After Apple was accused of lifting the iPad clock design from the timeless railway clock created by designer Hans Hilfiker for the Swiss Federal Railway service (SBB), and following a round of negotiations between Apple and the railway service, the Cupertino, California headquartered gadget maker has agreed to license the iconic timepiece look for the new clock app in iOS 6. The information has been confirmed officially by the SBB. Good move Apple, good move…

According to a media release issued by the SBB (via The Verge):

For the use of the SBB station clock on devices like iPad and iPhone, the Swiss Federal Railways SBB and Apple have agreed and signed a license agreement.

Neither Apple nor SBB would comment on financial terms of the deal.

Clock is a new app Apple created specifically for iPads running iOS 6. As Jeff told you in his walkthrough video, the beautifully designed program is a world clock capable of storing up to 24 different locations, along with the obligatory alarm, stop watch and timer functions.

By the way, maybe you didn’t know this but the iPhone 5 Weather app can also function as a world clock, here’s how.

I won’t be pompous and say that Apple would hardly reach such a deal on such a short notice if Steve Jobs were alive, but surely you must be glad that Apple has done the right thing here?

  • Great, now I want this clock on my iPhone too. And should be great if when we put the phone in landscape mode, we see the world clock map version.

  • After back-door copy like Samsung! Well, all Coy are the same. An Apple fan though;-)

  • Why the hell would they use this clock!? It’s ugly as shit!!

    • pshr

      It’s ok. But 23 dislikes? Those idiots are suffering from emperor has no clothes syndrome.

  • Ripped someone off, then being forced to settle isn’t exactly doing the right thing or a good move

    • They didn’t know the clock design was copyrighted, neither apple put their logo on that clock and said “its our clock”… That’s why they have made the deal after realizing that. Like Apple tried to do with Samsung before the whole lawsuit. And yes, we are talking about “round things and rectangles again”

      • Of course, they didn’t know! What an innovative response. A multi-billion dollar multi-national massive corporation didn’t know the design was protected. Because that makes sense. Please, stop making up absurd excuses.

      • You can say the same thing about Samsung then right? Multi billion, multi national company that got sued because they apparently thought they didn’t do anything wrong. It happens.

      • And it’s worst because Sammy is a direct rival… trying to steal Apple sells by ripping of their products. But this guy don’t think…

      • No, it’s not “worst”, it’s the same fucking situation. The only difference is you, pathetic and disgraceful Apple fanboys apparently live in a different dimension where there are different rules and standards for Apple and their competitors.

        It’s people like you who make me want to smash my iPod and iPhone against a freaking wall!

      • Oh man, everybody here knows that you’re just a retard. Nothing else. When Samsung ripped off all Apple products and even had a document saying that, you were like “OMG, apple is so stupid.. bla bla bla…fandroid bs all the time” …

        Now that Apple got inspiration on a copyrighted clock and deal with that, paying without crying out loud like Samsung did… here comes you…

        “Apple should did that.. and this.. and that…”

        Come on.. grow up. If double standards work fine with you, you should said that when Samsung ripped of Apple in the first place. Now giving your BS all the time it’s just stupid and retard. Everybody knows here that you are just a retard fandroid that are always looking for a reason to bash apple. So, STFU. Fucking hypocrite.

      • “…Apple got inspiration on a copyrighted clock…” And yet you call me a hypocrite??? Your comments contain textbook definitions and examples of hypocrisy! When Apple does it, they were inspired. But when anyone else does it, oh then it’s a ripoff! And then you even call me a hypocrite… That is a double hypocrisy fail, all the way! (i qkme me/35czlz.jpg)
        And one more thing, since you seem to be completely illiterate and can’t read. I never said Samsung wasn’t, to use your words, “inspired” by Apple’s software. My position was and always will be that having a patent on round rectangles is ridiculous. That also includes the patent so called “pinch to zoom”, as I stated here: (idownloadblog com/2012/09/01/new-galaxy-nexus-complaint/#comment-638202144), but you never replied, obviously. What a pathetic joke you are!

      • Are you stupid or what?

        “My position was and always will be that having a patent on round rectangles is ridiculous.”

        And what a clock is? Round with rectangle bold marks! And like I’ve said: “if they own the design, apple should pay it!”

        See.. it’s exacly the same thing! Fucking fandroid, like i’ve said about Samsung. If Apple owns the design, Samsung should pay!

        And yes, Apple got inspired by, because Apple didn’t make “A CLOCK” but a UI that look like that clock! Apple are not selling clocks you fucking dumb.

        Rip-off is when someone try to sell the same thing! Apple are not hurting that clocks sales or in your dumbworld imagination no one will buy that clocks again because the iPad have it?!?!….

        yet, if they own the clock copyright, APPLE SHOULD PAY IT… where’s the hypocrisy? you fucking dumb!

      • “And yes, Apple got inspired by, because Apple didn’t make “A CLOCK” but a UI that look like that clock! Apple are not selling clocks you fucking dumb.” And neither is Samsung selling round rectangles, Einstein!

        Earlier, you were bitching and moaning how Samsung blatantly ripped Apple off in every way possible. Icons, hardware design, everything. But now, when Apple blatantly ripped off this clock design, then you somehow reach a conclusion how they were only inspired. THAT is hypocrisy! Stop holding Apple to different standards!

      • “round rectangles” congratulations, you went full retard.

        Apple sells phones, Samsung does. If one of them copy each other, its called ripoff, dumb ass. Learn the difference.

