Apple’s iPhone 5 in under three weeks has managed to overtake Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III smartphone in web traffic volume, a new survey by research and analytics firm Chitika has found. Let’s put this in some perspective. The iPhone 5 went on sale in the United States, Canada and seven major oversea markets on September 21, or just over three weeks ago, rolling out the following week to 22 more countries.

Samsung released its Galaxy S III on May 29, four months ago. By July, the South Korean conglomerate was selling the flagship handset in a whopping 145 countries, shipping 20 million units as of September 6. Apple plans to sell the iPhone 5 in a hundred countries through 240 carriers by year’s end and announced opening weekend sales of five million iPhone 5 units

The survey findings (via The Next Web) show that Apple’s device has overtaken the Galaxy S III in terms of web traffic volume in just 18 days since its public release. The iPhone 5 accounted for 56 percent of web traffic observed across Chitika’s mobile ad network, with Samsung’s phone accounting for the remaining 44 percent of all web traffic volume in the network.

The survey is based on a user agent analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions in a 7-day period from October 3 through October 9.

Chitika contributed such a huge discrepancy to the iPhone 5 effect:

Record-breaking sales numbers, along with new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage, are the most likely explanation for this tremendous growth. This latest shift in the mobile ecosystem is not welcome news for Samsung, which has positioned its device as a direct competitor to the iPhone 5.

It should be noted that the research focuses only on ad impressions and only those on Chitika’s network so the numbers may not paint an accurate picture of the whole market.

As such, the findings should be interpreted as a guidance only and taken with a healthy dose of salt.

Are you surprised that the iPhone 5 overtook the Galaxy S III in just 18 days?

  • Miketyler

    Thats impressive, Not bad apple

  • jose castro

    figures, not surprising lol

    • John Nguyen

      U r stupid

  • thedarkknight80

    Iphone 5 : ” No need to talk it , just WALK it ”

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Yet Samsung claims record sales numbers.

    • jose castro

      its all he say she say….

    • Samsung claims,
      Apple does.

      • CollegiateLad


      • MagicDrumSticks

        Umm I’m pretty sure the galaxy has sold more than the iPhone around the world. USA isn’t te only country you know.

      • cruzcontrol1001

        Thanks for the reminder though as an aeronautical engineer I’ve been around the world.

      • Hulk22

        The gs3 was out longer what do you expect

      • What If I told you that im European and never been in USA?

      • Yujin

        but we are one of the most important market, if not the most important. since these are 2 expensive devices…dont think your average guy/gal in bolivia is looking for an iphone 5 or a galazy s3

    • John Nguyen

      Your so dumb

      • cruzcontrol1001


  • Really? How do two phones make up 100% of the web traffic. Doesn’t make any sense.

    • You are dumb. 100%, in this case, is the combined traffic of SGSIII and iPhone 5, not the traffic of every device in the interwebs where magically there’s no devices besides these two.

    • Did u take any statistic courses or hear about it ?

    • even a 5yr old won’t ask that question…:p

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Congrats to apple….

  • Gerard Hampton

    No surprise really. Would be interesting to see all iphone models vs all samsung android smart phones.
    Just read an article stating iphones generate twice as much traffic per minute than android phones when looking at the same sites etc. If thats true then iphone 5 would only have around 28% of traffic if it was using the same compression methods as android. So really this stat could mean nothing as we are comparing apples to jelly beans…

    • In fact, it’s the opposite. iOS has much better compression and use much less data than the Android phones in general. And it’s a old news, proven by the carriers. And you can see that fact on the iOS6 Apple Maps, because of the vectorial maps, he uses less data to zoom in, zoom out, because it’s the same data. Doesn’t need new “rendering”.

      • Matt McKenzie

        Cool story bro.

  • impressive but hardly suprising

  • samcraig

    Isn’t this pretty obvious? The S3 has been out for several months. The iPhone for 18 days. People are putting their new phone through its paces. Downloading new apps. Testing out the browser. Etc. Of course traffic will spike/be greater around the time of a new phone launch. It will be more “appropriate” to see web traffic in 3/6 months vs right after the iPhone comes out. No?

