Just a heads up for folks looking to make an AT&T-flavored purchase in the coming weeks. The word on the street is that the carrier is about to cut its 30-day return policy in half.

A new report is out today claiming that AT&T has sent out a memo to its employees reminding them that the return period for products and services drops down to 14 days tomorrow…

Engadget reports:

“A tipster has sent in what appears to be a notice to staff advising that the returns period for equipment and service cancellations will be shrinking from 30- to 14-days — effective tomorrow. Purchases made today would benefit from the longer period, and our tipster claims that there may be a grace period until November where returns could be processed as if still under the original scheme (what sounds, to us, like a courtesy for those who didn’t read the fine print).”

This is a particularly big deal for folks trying out a new service with the carrier. Because now, instead of having a month to try it out, they’ll have just two weeks to cancel it before they risk being charged an early termination fee.

Of course, Verizon has already dropped their 30 day “Worry Free Guarantee” down to 14 days, and Sprint’s return period is also just two weeks. So it’s not surprising that AT&T has decided to go this route.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    This is just ridiculous; these carriers won’t stop hiking rates, capping data and screwing their customers until we decide to do something about it.
    As long as we comply to these stupid rules, things will only get worse. It’s time to bite to hand that feeds us.

    • True Story!!! I pay 15$ a month for 20 GB iPad internet!
      What’s the price in America??! 200$!!!! Crazy!!

    • What can we do…?

      Remember the $20 for unlimited sms only? Yea… ONLY 1 option.

    • It’s called regulation and consumer protection. US desperately need more of both.

      • Falk M.

        How does this get a down vote?
        Apparently we have either some corporate fat cats browsing this site or some idiots who think the key to better service is deregulating mindlessly.

        Many people can’t even really vote with their wallets, as a lot of US customers are highly limited in their choice of carrier in order to get some signal bars.
        Let alone that whenever you leave a carrier for being shi*ty, you actually join one that’s probably almost as shi*ty.
        Now if more people joined than left with a carrier, it will think it’s doing everything right, when in fact, often the only thing they do right is exist and offer some bars where people live.

  • seyss

    God I hate carriers

  • jose castro

    ATT is starting to go down hill..

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Starting to? It already was, it’s in the VALLEY now

      • Joseph Lim

        A canyon has formed.

  • ic0dex

    But if you purchase an iPhone from Apple you still have 30 days right?

    • What is the point if you can return the phone but the 2 years contract still go on…

      • ic0dex

        I did not know that. Does anyone know if I can exchange my 16Gb iPhone 5 for a 32Gb if it hasn’t passed the 30 day mark?

      • Guest

        You can’t!! :/

      • Melvco

        as the post says, purchases made before October 7th are still eligible for the 30 day return policy. So if you already purchased your iPhone 5, you still have 30 days to return it.

      • All carriers have a return period and a cancellation period. Some places have a 14/15 day return policy on phones but AT&T has a 30 day service cancellation. I am wondering if this 14 day thing is also for service or just equipment.

    • Apple might change this to comply with AT&T. Most of their products already have a 14 day period except for iPhones because of carrier return dates (I am assuming here). I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple changes this soon.

  • I just visited AT&T’s Website today. They have updated their equipment return/service cancellation policy. It s 14 days now. 🙁 Their ETF (Early Termination Fee) is $325 (Smarthphones that require a data plan) minus $10 for each month that you complete service. If you have a dumb phone (mobile hotspot, or USB Modem), the ETF is $150 minus $4 for each month you have completed service. AT&T’s 30 day policy USED to be the reason why I would buy direct from AT&T. If Apple keeps their 30 day policy, I will buy from Apple. But this also means that you would only still have 14 days on the Service to cancel. THIS STINKS!

  • mk sharma

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