According to a purported screenshot claiming to be from an internal system of a German retailer, the iPad mini could cost anywhere between €249 for the entry-level model to €649 for the top of the line model. This translates to $320 for the base model and $840 for the flagship one, although U.S. prices are likely to be lower because gadgets in Europe typically cost more due to a higher cost of doing business on the continent. In total, eight different models are said to be on offer…

The prices come via Mobile Geeks which first leaked a screenshot from German retailer Media Market’s internal system, suggested to be authentic by the Daily Mail.

As you can see, there should be four WiFi and four cellular models, each offered in four storage capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The top-of-the-line 64GB iPad mini with cellular would cost €649. The current third-generation iPad comes in three storage flavors: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

These prices likely include taxes, unlike in the U.S.

The introduction of the 8GB storage option on the iPad mini would be the first time an iPad was offered with just eight gigabytes of storage. $249 also buys you a 16GB Nexus 7 or Amazon’s latest Kindle (which CEO Jeff Bezos says are sold “at cost”) and other inexpensive tablets.

It’s interesting that this leak debunks a report by The Guardian newspaper that last week claimed the iPad mini would initially be provided in WiFi configurations only due to price concerns.

Direct price comparison by translating European prices to U.S. dollars is wrong because gadgets in Europe typically are pricier than in the United States. For example, an entry-level MacBook Air will run you €1,049 in one of Apple’s European online stores, which translates into approximately $1,400, or a $400 premium over the notebook’s $999 U.S. price.

If the European prices leaked from Media Market are the real deal, I’ guessing the iPad mini would begin at $299 in the U.S., just as we heard before.

Bill of material for the iPad 2 and iPad 3

A $299 iPad mini would cost Apple just $189 to build, Tech-Thoughts thinks, meaning Apple could net about a hundred bucks per each entry-level iPad mini sold.

Last week, AllThingsD, a Wall Street Journal-owned blog, reported that Apple will hold an iPad mini event on October 23 at Town Hall Auditorium on its Cupertino, California headquarters.

What do you think the iPad mini should cost?

  • Apple is always more expencive in the EU, so it would be more like 199 than 299 i think. Like the apple TV, in the US its 99 dollar, with us its 119 euro’s, but hey who knows..

    • Kurt

      socialism will do that to you

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      • Kurt

        Nicely put. I wish liberals/socialists would realize that poverty increases under their presidents. ie Obama, Putin, Hugo Chavez, Spain was prospering when I lived there under the conservative party. But give years of power to the socialists and well look at that country. Thankfully Obama only has a few more months till he moves out of the white house

  • Kurt

    seriously 8 gigs? as if memory is expensive

    • macboy74

      Maybe take a look at the competition and see why it has 8GB. smh

    • lol apple is always stingy with storage

  • Look like $199 price point is more true for the US

    • you wish…. that 8gig is gonna start at no thanks

  • “it’d compete with Google’s $249 8GB Nexus 7”. The Nexus 7 that’s $249 has 16GB of storage, not 8GB. The Galaxy Tab 2 7 has 8GB for $249.

    But with these prices, it seems this thing really is going to be, hardware wise, a bigger version of the 3GS.

  • Hmm, let’s not forget that those prices include taxes (around 19% in Germany). In the US prices don’t include taxes. Taken this into account it translates in 209€ ($270). Apple can then make it to $249 in the US. But actually 8gb is a bummer…

  • Yo may dircetly use the €uro prices as $ because the are always with salestax. So an ipad 249€ incl. Tax would be 249$ plus tax. maybe 279$ but not 299$

  • Blahfoe

    Honestly I’m getting a little Tired of all these rumors They get you all excited thinking that iPad going to come out one day and it doesn’t give it a rest

    • Nobody is forcing you to read these articles. For the rest of us, we like to be informed of such news. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I don’t like tabloids, but I don’t complain because I don’t read them.

      • Blahfoe

        First off I never said anyone was forced me to buy these things I buy the product because I like it And secondly I read these articles to keep informed as well just like you But it’s not going to be new information if it’s the same repeated information

  • Will it b retina display though?…

    • Kurt

      Most say no unfortunately

  • 8 gigs can hold no shit!
    No shit at all!!

    • Kurt

      8 gigs is ok for a thumb drive. Not for a tablet

  • dre g

    My bet is that there won’t be an 8GB model (state-side) and that the cheapest (16GB, WiFi-only) iPad mini will cost $399.

  • With the ipod no longer avaliable in 8GB I would be suprised to see the ipad mini with such little memory. As for price $299 sounds just right.

  • If they run that much why not just get the New iPad??