Apple upset thousands of users last month when it introduced a new charging port for its mobile devices. It replaced the decade-old 30-pin dock connector with a new Lightning plug, rendering millions of cables and old accessories virtually useless.

Of course, Apple offers adapters that will allow users to connect their new iPhones and iPod touches to older accessories. But, at a minimum of $30 bucks a pop, this hasn’t exactly won over the angry. In fact, for some this may have been the last straw…

Joy of Tech, who are known for their hilarious takes on current events in the tech world, have created a comic on the Lightning-to-30-pin adapter topic. It highlights the power of Apple’s ecosystem while poking fun at the fanboys (via AllThingsD):


Joking aside, a lot of folks were outraged when they found out that Apple wouldn’t be providing iPhone 5 buyers with a free 30-pin adapter. They figured that since it made all of their previous accessories obsolete, it was the least they could do.

Anyway, what did you think of the comic? Pretty accurate, or no?

  • Carlos Briones

    I don’t see why people make such a big deal about it. It’s $30! That’s what, the price of a t-shirt? It’s about time they update their decade old dock connector, I mean things need to evolve. If that means I need to buy new accessories and/or an adapter, so be it.

    • It’s too expensive for such a simple thing. IMO, it should be $15-20

    • NE_FL_GUY

      For some people that’s over 3 hours of work. Its over an hour of work for me. How much of your life is a charging cable worth?

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      30$ for only one cable… I currently have 4 (work, home, ipad and in the bag)…

      I’m not saying Apple _should_ give one free, but I would be a nice touch.

      It’s like having the earbuds for free… I mean, we all can use the phone without earbuds, but having it in the box is a good thing.

      • MPD01605

        $30 is just an adapter. If you only have cables, it’d be more logical to buy some new lightning cables and carry around both a lightning and 30-pin cable. They’re $20. I carry around both and yeah, it’s kind of a pain to have to have two different cables, but if I get a new Apple device next year, I’ll be set.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Of course… I’m not using many accessories, so I honestly don’t specifically need an adapter, a few (!) spare cables will also do.

        But, as you said, they cost. They cost and there’s no OEM available, and it’s a bummer to pay for something that you’ve already bought (or something similar).

        But, we’ll have to make do… So, again, Apple giving a free adapter would be cool, if not necessary. (Note that, Apple has many loyal customers, that buy every version of the iPhone, which means they probably already have at least one cable. Giving it would be a nice gift.)

  • Won’t be too long before micro USB is out the window and Android users will need to change. Technology evolves, people need to evolve with it instead of having a sook

  • jorith

    Apple is great at avoiding following the rules. I really hope the eu will fine them big time for not going to usb, i mean, you get a free adapter here… seriously, thats what they call following the standard? what if i loose it? or it just wears out? $30 for something they could give 20 for free with every phone and not even notice the differance in there profit? Its not a matter of money, but principal.

    • As if the EU could force any company to use a specific norm. The move to USB was not mandatory (that would be ridiculous). Apple NEVER follows the standard; if you don’t like that, go get a Samsung or an HTC.
      What if you lose it? What if you lose your phone? Or your wallet? Just take care of your stuff

      • jorith

        afcourse i look after my stuff, but its a real concern, you never ever lost anything? especially something this small? And yes, the eu change is mandatory, read up on law! thats why they “give” you the adapter in the first place, really think apple would give anything away if not neccesary?

      • well, i replied to this but apparently didn’t get through. I was trying to say that you should be the one to read up the “law”, which is in fact a MoU signed by 10 companies. EU doesn’t have the strenght to force private companies into this kind of thing. and this my friend, IS A FACT!

    • You really think apple earns like 100 bucks for every iPhone is it? They actually earn like 25 bucks, they have to pay for designers, intern members, manufacture employees, iPhone 5 parts, manufacturing machines like diamond-encrusted blades and iPhone 5 parts, not forgetting government tax in countries of import and export. Carriers provide alot of relieve already so be grateful. Why fine people’s company who wants to stand out and not use USB? Lightning ports are actually faster, like a post on iDB stated.

      • jorith

        you really think that even if it would be $25 per iphone they could not stand to include a $0,01 piece of plastic? and yes i know what you think, that little?? it would have been that cheap to produce for apple, think bulk. Same stands for the iphone btw. And seriously, you think apple will go broke over interns?? they earn more then they spend on them…. same as every company.

      • The cables also include the shipment, taxes, manufacturing, designing too, learn to be more realistic and apple don’t use any old plastic like Samsung would, I have used a 3GS for 4 years and achieved next to no scratches.

      • jorith

        Why would i want a piece of shit samsung phone? you really have your opinions ready quick dont you? As for the plastic apple uses on its cables, it sucks just as hard as all other, my $1 30pin cables hold out longer then apples, own. And really you did that? Kept it scratch free? Im so proud!…. but, were we talking about phones or adapters?

      • We’re taking about ‘cheap plastic that costs $0.01’ and how easily it is broken, you are no longer worth my time, your quick typing resulting in errors in your texts, who ‘have opinions and wanna speak them quick’ now?

