The iPhone 5 hit the United States, Canada and seven international markets on September 21 and a week later rolled out in 22 new countries. Notable absent was India, a 1.24 billion people market. According to a new report, Indians will be able to get their hands on the sought-after smartphone on Friday, October 26…

BGR India has the story:

Apple will be distributing the iPhone 5 in India on its own rather than relying on its carrier partners. We expect the iPhone 5 to have a wider availability unlike the past where it was not available readily everywhere.

We also hear that the iPhone 5 would be priced closer to the launch price of the iPhone 4S, which recently got a price drop. However, at this point of time we are not sure about the number of units available initially considering Apple is facing supply constraints globally.

Apple said it sold five million iPhone 5 units during the opening weekend and promised to make this year’s iteration of the iconic smartphone available in over a hundred countries and across 240 carriers by Christmas.

Considering that India is home to the largest concentration of people living below the World Bank’s international poverty line of $1.25 per day, Apple may want to re-think its exorbitant pricing model for the country.

If BGR is right, then the country’s leading carriers Airtel and Aircel, along with others, will be offering tariff plans tailored to the iPhone 5. Whether this means affordable prices and reasonable cost of ownership remains to be seen.

  • chin2793

    There is no system of phone contracts with carriers in India. People will still buy it direct from apple store.

  • To be frank we Indians are immensely influenced by the American culture and will not think once before purchasing..atm all of this being below poverty line doesnt come into play…I met a person today who bought an iphone 5 16GB for Rs 55000(1100$) from the grey market…

    • @twitter-110984846:disqus That is nothing, there is a website selling a black iPhone 5 16GB for Rs.92000($1,675), LMAO, but people did buy it!!!!

  • India is not a targeted market for Apple. There are few people who buys (those who knows the quality) buys iPhones. But generally people not into iPhone, they prefer cheapo Androids, not because they don’t like iPhone, but it is not affordable to even middle-class people there. In India you get dual sim android for $100 +/-. I have seen decent Samsung dual sim andorids in India for roughly $180. Since they cannot afford iPhones they call it crap lmao.

    • GNexusPhone5

      yes. i bought galaxy nexus b/c i can’t afford iPhone but this phone is fucking worse.

  • This early in india..!!!…wow apple wow….now i wont be paying $1200 for iphone 5,without warranty….
    Ps: i have so much confidence on apple build quality that i dont even think twice before buying a without warranty apple product….:))

  • i’m Waiting 🙂

  • I moved to india a year ago but, i had bought a 3G,3GS, & 4 all from AT&T and I Kept them, but when the 4S (32GB) Came out here, it cost 50000($1,000) & and it was locked to a carrier, so when my friend came out for a few days, he got me a 4S (32GB), for $749 so u can see why people in India don’t prefer iPhones, but its not like people don’t have iPhones they’re a dime a dozen iPhone’s here….. But it recieves a stiff competition from Samsung & Other Android Phones..

  • indian carriers r giving unlocked iPhone 4s and that too without contracts..i bought my iPhone 4s from aircel..they gave me an offer to buy a postpaid sim for just RS 500 in which 350 calls. 350 sms and 2gb 2G data is free for every month for whole year…no need to pay any extra rent or something.. just 500 for whole year..

  • Thank you Apple! I hope this time we would get carrier subsized affordable iPhones! 😀

  • Bob

    Indians is a third world country, which is also full of corruption. They should be working on improving their country, not buying iPhones.

    • marco1993

      First of all Indian is a nationality India is a country get that right and second you can’t tell what someone should/ shouldn’t do because of their country’s economical status.
      I say if you have the money to buy something you buy it
      Not an Indian btw

      • Highly appreciate your thinking…:)

  • iPhone 5 will be at our shop before 10Nov (Delhi), our store manager already ordered 150 iPhone 5 pieces