Would you like to use Siri on your old iPod touch 4th generation or iPhone 4 running iOS 6? The first thing you need to do is jailbreak your device, and then install Cydia.

Once you’ve jailbroken your device and installed Cydia, you can then add the necessary Cydia repo to install the package needed to configure Siri on these devices.

Check inside for our full tutorial.

Note: Do this at your own risk. You’re risking the stability of your device, and your privacy by doing this (see more below). You’ve been aptly warned.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iOS 6 device, and install Cydia using our step-by-step tutorial found here. Remember this is a tethered jailbreak.

Step 2: Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add > and type the following repo: http://repo.siriport.ru > Tap Add Source.

Step 3: Once the source is added, open the SiriPort.Ru source, and find the SiriPort (Original) iOS 6 package. Install that package.

Step 4: Once back to your Home screen, go to Settings.app and scroll down until you see SiriPort.Ru Original. Open this panel and tap Install Certificate. A Safari window with open. Tap Install Certificate, and then tap OK.

Step 5: This will bring you to the Install Profile screen. Tap Install, and then tap Install in the upper right-hand corner. You should see “Trusted” in green letters on the Profile Installed page. Tap Done and close Safari.

Step 6: Invoke Siri by holding the Home button, and say “Hi”. If Siri doesn’t respond, try again, and then try some more. Only after Siri replies and establishes a valid connection will she be usable. To me, this is the most frustrating part about the whole process, but I was able to connect successfully after a while.

Some report that you need to reboot your device in order to connect, but I just kept retrying and it worked for me. If retries don’t work for you, try to reboot, but being that this is a tethered jailbreak, it makes the process even more time consuming.

Note: it is not necessary to enable Siri from Settings > General > Siri. It’s already enabled by using this hack.

While it’s entirely possible to get Siri on an older device running iOS 6 using this method, it’s hard for me to recommend for a number of reasons. The first reason is due to the fact that there are so many steps involved, but that’s not really a problem for you guys, as you’re used to tackling projects like this.

The most obvious reason to bypass this hack is due to reliability, or lack thereof. Siri was inconsistent at best, even when I was able to connect to her with a “Hi”. During the initial 5 minute window that I was able to connect to her, everything worked as expected. Sports scores (although oddly outdated), Movie ratings, etc.

But after leaving my iPod touch to make a sandwich, I came back to an assistant that was completely unresponsive to my requests. That’s incredibly frustrating after spending 45 minutes to a hour configuring everything. It’s not that big of a deal if you’re already jailbroken on iOS 6, but if you go through the entire process just to obtain Siri, it’s disheartening when she won’t respond.

Lastly, there’s the whole security aspect. Connecting to a relatively unknown repo, downloading foreign files, and connecting to servers located who-knows-where. If you’re at all sensitive about your data, or performing sensitive requests via Siri, you need to take that into consideration.

That all being said, when it works, it works decently well. I know many of you will be gung-ho about trying this out. The question is, will you?

  • Oh boy, here we go again.

    • YZO

      69 votes wait it go

  • It’s not working for me so far. In settings, the Siriport Panel doesn’t show up after installing.

  • I did the package on the iPad 3 on 5.1.1, and Siri works differently. It is like the iPhone style of Siri. And it interestingly enough installed default iOS apps on iPhone like calculator (not ios 6 versions) I also found it heavily reduces ram and battery life. I wouldn’t suggest this on any device except for the tank of the iPad 3

  • So what makes Siri port so unresponsive/unreliable? You can always install a better proxy

  • JaeM1llz

    You know this is illegal right?

    • Vondrook4

      Jailbreaking was made legal years ago, it just voids your warranty with Apple.

      • JaeM1llz

        I wasn’t referring to jailbreaking… I was referring to illegally distributing copywritten software(Siri).

      • Vondrook4
      • JaeM1llz

        That article is irrelevant as it refers to the Siri port from iOS 5 which was a legal Siri port since the Siri framework was downloaded directly from Apple servers due to the unencrypted ramdisk(as the article mentions). This version, however, transfers the data from the Russian Cydia repo, which is illegal.

      • Dlevi309

        Spot on.

      • That is only for iOS 5.0.1. While there are ports that do this on iOS 5.1.1 (this may also be the case with SiriPort), it can cause conflicts internally as there are system files from two different iOS versions running on your device.

    • Viktor_Zweig

      You know you’re a moron, right?

      • JaeM1llz

        I’m a moron for pointing out that a website which claims to not promote piracy is promoting piracy?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Correct. Because you still have to make a substantial argument on what exactly is illegal here.

      • JaeM1llz

        Read my response to Vondrook4 below.

