October 10 came and went without an Apple media event (here’s why), but that doesn’t mean the rumor-mill is standing still. According to a new report by a Wall Street Journal-owned blog, Apple will hold an iPad mini event on October 23 (that’s a Tuesday). And instead of holding a presser at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where the iPhone 5, iPads and other products were introduced in the past, Apple has reportedly opted for a more intimate setting at Town Hall Auditorium on its Cupertino, California headquarters.

UPDATE: Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has weighed in on the rumor with his trademark “yep”.

This time around, John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, a blog run by The Wall Street Journal, reported Friday that Apple is “likely” to hold an invitation-only media event to launch the mini iPad on October 23, meaning invites should go out sometime next week:

Sources declined to specify where the event is to be held, and I’ve not been able to confirm a location. But it’s likely to be at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium.

The company has debuted a number of important products there in the past — OS X Lion, a next-generation MacBook Air and the iPhone 4S — so there’s plenty of precedent.

The story offers little in way of details except for quoting sources who say the iPad mini will have “a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display and a Lightning connector”.

“It will also probably be thinner”, Paczkowski writes. “And that’s about it”.

It should be noted that the date breaks away from Apple’s usual tradition of announcing important products on Wednesdays. October 23 is conspicuously just three days before Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is slated to land on store shelves and just two days ahead of Apple’s scheduled earnings call.

This means Apple will likely reveal iPad mini pricing and availability before Microsoft gets to set pricing for the Surface tablet it announced nearly four months ago. And that’s going to “make Microsoft look pretty silly”, as Business Insider’s Steve Kovach noted.

By the way, vendors like Belkin, Brenthaven and others already have iPad mini accessories and cases in the offering.

That should account for something, no?

  • Johnathan Jennings

    The iPad Mini doesn’t exist. It won’t happen!

  • Byron Davis

    Here we go again. LOL

  • disqus_MMaIxbvwtG

    I agree there can’t be a safe price point to set the iPad mini at that’s not gonna under cut the sales of the other iOS devices like the iPod and the iPad.

    • ic0dex

      If it is real and starting price would be $299 then a lot of people that purchased the iPod touch are going to be pissed!

      • It’s two different devices. An iPad mini wont fit in our pocket.

      • ic0dex

        Yes but you get more for your money. I rater have an iPhone 5 then the new iPod. If you already own an iPhone (4,4S or 5) what would you buy the new iPod or an iPad mini if they are priced the same?

      • It’s not about the price.. but about for what you want.. Bigger screen?

  • In the words of Sarah Marshall imitating Altous Snow “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit”

  • Buttnugget

    Just out of curiosity are all the iPad mini nay-Sayers already iPad owners afraid of not owning the latest iOS device?

    • No, my family just got their first iPad 2 a month ago. I would love for there to be a mini, because it’s like a battle royale at the house over who uses the iPad, and the mini would be a great addition. I just feel that the price point arguement is valid about undercutting their other products.

  • I feel like this is the “world is ending” date that kept being pushed back farther and farther.

  • Invitation pics or it didn’t happen 😉 lol

  • well its going on my christmas list regardless.

  • GL1

    ”ipad mini announcment confirmed” yet it’s not even official this blog is starting to piss me off

    • I have to agree. It’s confirmed by people who don’t work for the company. So in actuality, it’s once again speculated. Using the word confirmed makes it seem like you have the offici apple invite in your hands, which you do not

    • J M

      Agreed, how can you use the word confirmed?? There is no invite, only supposed “confirmation” from the same people who confirmed the October 10th invite date too…change the title please.

    • Christian – seriously??!! CONFIRMED? So that’s what journalism has come down to? Someone important said it, so it must be true? Must be confirmed? Look, we’ll read your articles or why else would we be here. Just stop with the ol’ bait-n-switch, or whatever you call it to get people here. It’s a little frustrating.

    • agree 100% IT’S NOT CONFIRMED IF ITS NOT FROM APPLE. Just because the same people who said they would send out invites on the 10th said it will be announced on the 23rd doesn’t mean it’s confirmed

    • Infone

      Confirmed for 12/21/12. Oh-oh…

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Speaking of ‘belkin’, are their products any good? Where are they made?

  • You lose your credit Chris

  • Yep

  • I will believe when Apple send official invites to press

  • Youngest app developer

    Look. If I want an ipad mini I don’t want to be listening to all of these rumours.i am 10, the youngest app developer and frankly find it insulting to anyone at apple

  • Hassan Xia

    Time to sell iPad 3.

  • seyss

    confirmed lol
    gossip aint confirmation

  • ipad mini, lol. I thought Steve said he wanted the ipad 4 to be smaller…