    • CollegiateLad

      People stopped browsing on their S3’s?? Can’t blame them. When they read about the A6’s performance, they deleted their browsers.

      • oh dear…. i think someone does not realize how much more powerful an overclocked 1.8ghz quad core processor is…i think we’ll stick with the s3 and its quantity of good browsers:)

      • Quad Core processor for a operative system that its not optimized for dual and quad core devices, and im not even talking about the apps. yes.. it’s not common knowledge, but developers know that reality. A single core iPhone does better, fast and smooth than a dual core Android device.

        Android devices, need overclocked CPU to run fast and smooth. iOs just need iDevices underclocked… yep… UNDERCLOCKED

      • I have to admit, apple has mastered the efficiency of processors, yet android developers have too. ROMs on android have made processing efficiency better to the point where I believe, on par with apple. Thus giving one the further opportunity to overclock if desired, resulting in a boost in speed.

      • i really don’t need to jailbreak my iphone to reach that level of smoothness…
        anyways one question….you are running a custom rom on your s3..??…if yes than that’s stupid…

      • It isnt really even the roms so much as it is the optimizations made by google recently, especially in 4.1.x. Having used both OS’s, i can say that even stock jellybean with no customizations is smoother than ios6 on my ipod touch or my mother’s ipad 3.

      • Android has been optimized for multi-core since at least 4.0. And my dual core droid razr definitely runs noticeably more smoothly than my single core ipod touch.

        Not that im taking sides here, just saying you shouldnt bash something you obviously know nothing about.

      • mrmiller2u

        Iphone is for bums, I can only buy my apps from apple unless I jailbreak my phone I will put my s3 against any iPhone and it will smoke check that bitch

      • God…you support piracy…:/

      • First see the benchmark results and then comment….
        a underclocked dual core iphone beats crap out of a quad core galaxy s3…..
        Stats Speak…:)

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        The galaxy s3 running jellybean beat the iPhone…stats speak

      • Oh wait!!…samsungstill don’t offer JB on s3…pity..

      • mrmiller2u

        You are a retard it is on the s3 in some countries making its way to the U.S.

      • Haha…Typical fandroid…loose an argument and start abusing…:)

      • mrmiller2u

        Did you have fun waiting in line for over 14 hours for the same tech that was in the 4s fag

      • Same tech..!!!..if you mean the OS,then i ll say its a great thing….i am rest assured that my current iphone 5 will support ios 9….3gs support ios6…so taking a guess accordingly….
        Not like samsung,they care about you till you buy their Phone, after that bye bye….galaxy s don’t support ICS…s2 won’t be getting JB…s3 will get JB i am not really sure about KLP….
        Ps: it feels good when you get updates, please don’t deny this fact…:)

      • mrmiller2u

        Samsung gives you new tools to play with on the phone while iPhone basically has the same shit that’s on the other iPhones so besides is bigger screen, they use stupid shit to advertise it ie headphones, who buys a phone because of the headphones not enough new features to challenge the s3. Iphone was the shit in the day but it’s time to give up the crown S3 is taking over. I’ve compared the 2 my co worker has iPhone I have s3 and my phone does move faster and I have not used a custom Rom or overlooked it. So I know what works for me and I say fuck an iphone

      • ok mate…you are obsessed with your s3…and i get it…you have paid $600 for it…but seriously you don’t need to be abusive…
        just one thing if you hate apple that much why bother to come and read news about it on an apple centric blog….i neva go to a samsung blog…:)

      • mrmiller2u

        well im on here because the app i have which was a samsung app released this link talking about this stat so i checked it out and i see all this trash talk about samsung as if apple didnt start off by using samsung technology. plus you are all getting hyped up for what the same features you had on previous version. nothing new or innovative besides your bigger screen, your new plug and headphones.