    • Spire is legal so is this

      • Spire is legal because it downloads from Apple’s servers. How do you know that this is the case with this package?

    • Wow, all these downvotes… @JaeM1llz:disqus is actually most likely correct.

      Just to make it clear for everyone else: Siri ports either have the Siri files from iOS 6 included with the package, which is illegal, or download the files it needs from an unencrypted iOS 5.0.1 update for the 4S stored on Apple’s servers, which can cause conflicts internally if you use it on a firmware other than 5.0.1. (I haven’t checked which category SiriPort falls under though.)

    • Nathan Kalish

      In iOS 5.0, that would be true. But, for whatever reason, in iOS 5.1 and up, I believe, Apple decrypted the files which took them out of copyright if you read the EULA…

  • Dan

    After having used Spire, the ram hogging crap tweak for a while, I’d never go down this road again.

    • kenny113

      Spire sucked. SiriPort and [Ac!d]Siri both work great. They do not have the same memory leak issues that Spire had.

  • resprings when i hold down home button

  • M Last

    is it safe?

  • This will slow down your device a lot

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Got my iPhone 5 in hand, no need to worry about this shit anymore[;
    But I still want a jailbreak for Dashboard X and NCsettings.

  • Done this before, connecting to the server is really a pain in the ass. And after you got it working man those ram are gone berserk. I use iPhone 4 for that and promise not to do this again. Better not have this clone siri for stability of my device. Good tutorial though.

  • will it work on iOS 5.1.1?

    • Yes but it is called something else on the repo

  • wonderboydave

    its not the ram issues im concerned with, but it’s actually the network. since its running off certificates… the network will be overloaded.. too bad there’s no actual port to run off servers directly from apple.

  • Cesar D

    works with iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak?

    • Daniel Chris

      Yeah I works but makes your device very slow.

  • On restore number one to get Siri on here. FML for wanting to try this.

    • This is all Jeff’s fault for making the video look so “cool”. Damn you JEEEEEFF!!

    • I’m gonna go get an i5, f**k this BS! If you want “Siri” get a i4s or 5. Don’t waist your time or your security.

  • SiriPort waiting for connection and it’s working in Spanish (it’s great for me and for somebody else who like siri in spanish)

  • I was using this same port on iOS 5.1.1 and it was running great. This is actually the first siri port released, but they updated to run on iOS 5, then iOS 6 now.

    • Dlevi309

      Actually, the first version used spire. Ot just took out the spire settings and added its own. Then it started making its own versions like the one we have now

  • When I saw the subject, I was “Yes, let’s at least try it once!”, but when I saw “.ru”, i was like, “Uh, sorry, got to wax my legs painfully with a rusted saw. No time >.<"

    • Guest


    • Nathan Kalish

      It just means it is a Russian website. Kind of like “.us” or “.ca” or whatever.

  • Will it work for iPhone 3GS with iOS 6

    • no not yet, but ill keep you posted

      • ptcruiser70663

        Can I get notification when it is fixed for 3GS with iOS6?

      • Ed

        Yeah, folks don’t try it on the 3GS. I went ahead and tried it, got stuck in a boot loop, and am currently in the tedious process of having to restore my phone. 3GS user-don’t be dumb like me… wait.

      • why not just hold power and home button down until it shuts off, FIRST ; redsnow open, get the boot menu opened,;;; and when your device shuts off, let go of home, then click next on your computer (be fast with this) then continue the dfu mode process, itll boot it back up for you

      • Darkroman

        I downloaded Siri port for my iPhone and I didn’t get stuck in any boot loop but when ever I try to talk to Siri it goes into safe mode is ther any update if it works for 3GS yet?

      • Any update on this? I was watching this post and awaiting your post on iPhone 3gs process. Thanks

      • it never came to iPhone 3GS. The developer said it would but if you install it on the 3GS you will be stuck in a boot loop. I tried it myself a while ago.

      • Im trying it on 3gs and I always go to safemode after starting it 😐

      • Thanks for the reply. Do you see this coming for 3gs in near future?

    • Guest

      Any update on this? I was watching this post and awaiting your post on iPhone 3gs process. Thanks.

  • Another article to file under the “shouldn’t have existed yet” category. Not just is this port most likely illegal, but the iOS 6 jailbreak is still for developers only.

  • Sailesh

    Can we do this in ipad2?

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  • Rsingaby

    Anybody managed to get a useful answer from Siri? I managed to install and activate certificate on a 3gs iOS 5.1.1, but I only get one reply from her “Im really sorry, I cannot help you at the moment, please try again later”. Hints how to bypass this??

