EA Mobile just tweeted their first trailer for the upcoming racing game for the iOS and Android platform, aptly named Need For Speed Most Wanted. Prior Need for Speed games all looked great, always raising the bar when it comes to graphics and gameplay. If this trailer is anything to go by, Need for Speed Most Wanted won’t disappoint.

The game features dynamic physics-based collisions for realistic visual damage, cop takedowns, high speed chases and what not. You’ll have a chance to drive such cars as the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale, the Porsche 911 Carrera S and many more. It’s coming on October 30 so stay tuned…

If you have a Facebook account, check out the official Need for Speed page (and don’t forget to fan iDB on Facebook if you haven’t already).

The official web site has more assets and information.

Not sure if the graphics from the trailer represent an iPhone 5 version of Most Wanted, but EA Mobile would be foolish not to optimize the game for the handset’s two times faster A6 chip.

As glaringly evident in the following Real Racing 3 demo from the September 12 iPhone 5 keynote, the added oomph allows developers to really push the envelope in terms of graphics and introduce the level of detail simply not possible before: from other cars reflecting dynamically in the body work of your vehicle to rear-view mirrors which now actually show you the action going on behind you.


Interestingly enough, both Need For Speed Most Wanted and Real Racing 3 are being developed by Firemonkeys – and will be released by Electronic Arts.

Don’t know about you, but I’m kinda a sucker for these types of games.

IGN put it best: “it makes you want break the law”.

The speedier the chases and the more action-packed crashes, the better.

Do you like racing games and, specifically, the Need for Speed series?

  • NFS

    NEED FOR SPEED!!!! Samsung fans do you have need for speed with this quality? LoL you!!!!! iPhone is the BESTTT!

    • Charlie

      It’s coming to Android as well -_- Anyway the Vita version is the best for mobile.

      • Ya vita is good if u like the 10-20 games out there there should be a hell a lot more

      • NFS

        Ive seen need for speed on android, but ill say that its not best but its the worst, it has terrible quality.. The only thing you can say bigger screens of android phones. But its not big most of samsungs are like OAR!!!

  • That is not official web site for iOS/Android ver of game.NFS:MW mobile is developed by Firemonkyes

  • sadaN

    I hope this time they add manual throttle, that automatic thing they’ve been using sucks big time!

  • Wow! That looks awesome. I always love the feeling when i takedown a cop! 😀

  • Zenin

    i wonder if this is the same as the vita version if so how can they justify the massive price diffrence….

  • EA racing games is way behind Asphalt .. Asphalt is awesome