Just about an hour ago I was able to get my hands on a brand new 32GB Slate Black 5th generation iPod touch. Here is our official unboxing video of Apple’s revamped mobile gaming everything device.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPod touch is how thin it is when compared with the iPhone 5. If you thought Apple’s new iPhone was thin, wait until you get a load of the 5th generation iPod touch!

The second thing you’ll notice is how drastically better the 5th generation is when compared to the previous generations. The new iPod touch is leaps and bounds above any previous touch when it comes to build quality. Even the screen looks amazing. What do you think? Oh, and uh, the Lightning cable is $19, not $29 like I mistakenly stated in the video.

  • Jerry

    I have to this..this looks really good! and the wrist strap option is brilliant

    • Yea Apple finally made the iPod Touch top tier. No more shiny aluminum mirror back that gets scratched instantly.

      • אסף סופר

        on my first ipod touch 2g
        you can only see scratches back side

    • אסף סופר

      im going to sped alot time by playing with this button hehe

  • I like it alot. Worth buying for someone that can’t afford or want an iPhone 5. If I had extra money I would get it but I’m having fun with my iPhone 5 🙂

  • CollegiateLad

    Nice… This is certainly the best iPod to date. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m gonna use it as my appletv remote and for airplaying and mirroring games to my big screen.

  • You do the best vids brother thank you oh I’m still waiting for my preorder iphone5 1 month geez

  • haha the redheaded stepchild

  • Looks cool, but I have an iPhone 5 so no need for an iPod Touch. I had an iPod 4G before and i really liked it because my daughter would watch her movies on it in the car. Then I upgraded to an iPad so I really have no use for an iPod touch. I tell you where Apple went wrong is the new nano. They took the clip off???? Why!!!!!!! They added video playback??? Really???? on a nano???? One good thing they did was add bluetooth to the nano but where they went wrong was they still have not added wifi support so you can stream music and buy stuff from iTunes. Come on Apple!!!! People have been begging for that!

  • Lol. You used “then”, should’ve used “thin”.

    • Argh. I should never post after a certain time of day.

      • And I have red hair… lol just kidding (I mean I really do but didn’t take any offense), great post & video overall.

  • looks beautiful.

    On the other hand i was thinking because ipod is almost half the size of iphone, then the performance must be reduced to half of the iphone as well.

    geekbanch comparison showed iPhone 1650 vs ipod 650. So yeah..

    • That’s becaus the iPhone 5 runs on the A6 while the 5th Generation iPod Touch runs on the A5. I’m not really sure about the difference as for amount of cores and things like that, but I’d imagine the A6 would be faster

      • of course, I just wonder if Apple could make ipod with A6 and keep it thin as it is now. I guess they will advance in this in 1 or 2 years.

  • Kurt

    why get black? it looks like an ipod touch from 2007

  • momin

    The lightning cable is actually a $19 product. Not a $29 product as mentioned in the video.

  • mwpitt52

    I wish the iPhone 5 would also come with the strap.

  • philadelphia

    That is a sweet device, and I’m surprised at how super thin it is. Premium hardware is right.

  • it looks amazing and it puts the 4th gen to shame. i really want one but i think i will sit tight and wait for the ipad mini.

  • Still waiting . I order 2 on September 19 and still says ships in October . Next time I just wait and go directly to nearest apple store like Jeff

  • tome03330

    I’ve said it once, I’ll said it twice, I wish this is the iPhone 5

  • Angel

    This is amazing!
    One question though:
    Does the new iPod Touch has the same vulnerability to scratches on the back as the iPhone 5? You know, the ones that are “normal”…