      • mrmiller2u

        but i will leave it at this you got the phone that works for you and i have the one that works for me. im sure the iphone is an awesome phone but i think s3 is taking over. Good luck to you and if you get lost dont use an iPhone to find your way

      • hmm…it’s your viewpoint…:)
        For me your s3 is plasticy and ugly…though i like htc one X design….

      • mrmiller2u

        I’d have to agree as for looks the iPhone looks better and it’s more durable than any smart iPhone maybe that’s a direction Samsung will go making its phone more durable

  • is this supposed to be a surprise?

  • What do u guys think of the note 2 I don’t wanna hear the to big comments lol

    • Outhig

      You’re asking a bunch of sheep who downvote you?

      • you’re right ELEPHANT….

      • Outhig

        wow. joker.

  • erod434

    Wow all this is saying is that ip5 users see more chitika ads than gs3 users, it has little relevance to total web traffic.

    • I agree fully with you.. ip5 users are just recently getting their new phones. I know when I get a new gadget, I become addicted to it for the first week or so and then tend to use it on a regular basis. Now if we find similar data to this consistently over the next few months or so, then I would encourage you, Chris, to re-attempt this article. Please do not “inform” us we near to worthless stats again.

      PS! before you trash on me for being an fandroid or anything, realize that I love apple and think they have got a great thing going for them, yet I also like android a great deal. think of me as switzerland:)

      • Yeah, apple is superior at a few things, but android is getting there. I sold my galaxy s2 to get an iPad 3 and starting to feel like I like the android OS better. The IPad is a nice product but I wish it have better files management and customizability, I felt like the current iOS is holding it back.

  • AB

    “It should be noted that the research focuses only on ad impressions and only those on Chitika’s network …”
    So, Chris, can you tell us how many Iphones and SGIII are on Chitika’s network???????? Or else, stop misinforming your readers. Half information is wrong information, because both intend to mislead.

    • Outhig

      Could not be more biased.

  • Supafly_Boy

    I’m just gonna leave it out there, but maybe Samsung are lying about their sales figures? Did anyone ever think about that?!

    • Yujin

      i think their math like the republican math is messed up…

    • John Nguyen

      Are you really that ignorant? You think share holders would not see that? You think apple would not investigate that?

  • disqus_LoWMljQrZd

    They spend so much time trying to figure out their problematic maps app!

  • It’s pretty obvious that iPhone users are in the 47% that have nothing better to do than surf the web and apply for more govt handouts using their mobile device.

  • chicken “Ass” samsucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yujin

    where are these galaxy s3s???????
    in a WAREHOUSE!!!!!

  • elnegro357

    I can just imagine how much is Apple paying this people to advertise their iPhone. Most of my iPhone living friends are very disappointed if the iPhone 5, saying that is great hardware wise but they’re sick if the same software and ui. Beware iPhone lovers, the iPhone will start losing market within two years if they don’t change that highly outdated ui.

  • jeff kaczor

    Lmfao just admit apple sucks and GS3 Is the king. How long has all iphones been out for? 6 years lol how long has GS3 Been out for 6 months haaa and the GS3 is already taking all iphones out. GS3 is the only phone to blow all iphones out of the water. Now thats saying something. Yes its say GS3 IS THE KING NOW STFU AND FACE THE MUSIC LITTLE FAG APPLE CRY BABIES.GROW THE FUCK UP..

    • kumar714

      i recommend you read the article one more time.

    • chin2793

      Did you read that they are talking about iPhone 5 only not all iPhones.

    • fagdroid fuck off

  • eureb

    So iPhone has 56% & GS3 has 44%… Are there no other phones on that network?

  • stevedun

    Who really cares what others buy. The Gs3 is just a flat out better device. I own both. Galaxy is a hair faster, the screen is a matter of taste but i like the tones on the galaxy better but the memory just kills it. I personally like the android market better as i find more useful apps

  • stevedun

    Continued…. i find the android market BETTER FOR ME though that is also a matter of taste and need as i could see how another could prefer apple. Its just comes down to memory to me and it aint close… i said i own both.

