Forgive Rovio for milking the Angry Birds franchise for all its worth, but if it hadn’t been for the original Angry Birds game no one would have heard of a small Finnish game developer that was struggling to make a living making games you never heard about. Hot on the heels of releasing Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Space, Rovio has just announced a broad partnership with Hasbro, a toy and board game company.

The mash-up will see Rovio release a range of Star Wars and Angry Birds figurines, costumes, plush toys and a brand new Angry Birds game set in the Star Wars universe. More information and a teaser trailer follow right after the break…

In addition to the Angry Birds Star Wars game which will be released on iOS, Android and PC, according to The Verge the collaboration with Hasbro will result in a bunch of merchandise, plus toys, costumes and more, here are the highlights:

• Star Wars Angry Birds Jenga Deah Star game
• Star Wars Angry Birds At-At Attack Battle game
• Star Wars Early Angry Birds figurine pack
• Star Wars Angry Birds plush toy line (basically, Angry Birds dressed up as Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2)
• Star Wars Angry Birds costumes (foam tunics shaped like Angry Birds in Star Wars gear)

Here’s a packshot for the Star Wars Angry Birds At-At Attack Battle game.

And this is your teaser trailer.

Idle Hands has more pictures of these merchandise, if you’re interested.

Rovio has also set up the official Angry Birds Star Wars page with more Angry Birds meets Star Wars goodness, including behind-the-scenes content, animations, comics and more.

More will be known at New York Comic Con 2012.

So, what’s your call: is this a little bit too much of Angry Birds for you or the expected progression of the series?

  • christodouluke

    Ergh, no

  • Ezekiel Jones

    God dammit Lucas

  • Wow, just wow. George Lucas, you are dead to me. As if Star Wars Kinect’s dancing part was bad enough. I don’t think I can be a Star Wars fan anymore…

  • There milking it loads because they cant think of anything new. i have mentioned amazing alex at school and no one had a clue as to what i was on about. Unless they come up with something new and exciting soon then i don’t think people will continue to play and download it.

    • chin2793

      Bad piggies is something new….

  • ChiefSpecialK

    Angry birds are jumping… er flinging over the shark!

  • Bob Teichmann

    “These aren’t the Birds you’re looking for…”
    -Obi Wan

    • made my day!
      dark the other side is.. shut up Yoda and eat your toast 😉

  • makedonii

    maaan i do really hate Angry Birds, the game just doesent apeal to me that mutch, but this might be the right theme for me to start liking it 🙂

    • Spelling doesn’t appeal to you much either

      • makedonii

        Well dude since im from sweden i dont expect you to know swedish, do i? You did understand what i wrote now did you? So dont troll and dont bitch about my spelling, if you dont have something else to say

      • Was just being a dick 🙂

  • crappy biassed post. it will also be available for Windows Phone!