      • jorith

        your beginning to make less and less sence…

      • You’re being able to comprehend my comments less and less…

      • mate, you really do not know what you’re on about! first, 0,01$? REALLY?! it’s not just a piece of plastic. there are chips inside to make a transition from 30pin to lightning. Not to mention that Apple keeps it minimalist. Imagine the extra costs in the supply chain if Apple was to increase the package size of their iPhones. 1cm per box might make a huge difference per shipment. really, there are A LOT of things to have into account, not just “a $0,01 piece of plastic”

      • Precisely again, read my comments, I totally owned that asshole.

      • jorith

        Ever heard of overstating something? just to piss off someone? afcourse it not that little, but it wont dent there profit, be honest. As for shipping size you are right, but, ist the phone bigger already? as for wasting material, you could make this deal, if you baught the phone, you can pick up one at your nearest applestore IF you need it. Works for you?

      • Quit with your hyperbole

      • Blake


    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      I think micro-usb was the DUMBEST thing to choose having a “so-called” standard for…

      EU should find themselves better things to concentrate on, rather than having a rule for every mobile device manufacturer…

      And, yes, giving you the adapter is following the rule. If not, those countries shouldn’t give sales permit in the first place. So, I don’t think a fine for that now would make any sense…

    • Blake

      They would have used micro usb, but it was not possible. The technology in the micro usb is literally not smart enough. The phone wouldn’t be able to sync and charge at the same time.

    • kgelner

      It DOES use USB. The cable that ships with the phone plugs into any computer USB port. You can use any USB charger for the iPhone 5 with the included cable, which is the whole point of the EU wanting devices to support USB to begin with. The only thing different is that it does not use MicroUSB on the phone end, and as someone who has used both I say THANK YOU APPLE for that. Also, I assure you, giving out a $30 adaptor with 100 million phones (the likely low-end number of iPhone 5’s to eventually be sold) would be noticed in profit.

    • Seriously this USB debate again? Does USB support audio/video passthrough like the Lightning connector? Didn’t think so. So if they went USB for charging, they’d need to use a mini-hdmi or something for outputs. They consolidate it all into one port. Explain to me why you don’t like this?

  • I don’t see why Apple should just give out a free adaptor to everyone who buys an iPhone5! I can understand the customer (that already owns a lot of apple stuff) point of view, but not everyone already owns docks and other stuff that will require the adapter, not to mention that it would just be wasteful and bad business to Apple (from an financial point of view!).

    • Qiren_94

      Not mention that it will also make the transition from the 30-pin connector to lightning connector slower and more difficult which would cause even more trouble and problems in the long-run.

    • There has never and never will be any guarantee that when you buy something, it will be compatible with everything forever. The old accesories weren’t made for anything but the 30-pin connector, and they weren’t made for iOS 6 devices. You can’t expect everything you buy to stay compatible forever, that’s just crazy.

      • Blake

        Exactly, technology changes, and we must adapt.

      • Yes, we adapters.

  • Qiren_94

    In my opinion, if Apple gave out free adapters with iPhone 5s and iPod Touches, it would be even worst. Giving out free adapters will make the transition from 30pin to lightning slower and this will give problems to accessory manufacturers in the long run. Manufactures will continue making accessories which uses the 30pin connector, but what about the new iPhone adopters? Create another separate line of products which uses the lightning connector?

    • Precisely, some douche below me ‘jorith’ is selfish and ignorant, at least you are assertive.

      • jorith

        haha cant stand it if someone talks back? you have up to till now not made any valid point, DOUCHE!
        As for making the adoption slower, maybe, but being customer friendly is also high in my priority.

      • The enjambment in your texts tell me you are a immature individual, I don’t see what you comprehend as a ‘valid point’ , which coincides with you being ignorant and speaking your thoughts without much consent. Describing you as ‘selfish and ignorant’ is a ‘valid point’ and you should reflect on thy our comments and delete them if you want to spare your face.

      • jorith


      • Maybe your parents should supervise your online activities.

      • jorith

        They would have a hard time, but you could try asking yours to call mine maybe?

      • Coincides- childishness
        correction to ‘They would have a hard time, maybe you could ask your parents to call mine instead?’

      • Qiren_94

        New iPhone adopters are almost as much as existing iPhone users. As for me, I am a new iPhone adopter as well, the iPhone 5 will be my first iPhone (and first Apple product to be precise), so do you expect me to purchase an adapter so I can use the 30pin accessories? Face it, it’s impossible to be “friendly” to all customers.

      • Precisely again.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        As I said above, you already HAVE to BUY that adapter to use 30pin accessories. (As, there’s no lightning accessory right now, approved by Apple, as far as I know. Or, if there is any, they are scarce for sure.)

        Apple giving it for free (as a complimentary gift to their loyal old customers) would only change, if you pay for it or not.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      I don’t think customers must look after manufacturers… I’m buying, I’m paying. And, if they want to make money, they will need to adopt… Plain and simple.

