In between writing today’s report of a “slicker-than-the-iPad-3” iPad mini and conceiving a poll about the perceived value of a non-Retina iPad mini, I’ve stumbled upon a new set of high-quality photographs showing a familiar looking iPad mini mockup next to the regular 9.7-inch iPad. Presumably, the snaps represent one of the iPad mini dummies floating around in Asia rather than the real deal, but nonetheless they offer a good comparison between the smaller iPad and its bigger sibling, in detail not seen before. Jump past the break for the full gallery…

9to5Mac points us to a piece by Chinese blog which published nice photographs featuring one of the iPad mini dummies folks painstakingly create based on intel leaking out of the rumor-mill.

Notice the skinnier side bezels we keep hearing about.

Here’s another one.

And one more.

Doesn’t look much thinner than the current iPad. It also appears to contrasts somewhat an alleged schematic calling for an ultra-thin body akin to the iPod touch’s slim 7.2mm profile.

Could be just me…

Here’s the full gallery.

Before you jump straight to the comments: again, these images depict iPad mini mockups (or dummies, as they’re called) created by someone in China with too much time on their hands.

It’s mockups like these that help us better imagine a possible (but certainly not definite) design.

So, comments?

  • Dwight Thomas

    I like it.

  • Unrelated: I have recently bought an a glass screen protector ( ULTRA Shield). And after a couple months of use i noticed i part of glass fell off. Then the screen started scratching. I HUGE SCRatch right across the screen. I WANT TO REMOVE THE screen protector but the adhesive is one there pretty good. How do i remove it without damaging the screen? Please respond A.S.A.P

    • Ow BooHoo.

    • You could use acetone, I suppose, but I wouldn’t exactly feel comfortable dumping a bottle of nail polish remover on my *insert whatever device you’re worried about here*.

    • cruzcontrol1001

      try a ziptie at the corners and move along the edge piece of cake.

  • im ready…

  • I have the iPad 2 Imma give it to my fiancé n get me the mini iPad 2 is have n big so i definitely think there’s a need for it

  • @dongiuj

    I want to see a carbon fiber casing. Please don’t make it like an the ipad.

    • Kurt

      i like that idea! actually i’d take flimsy plastic over having the same look thats been around since 2007.

      think different

  • dady king

    Bad luck for me.. In India apple product always release late.. I just heard that iPhone 5 will be available after 2 months .. I donno why apple is not supplying products in India during official launch .. Apple is loosing major business .. Being an Indian I know how much craze people have for phones here .. For eg me … M dying to get ip5.. Plz apple do something fOr India and try to release new phones as soon as possible ..