Apple’s fifth-generation iPod touch has arrived to some raving reviews, representing a major upgrade over the previous model with the same four-inch display as the iPhone 5 (sans a cheaper assembly), the thinner chassis (only 6.1mm), the new Lightning interconnect, a five-megapixel iSight camera with custom optics and the A5 chip, also found inside the third-generation iPad and iPhone 4S. First Geekbench benchmarks show that the new iPod touch is nearly as fast as the iPhone 4S, but not even half as fast as the iPhone 5, Apple’s first iOS device to utilize the brand new A6 processor

Hitting a Geekbench score of 619, the new iPod touch is a bit slower than the iPhone 4S, which clocked with a score of 654. That’s understandable considering both devices run the A5 chip clocked at 800MHz.

Compared to the previous-generation iPod touch which scored 378 in the Geekbench benchmark, the latest model presents a sound upgrade.

The iPad 3 also has an improved variant of the A5 chip called the A5X. It’s clocked at 1GHz and has twice the RAM (1GB), enabling the device to beat both the new iPod touch and the iPhone 4S with a Geekbench score of 789.

This year’s iPad 2 with its 32nm 1GHz A5 chip also beats the iPod touch, hitting a Geekbench score of 778.

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In fact, the fifth-generation iPod touch is slower than any Apple’s iOS device manufactured in 2011 or 2012.

In case you’ve been wondering, Apple’s media player doesn’t hold a candle to the iPhone 5 and its dual-core A6 chip (with three GPU cores) that dynamically changes its clock frequency from as low as 500MHz to as high as 1.3GHz.

The A6 package is one-fifth smaller than the A5 and is the first Apple-designed chip to deliver the world’s first phone powered by ARM’s Cortex A15 CPU platform. These technological advances enable the iPhone 5 to run circles around any other iOS device, including the new iPod touch.

Just take a look at the chart above: the iPhone 5 scores 1573 in Geekbench tests, meaning it’s nearyl two and a half times faster than the iPod touch.

So, despite the new iPod touch form factor, the A5 chip and other hardware advances, in terms of speed the iPhone 5 is Apple’s fastest iOS device – it’s nearly twice as fast as the third-generation iPad.

And we know from previously that it’s the fastest smartphone out there, if only for a couple weeks or months until the Android camp comes out with new devices packing in the latest chips from Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.

  • Can someone explain why the CDMA versions of the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 score higher than their, I assume, GSM counterparts?

  • the ipod does not need all he power of the 5 at all..

  • Andrew Weissman

    I’m not going to lie: this is concerning. I was (and at this point, I still am) planning to upgrade to the new iPod Touch, but this information is starting to cast some doubt over my decision. If only the iPhone 5 wasn’t so expensive off-contract (I am on Virgin Mobile’s $25 a month plan (the one they had before the price change) which currently doesn’t offer the iPhone 5, but the point still remains valid).

    • Trackrabbit

      You’ve not made a point to be valid or invalid. To restate your post: I don’t have nor can I get an iPhone 5 so I was going to get something cheaper but it’s not as good. Wow …

  • does the new iTouch has the same display like the 4s and the New iPad? or is it just the same with the iPhone 4 and iTouch 4th gen?

  • The Galaxy S3 actually beats the iPhone 5 if its running jellybean. (Some Galaxy S3 owners got jellybean early by installing custom roms). Just goes to show what good software can do.

    • Blahfoe

      The keyword in your comment is “if” You definitely need to take your comments to what android-based blog No one really cares about it SG3. Samsung can never do anything innovating Maybe that’s the reason why they came out with the smaller version of the SG three To try and compete with the iPhone5 4 inch screen form factor Because the sales of the iPhone5 are kicking their ass

      • Dan

        Cool your jets fanboy. Some people like to stay informed about more than one device. There’s more than Apple in the world.

      • Nothing wrong with being a “fanboy” on a site designed to aim towards people who want to talk and learn about Apple. If i want to be “informed” about another device, (especially Android) I would google what I was looking for and go to respective site. I know one thing, if I Google how great Samsung products or or other type Android phones, iDownloadblog is not going to be the first Search result that Google gives me.

      • Joseph H

        Doesn’t warrant Steven’s reaction, though. Staying informed in this method is fine with me, I like to see both perspectives without having to leave a site or go to another one, but some cocky asshole has to drop in and leave a comment like Steven did.

      • Dan

        My point is, there’s nothing wrong with making reference to the competition. I have a GS3 and my wife has an iPhone 4S so I like to stay up to date on both devices.

