rather than my iPhone… ;D

  • I love the inside, looks so amazing, I would rather put my hand in there than my iPhone.. ;D

  • billypuntove

    My screen broke two weeks ago because I don’t like adding width to it with a case but this would be perfect!!!

  • I like the idea of being green and no metal parts~!

  • hemp.. all natural

  • I like the pouch thing that will protect my phone, i don’t use cases either. So that’s the reason I like it.

  • Honestly, the video said it. Simple design, high quality materials, what’s not to love?

  • I really want it! it keep my phone safe and protects it. And it’s different from other cases as it is really soft!

  • I like the cool unique design. Hope I could try it out!

  • I really like the fact that everything is hand made and not mass produced. The simple design, high quality craftmanship. WIsh all iphone accessories were made like this.

  • truncj

    Hoping that my phone with the poetic atmosphere case on it will fit inside this. So if I just take my gym bag to go somewhere, I can throw my phone in there too and not worry about the screen getting scratch by my keys.

  • Great Sleeve and the use of hemp is the way into the future!

  • I like their simple design buy yet different.. also the materials using to make these products that are smart and healthy

  • ColcaSac is nice

  • This just looks epic! The nature will like this case, the world will like this case and I already like this case!

  • Already have a Macbook Air sleeve, so my iPhone needs one too. 😀

  • This thing looks so comfy that I would feel jealous looking at my phone in it! It looks like the best sleeping bag ever.

  • Javier

    Did all of what was asked to do 🙂 . I love the design makes it look stylish but yet simple . The inside onf the pocket looks amazing n soft pne is for sure my iphone is gonna have a much better place to rest than me Ha . I would love to win one of these since i hate to put a case on this beauty thanks 🙂

  • Looks really good and save i just love it 😉

  • They are beautifully ecologic 🙂

  • Looks amazing!

  • They look amazing, and i love using my iphone without a case but dont want it to get scratched as carry it around with me

  • Ads

    I love how it’s handmade so that you feel a connection to the person who made it.

    • BearManPig

      LOL u tree hugging person xD

  • 1337lolzorz

    Support HEMP not cotton. This product is great!

  • It looks amazing, I can use my iphone without any case and it’s light I can carry it around without feeling the additional weight!

    Facebook: Hing Chi Ma

  • I just can’t have two gross things in my pants…

  • It looks cute =)

  • babybaby95

    This sleeve is awesome and I really don’t like using a case because I just don’t feel the iPhone.

  • It’s really nice. I just bought an iPhone 4S, I don’t have any case or sleeve or so (just 2 screen protector). Hope i can get one.

    • We still got sleeves for iPhone 4 and 4s size. Just visit our site to browse for your preferred style and choose your phone size upon check out.

  • I love the hand-made organic sac!

  • I love it because its so nice looking and protects your iPhone at the same time

  • Domestic Diva

    I love that it’s handmade and all natural.

  • Well, this was useless. Unfollowing.