      Apple should think after their customers, rather than manufacturers though…

      • Qiren_94

        Like I said from my comment above as well, it will cause problems to a lot of customers as well. You’re only looking from your point of view, as an existing iDevice user, what about new iPhone adopters? Reports have shown that new iPhone adopters are as much as existing iPhone users this time. As for me, I am a new iPhone adopter as well, the iPhone 5 will be my first iPhone (and first Apple product to be precise), so do you expect me to purchase an adapter so I can use the 30pin accessories? So let’s say if they gave it for free than, but that means I will have to use the cumbersome adapter and I can’t get the chance to enjoy the small and sleek Lightning adapter. Face it, it’s impossible to think about all customers.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        I honestly don’t see how having an adapter will hurt your use of accessories… You know, there’s NO accessory or dock currently available, right? At least none that’s authorized by Apple…

        This means, the current situation HURTS you actually. How? Well, if you want to have a dock with your shiny new iPhone 5, you’ll need to go buy a dock (probably with a 30pin connector), _BUY_ an adapter, and use it. And, _maybe_ in the future, you’ll see another dock with lightning connector.

        So, what I’m saying is, forcing everyone is not in everyone’s good. It may look nice to you, but NOT having that option is NEVER good.

        What do you think will happen to iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S users? Or, users that are buying the 4 or 4S now, as brand new, instead of iPhone 5? Are they less important than new iPhone 5 customers?

        If what you claim is the right way, it’s certainly not the right way for most of their customers. (By the way, I believe if we add people who had at least 1 older iPhone that bought a new i5 and people who are buying i4 and i4S devices now, I believe it will add up more than current new iPhone 5 migrators, like yourself.)

        And, again, how would having that free adapter force you into using it? You’d already have your lightning cable and use it, just as you can use it now???

      • Qiren_94

        Yes, the current situation hurts, and that is exactly why Apple is doing so, so that the transition will be faster, and make the duration of this “hurtful” situation shorter, giving out free adapters will only make this situation drag on longer.

        And you guys speaks as if all older-iphone-users have tons of these accessories. Most of the people I know, don’t have any accessories for their iDevices at all, except for cases and a few normal charging cables, which comes pretty cheap in my country. People like this, obviously doesn’t see the switch to the lightning cable as a problem. And from my observation (just from my own point of view), most iDevice users don’t have much accessories.

        And again, of course having a free adapter would force me into using it. I hate to repeat myself, but I have to say this again, when they give free adapters, manufacturer of accessories would be slow at changing their products into using the Lightning port (and you wouldn’t aspect them to mass produce another separate line of products that uses new connector). Cars, speaker docks, external battery etc. will still come with 30pin connectors for many years to come, so of course I will be forced to use the adapter as the old iPhone user base will take some time to be faced out (I still see quite a number of people using iPhone 3G(s) now)

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        So you’re basically saying, that as a new iPhone 5 owner, any other iDevice owner (new or old) SHOULD be left alone, or forced to pay an extra, for pushing accessory makers and in turn enabling you to get the things you want…

        I do not agree that this is the level of customer satisfaction that Apple should provide…

        Remember, you are NOT the only customer of Apple, and even NOT THE ONLY NEW customer of Apple… They are still selling iPhone 4 and 4S, which STILL utilize the old connector.

        Sorry mate, you might believe you’re right on your view, and I respect that. But I can’t and won’t agree on this.

    • good point

  • jorith

    Apple is such a douche, just like my husband, always hypocritical and bunch of bitches, Androif FTW!!

    • Are you high?

      • jorith

        Haha i am, but that wasnt me… wtf, fuck android XD

      • Haha impersonated

    • kgelner

      I cannot think very highly of you if your husband (whom you chose to marry) is “a bunch of bitches” and “a douche”. Indeed that would seem to indicate you have rather poor judgement, and now you say you are switching to Android – who is to say you are not just choosing another “bunch of bitches” in electronic form?

  • that was one of the reasons im leaving iphones
    i had 4 of them , but ive had enough
    for the last two years ive been waiting for apple to actually improve the iphone 4 , but nothing has happened sincethen , so f it , im getting the one x +

    and i dare anyone to say its not MUCH better than the iphone
    whenever people talked android id say
    yah its good but hasent passed apple ye,,, well that no longer applies

    • kgelner

      You are nuts. I went from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 (no 4s for me). The iPhone 5 is a VAST improvement. The networking is much faster, the processor is much faster, the thing is lighter and smaller and yet has even more screen area! Not to mention the camera is worlds better…

    • Qiren_94

      Lol Android. Even the Lumia running Windows Phone is better. Android is getting as overrated as iPhones these days.

  • I HAAATTEE the 30 pin connector. The charging port is so big it lets lint and dust in from my pocket which causes my chargers to not fit correctly.

    • i agree. the new one is awesome. the old 30 pin was doo-da!

  • Its all a con, both cables do the same things. Just more cash in apple’s pocket. If apple say jump everyone says how high. What apple say must go. Sick of it. I love apple by the way, but the iPhone 5 was a joke of a release IMO.

    • kgelner

      Wrong, the adaptor includes a digital to analog audio converter so older accessories can still get audio out from the phone.