      • No one here wants to hear about your gay Samsung phone so please do us all a favor and stay off this site. There’s plenty of android sites that would love to read your stupid statements.

      • Joseph H

        Speak for yourself, pl0x.

  • mervynraj

    i dnt get it.. why even bother comparing ipod touch with iphone 5? they r different devices built for different purposes… comparing them doesnt make sense even in term of processor size… at the end of the day ipod touch is an ipod touch and iphone is an iphone!! end of story!!

    • pawfyd

      You are so wrong. iPod touch is an iPhone… without the phone.

      • Not according to these specs it isn’t 😉

      • pawfyd

        According to these scpecs it is. An iPhone 4S.

      • abc905

        with an iPhone 5 screen, and an iPhone 4 camera.

      • the topic was comparing it with iPhone 5

  • dre g

    My Padfone is significantly faster than the iPhone 5.

    Also, I have the iPod Touch 5th generation and Chrome is notably snappy. I don’t think anyone can really tell the difference unless you have some sort of staggeringly-annoying performance-sapping app. Can’t think of one right now. Oh, Geekbench.

  • Almost as fast as the iPhone 4S that is ultra-fast.
    The iPod Touch is great

  • Mahjikk

    Oh no! My Angry Birds on my iPod is going to load .1 seconds slower than the latest iPhone?? Please kill me now. -_-
    Seriously, I think we’re at the point where almost all mobile devices are “fast enough”. Every update seems to be about marginal increases at this point (with the current features available). Hell, my iPhone 4 does everything I need it to do without lagging. Those who need power-intensive apps will probably be doing their work on a workstation platform rather than using a mobile device. My opinion of these benchmarks are that they are irrelevant these days. Sure, it has twice the number, but what does that mean when I everything I load is “fast enough”.

    • Well, as a current iPod touch 4th gen owner, I’m going to have to disagree with you. While this is often more an issue of RAM, my iPod has been feeling somewhat incapable lately- many apps crash (even the APP STORE) because of not enough memory. While devices keep getting faster, the apps and OS’s that are developed keep getting more and more spec-intensive. If you run Tap Tap 1 (from 2008) on an iPhone 5, or even a 3GS, it runs blazingly fast. However, if you run Bad Piggies on an iPod Touch 4th, it lags horribly and crashes often. It’s very annoying, but it’s just the way the world works.

  • deepdvd

    Why put “click to enlarge” when you can’t?

  • Now that I have a really nice android tablet, anything with less than a 1.5GHz cpu just seems slow.

    • pawfyd

      If something is fast enough, then who cares about its clock speed? I’m an Android user as well by the way.

  • Can someone help me with a little question? Internet geekbench results of an iPhone 4S is around 650, however whenever i run geekbench on my iPhone 4S i get a score around 860. Any idea why and how? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • It’s not supposed to. It’s a different frigging device.
    This is like berating the Toyota Prius because it can’t keep up with a Mustang.

  • JAE

    Of course the iPhone is faster! It has always been faster.

    • Both Should have approximately the same speed. Why would a media player be slower than a mobile phone? Especially if that media player is dedicated to games, which happen to be the no. 1 app category on the iPhone as well.

      • the cost of making an a6 chip for the iPod touch would lower profit margins of the iPod touch. unless you want an iPod touch to cost $500-$600…

  • shadyside4fyr

    Wow its amazing how many people want to stick their necks out for Apple. STOP making excuses for them! We should all as geeks support and stand for advancement of technology on all fronts and not braging rights (my iphone is faster than your ipodtouch) we should call a spade a spade it is not cool that the latest highest spec ipod touch has last years processor this year.and Oh! I have all idevices including the iphone5 so I am not biased.

    • Didn’t you post exactly the same comment on another article?

    • the iPhone 5 cost is subsidized by the carriers. if you want the ipod touch to cost $600, then sure, let’s include the A6 chip into the ipod touch.

  • what’s so surprising? Of course the ipod touch is slower than the iPhone 5 and OF COURSE the ipod touch is slower than the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S had less pixels to worry about due to the smaller screen. Compare the A5 on an iPhone with a smaller screen and an iPod touch with a bigger screen, obviously there’s going to be a performance hit. There weren’t any new iPod touches in 2011, and given the iPad’s A5x chip, of course the iPod touch is slower than any iOS device in 2011 and 2012.

    • arv

      The geekbench score does not count pixel size of the display when benchmarking, it only counts the raw processing power.

  • fucking stupid comparison.