  • riza mr

    i bought my 4s 6 months ago and i never used siri once

  • If you download Meteor from this repo and enter an siri proxy adress that connects to the apple servers you have a “real Siri”. And it works even in german and all other languages that are supported by ios 6. You just have to change the Siri Language in Settings/General/International/Voice Control !!! And if you want a real good proxy server (for iOS 5.1.1) with its own very fast and stable Siri port download Rainstone. It cost only 15 USD but its the price worth. I have it…

  • Qwertyuiop

    Hello world!!!
    Working great in my iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1, thanks… 🙂

    • Sean Dorling

      On your 4s? Really? Not that you didnt have siri anyway..

  • Qwertyuiop


  • Dlevi309

    Illegal. But who cares what i say 😉

    • Guest

      How is this illegal?

      • Dlevi309

        It uses copyright files from a 4s that is illegal. And sends your info through an unknown server

      • Nathan Kalish

        In iOS 5.0, that would be true. But, for whatever reason, in iOS 5.1 and up, I believe, Apple decrypted the files which took them out of copyright if you read the EULA.

    • what makes it illegal if your using an apple product on an apple product? lol

      • Dlevi309

        Copyright files from a 4s.

  • fasfdsfda

    Worked great for me, all i did was reboot my device with redsn0w and it works great

  • Works really nice, unlike Siri port on iOS 5.x.x and Spire on same iOS’s it doesn’t lag my iPod touch 4G at all!
    One downside however; it isn’t fully compatible yet:
    it is not capable to open apps with the ‘open [appname]’ command (always says the app doesn’t exist, also with stock apps)
    I can’t seem to enable location services for it and thus commands related to weather etc. are useless

    • yes, i have the exact same problems on my iphone4 w/ios6 : app doesn’t exist and i also can’t enable location services

    • Jose Gonzalez

      This is exactly whats going on with me as well. Wish someone had an answer.

      I would really like to use Siri with Maps.

      iPhone 4 (6.0.1)

    • You mojo

      just say the city and it will tell you the weather. Google robot-like specifics. 😉 and open the app as usual by clicking the icon lol. How lazy.

  • Dude I installed it but still voice control pops up

    • Matthew Dix

      I have the exact same problem, any suggestions what went wrong (indaddyshands@gamil.com)

  • your mom

    Oddly enough, i find that siri works quite better while your device is in safe mode. Give it a try.

  • John Wickham

    When I try to use Siri, it just kicks me into Safe Mode… *sigh* when does my iPhone 5 ship?

  • zachf914

    its also 115 MB… god damn.

  • Siri Port isn’t showing in settings. This is from a fresh restored jailbreak, and this is the only tweak I’ve added. I’ve rebooted a few times already. iPhone 4 iOS6.

    • Got it, had to remove it, install it again, then reboot manually immediately after installing it from cydia. Going to settings first before rebooting messed it up for me.

  • hmmm, It’s not working on my iphone 4. It crashes when I try to call to siri.. :/

  • Brian Lockwood

    It works fine except that I can’t turn on location setting. Maybe I can edit a settings file manually in the file system sonewhere. Anyone know where the file system contents of a redsn0w broken iphone can be found?

  • Sindey Hall

    mine has trouble. when i hold the hom button it turns to safe mode.

  • Steven

    its not working siri port didnt even show up

  • Works for me on an iphone 4, and it isn’t running any slower. I think that the key here is to not give up until you get it to work.

  • bitbeast

    it shows web site is offline……………… :/

  • rgjelg

    Will it work for iPod 4th gen?

  • rovirov

    I have an iphone 4 with OS 6 I just installed Siriport and it does not stay enabled. I only have voice control and I do not have the mic on my keypad I have restarted my phone a dozen times. please help


  • It took me about a day to get it working, and I’ve had for about 2 weeks and haven’t had any issues besides that I can’t get any siri tweaks working, what should I do?

  • vmorari

    my springboard keeps crashing everytime i try to use Siriport… Any adive anyone?

  • Raaed Rizza

    what about ipad 2? does it work on it?

  • Abby

    I installed it but sometimes it don’t work like it didnt work and she said try again later and sometimes it takes forever there are huge delays and after 5 minutes it didnt work again… will there be a better siri coming out? how do u uninstall this one?

  • SomeGuy

    Havent any problems with instalation, weather and launching apps doesn’t work thou. Have IPod Touch 4G no lag also, first two days it told that its unavaible. But after that everything was nice. Worth trying, but if you already had it or you won’t use it much not worth it at least instalation was very easy, done in 5mins.

  • Worked really well but now phone keeps restarting every so often