  • jaws

    Heres the big question that no one seems to ask… Who cares??? I have had iphones for 4 years. Dumped my last one for a GSIII. I love the GSIII. Would bever go back to apple. But, my parents , my sister, and my fiance all are keeping their iPhones because they don’t feel like trying to learn a new system. I say stick with whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what everyone else has. Just because more people have something it doesn’t mean that it’s better.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I use both and to me the galaxy win, with the iPhone I felt like everything is strict and plain like the only thing different from another iPhone is the wallpaper. The media play a big part in what people think. You never see a galaxy phone in a movie but plenty of iPhones. Mostly hipster and other people who like “simple thing” like iPhone.

  • mrmiller2u

    Does this fact even matter. Who gives a flying f..k about iPhone web traffic volume. Wow this many more people use the iPhone internet big deal. IPhone is still garbage to the s3. IPhone go try your luck against the HTC X One

    • With Your Self!

      • mrmiller2u

        Another iPhone fag, get anything new on your gay ass phone after waiting in line for hours for the same shit that was in the last iPhone and what will be in the next iPhone. Let’s see the tech apple is going to copy being that it has used Samsung tech for years.

      • mrmiller2u

        IPhone used to be the shit being that it was one of the first of its kind. It wasn’t the first smartphone because Motorola Q came out before that.

  • I am surprized i guess alot of people like paying for music on iphone when i get it all free on my gs3 and i love how you have to go through itunes for everything lol iphone is a joke and if half the people would have tried gs3 first they would never go back i had iphone bought gs3 and gave my 4s away to trouble someone else lol in a nut shell iphone lovers are just trick into thinking iphone is better when its not some people ar not very bright lol

  • Johnnyfyg

    More web traffic as Apple iPhone 5 users have to use the web to find their way around using Google maps. I’ll never buy an i-whatever pos product again. Apple’s add should read: Simple products for the simple mind.

  • sidheshwardubey

    I am sidheshwar dubey Samsung s3 user. Customer care of this Mobile does not cooperate .the telephone dialer of this mobile does not work properly.all i can say that this mobile is very poor and useless

    • John Nguyen

      Your a liar and never owned a gs3? And your trolling, you dishonest price?

  • Brian p

    Look at all of the Apple people trying to make themselves feel better about purchasing the latest underachiever I phone.

  • sgs3, root, install custom rom, and add block, voila no adverts. maybe sgs3 users are seeing less adds because we don’t want to!

  • tg

    I still go with gs3 bigger more specs all around awesome

  • John Nguyen

    Stupid asswipes, this is from a shitty analysis which does research based on unreliable statistics . . So just shut the f**** up. And so what if iphone has more Web traffic? Try driving down to the road see if imap takes you as there. Seriously just stfu u sad Kents, and for the sad Kent that Samsung is lying about sales figures your just a ignorant little girl. Apple fanboys live a a rotten apple full of their worm fans.

  • kurt

    This is jot including wifi. I’m Guessing which we all know about apple and there WiFi problems therefore they don’t use as WiFi as much. Would this affect the numbers. Curious

  • Congrats apple

  • mrmiller2u

    Apple maps what a joke. Surprised it’s not called iMAPS

  • Hassan Xia

    Now all the stupid Samsung fans will pretend they never saw this! Haha.

  • what the fuck network is chitika? and they only have two phones on the entire network?

  • sidheshwardubey

    I am sidheshwar dubey Samsung s3 user. Customer care of this Mobile does not cooperate .the telephone dialer of this mobile does not work properly.all i can say that this mobile is very poor and useless

  • What i think is that appel devices consum and need more megabytes than the androide Siii system….

  • davesNindy

    I love my GS3. I used to own a iphone 3 then saw the 4 and 4s and they’re all the same. I then checked out the GS3 and loved what it could do. I can customize everything to my liking. Then the iphone 5 came out and I am disappointed bc they still look the same and apple can do better. I won’t ever go back to apple sorry to say. Samsung has my vote and will keep my business!!!

  • rhomaion

    Because browsing the web on the Galaxy S3… Wait, people do that?! LOL