      • And there you go with the hypocrisy again… Simply because Apple does not manufacture clocks, does not make their clock app design any less of a fucking ripoff!
        Going retard < going full retard < going int3nsive.

      • Dumb, Apple UI in many apps are inspired by many well known products, and this clock is very well known. Apple used that design for their clock. Now they realized that it’s copyrighted, and they have paid (without needing to go to the court, because Apple admit that they used THAT DESIGN specifically from THAT CLOCK).. so what’s the big deal? It’s like using a K7, a LP, a CD on App Designs. It’s well known products you fucking dumb. Because they make history. They are iconic. If some of that designs are copyrighted, it’s fair to Apple pay to use them. And they did! So no, it’s not a rip-off you fucking dumb. Apple didn’t pretend that “we invented this clock design and it’s inspired by nature”… fucking dumb. Nuff said.

      • First, if you think that “you fucking dumb” is an insult, you don’t get to call other people dumb. Capiche? And second, ripping off someone else’s design is ripping off someone else’s design. End of fucking story. Oh please, show me examples of things that inspired Apple to make the iPhone, even thought you were so proud to point out how unique the iPhone was and unlike anything that has ever existed. Fucking flip flopper! There is no such thing as “being inspired”. That is something you pathetic apologists made up to justify their retarded fanboyism. Apple knowingly looked at copyrighted design, and used it without permission. THAT is why they decided to licence it without going to court, because they wouldn’t stand a fucking chance! And NOT because they were so eager to do the right thing, because they are so moral, and good, and nice, and fair and compassionate. IT’S AN AMORAL FUCKING CORPORATION, just like Samsung, just like Sony, McDonald’s, Foxconn and just like every other fucking corporation in existence! Ignorant cunt! Fucks like you are the ones who give Apple users a bad name! Screw yourself!

      • pegger1

        There’s no way they didn’t know. It’s a very well known design. Apple pays attention to every detail. It’s not a bunch of hacks working there. They tried to pull a fast one and got caught.

      • Apple always got inspired by iconic real products to make their apps. It’s well known. “They tried to pull a fast one and got caught.” well… they didn’t make this app to make it “hidden” … so… what’s the point? They were mistaken, they paid… much more easier than going denial and cry about getting sued and keep denying that they copied a design…

        This clock design is obviously inspired by the swiss old iconic design, the swiss company asked apple about that.. like “hey.. this design it’s ours and it’s still copyrighted…” and apple did what they should.. paid to use that design. Plain and simple. And if the swiss company didn’t want them to use that design, Apple SHOULD get rid of that design and pay the swiss company for the mistake. Once again, plain and simple. And much better than crying about “round things and rectangles” because once again, fandroids fail… see… it’s possible to copyright round things and bold rectangles.

      • pegger1

        They weren’t “mistaken”, there was complete intent to use someone else’s design. They used it hoping noone would say anything. Someone said something, so they paid. They couldn’t deny, it’s an exact exact copy minus the logo. Don’t defend them when this was pretty blatant.
        I’m on team iPhone but using this design in the first place without licensing was an underhanded tactic by Apple.

      • Im not defending, neither saying that wasnt bad, but at least they assumed the error, mistake or whatever and made a deal with the owner of that design. Apple always got inspired by iconic real products to make the UI design, that’s why this was not a surprise to me.

    • It would be a good move if they had licensed the design in the first place.

      • Like Samsung did, you stupid fuck. At least Apple admited they were mistaken and paid before the probable lawsuit.

      • Hey, get over yourself. Don’t use abusive words all the time! Be reasonable for once ok? You don’t make such an assumption that Apple didn’t know bout the SwissClock. They only wanna play smart but of-course, it didn’t work! They always have planB which is LICENSING it. Get it!

      • “Be reasonable for once ok?” Do you know me…? ever talked to me before? Are we friends? Brother, is that you?

        btw, I can’t use nice words to fandroids who always troll in idevice blogs, like the well known Tr1pTr0p

      • tr1pTr0p has turned impersonater lol, I had to use an avatar cos he was using my name posting crap stuff.

      • We, however, have talked before, and I agree with every single word Frank Anthony said. Hello? This is an Apple fan site, and even you are getting downvotes. Snap out of it. Apple didn’t escape from heaven, and neither did Samsung. In addition to that, you were the first one to mention Samsung in the first place.

        You say how you can’t use nice words with fandroids… I’m guessing the real reason you’re pissed isn’t because you were replying to me, or because you consider me a fandroid… But because you’re angry at Apple for making the same mistake as Samsung. Please, stop with these double standards already. I like their products too. I’m planning on getting a MacBook soon, for college. But man, it’s just another corporation… Please, just get it through your head already… sheesh.

  • Its a really nice clock

  • just dig into apple’s financial reports by the year end, and we shall see how much apple paid

  • sjah07

    How does this turn into ‘Apple does the right thing’‽ They tried to rip off someone else’s work then were forced to liscence it! Oh wait. Apple doesn’t do anything wrong (I mean, except Maps, but that hardly counts), so this must be an example of their supreme generosity!

  • cuntflaps

  • dady king

    The designer who had made this clock icon would have never been thaught of wat will happen in future he just copied the design.. Bad designer

  • Matt McKenzie

    Jeez, @Tr1pTr0p:disqus and @Int3nsive:disqus need to get a room already. With a great big Android shaped bed below a great honking Apple shaped disco ball.