If you follow our review and giveaway sections, you are familiar with Rokform’s v3 accessory system for iPhone. For a short recap, the v3 accessory system integrates with the iPhone v3 cases making a wide arrange of additional accessories lock into the existing case. As the RokLock iPad case hits the market, there are two new pieces available specifically for the iPad system, which help mount your iPad most anywhere.

The RokLock is an injection molded polycarbonate slider case for iPad and iPad 2. The beefy case is excellent for protection and the remote mounting system keeps your device locked into place. We are thankful to our friends at Rokform for sending us one for review and you could win one for yourself too…

Design and Functionality

Rokform’s new RokLock v3 case is the first slider case I reviewed for iPad and, at first, I was very skeptical. Despite Rokform’s solid product line, when I pulled the RokLock out of the packaging, there was initial concern as I handled the two separate pieces of the case. The top and bottom pieces lock into each other like a gear, alternating one section on top, the other on the bottom, across the back of the case. On the two extreme sides of the case, a small tab locks from top-to-bottom and from bottom-to-top. Growing more intrigued at that point than concerned, I quickly ran to the other room and grabbed the iPad.

First, sliding on the bottom component and then the top, the tab and gear-like system snapped excellently into place, much to my surprise. Immediately, the case felt completely solid, rigid, and protective. The inter-locking design works perfectly for the iPad and slides right into place.

Like other v3 cases in the Rokform line, a locking system is molded into the back. The molded lock uses 4 flanges and a magnet to click onto the Remote Mounting System, which is a magnetized disc. The RMS disc can be adhered to any surface using the 3M strip, but also has holes, allowing it to be screwed into place. In addition to using the RMS for placing your iPad around the house, the optional Maglock magnet insert strip hides behind the rubberized anti-slip grips.

The anti-slip grips are located on the back of the case and prevent the iPad from sliding on slick surfaces. The 6 grips also protect surfaces that hold your iPad, such as a granite countertop or wooden coffee table. With the Maglock inserts, the grips double as magnetic attachments. Perfect for the refrigerator or your garage workbench, the Maglocks are a definite upgrade.


The Roklock v3 system is for the rugged iPad user or the casual user that is hard on his gadgets and can be picked up for $69.00 in a variety of colors. The body is sturdy, rigid, and strong, but consequently adds some heft to the overall package. Certainly my wife loves her iPad on the fridge when cooking, but with the weight, it is not ideal for everyday use. I see this case on a construction site with the plans and layouts on it. When finished, the foreman slaps his iPad against his work truck and comes back for it later, or gives his quick presentation on the steel girder 24 floors up. If you are looking for a case that is going to take a beating and keep on moving, the Roklock is your case.


  • Rigid and protective
  • TPE anti-slip grips included
  • RMS included to mount iPad anywhere
  • Comes with RokGard screen protector


  • Even though it is just under 1 pound, it feels very heavy
  • Maglocks are extra


What do you have to do to win?

In order to win the Roklock v3:

A winner will be picked and contacted by the end of the week via Twitter DM.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you to our friends at Rokform for making this giveaway possible.  Keep your eyes out for another giveaway on iDownloadBlog!

Winner announced!

And the winner of our giveaway is @balazs182089. A DM has been sent to the winner with further instructions.

Thanks everyone for entering the contest, and stay tuned for more giveaways!

  • BillJude56

    Well, this case would overcome my fear of dropping and wrecking my iPad. Think of it-my iPad and I exploring the outside world! Oh yeah, my biceps could use a bit of work too.

  • Jib

    This will be a good case for me since my daughter likes to play with my iPad and drop it most of the time. I also like the Remote Mounting System to put it on the my refrigerator to watch Cooking show while I am in the kitchen.

  • 😉 For me, I may not use it, but I would really like to get it as a gift for my lovely fiancee.. She will get crazy when she sees it.

  • i will bring my ipad to warfield and using it as shield. LOL

  • 18singhu

    Well um I am known for breaking things and I think this would be good

  • amanda jorge

    The anti-slip grips are located on the back of the case and prevent the iPad from sliding on slick surfaces.The anti-slip grips are located on the back of the case and prevent the iPad from sliding on slick surfaces.@iphone 5 cases

  • this doesnt protect the screen.. how can that be versatile?

  • My Son is 18 months old and after looking at his zoo animals
    on my iPad he loves to use it as a drum set with a spoon. The Roklock
    v3 will defently protect it from the spoon attack.

  • I will give it to my uncle as a birthday present. He has 2 grandchildrens and they always play on his iPad. The kids always drop the iPad since it is kinda heavy for a 3 years old kid.

  • If You got Kids around, Its a number one pre requisite to have a sturdy case like this. This would be my numba one reason. sharing is A okay but with no protection? Keeps me the creeps. Rockform RokLock v3 case For the win!

  • Lee KS

    Well this case will be perfect for my ipad. Always afraid my ipad drop out from my hand.

  • i will use it to protect my ipad bcoz i travel a lot and i do not have a case to protect it!

  • I would totally use my iPad out of the house.

  • I would be more willing o take my iPad out of the house and let my daughter play with it.

  • I would like protect my iPad in case i accidentally drop it.

  • Eddie

    I use it with kintergarden kids that should say it all

  • I’m lovin it! Its awesome.

  • to protect my iPad in case of accidentall drop and scratches

  • to protect my iPad in case of accidentall drop

  • i’ll use the Roklock v3 case in my kitchen, helps me to cook 😉

    And offcourse to protect my iPad love the screen shield and the case resistence

  • Guest

    With the phenomenal protection and damage resistance, I will use my Ipad with this magnificent Rokform case for music sheets as I perform music with my guitar!

    Facebook: Hing Chi Ma
    Twitter: Mark_Shew

  • Great giveaway btw

    • JimGresham

      Thanks Mark! I try to keep the giveaways fresh and awesome! You can always check http://www.idownloadblog.com/tag/giveaway for the latest.

      Some upcoming giveaways include a solid set of headphones and a WiFi external HDD

  • i agree.. what i mean was, what if it drop and the screen hit at the edge of a table?

  • Having a RokForm on my iPad would allow me to ditch carrying my iPad in a sleeve everywhere I go… I’m always worried I’ll drop it and dent/scratch the back, so having a SOLID case would be amazing!

  • Im thinking I would put the the endurance Roklock v3, Will Mount it up my ceiling while watching a movie on my bed. Thinking even more extreme on trying it be thrown from a floor.

  • Roklock v3 will be very useful to my iphone 4 because its now safe and protected by this. This is so awesome. I dream to have this:)