When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, it noted: “We’ve developed manufacturing processes that are our most complex and ambitions. Never before have we built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish.”

While the end result of these complex methods — i.e. the iPhone 5 — appears to be making customers happy, the processes themselves seem to be causing problems at the factories. A new report is out this afternoon that thousands of Foxconn workers have gone on strike due to issues with iPhone 5 production…

China Labor Watch reports:

“At 1:00PM on October 5 (Beijing time), a strike occurred at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory that, according to workers, involved three to four thousand production workers. In addition to demanding that workers work during the holiday, Foxconn raised overly strict demands on product quality without providing worker training for the corresponding skills. This led to workers turning out products that did not meet standards and ultimately put a tremendous amount of pressure on workers.”

Essentially, workers are being asked to build extremely sophisticated things without being  properly instructed on how to do so. And this has led to a drop in production quality, which then led to increased work hours.

The report also says that this has caused several fights to break out on the factory lines between workers and quality control staff. And all of this combined with all of the pressure pushed Foxconn employees over the edge.

Even though 4,000 workers is relatively small compared to Foxconn’s army, it’s possible that the strike could very well affect iPhone 5 production. Earlier today we reported that iPhone 5 supply is already extremely limited.

  • We should appreciate them. They helped to assemble our iphones

  • They need to go back to work… thats what they need to do

    • you are a worthless piece of trash

      • Dan

        well said!

  • Will

    I really appreciate what these people do and applaud them for the struggle they must go through every day. But in saying that I am only human and my country only got given 30 iPhone 5’s and I really want my 🙁 I don’t think this is Foxconn’s fault though I think it is apple not sharing out there product to all country’s enough and just giving it to America

    • Keith

      30 iPhones ? I don’t think apple would send a country 30 iPhones ? Also it sort of is Foxconn’s fault from what I just read they (the workers) have been told to make something of such a high quality but with out proper instructions. They say there going to make working conditions better for them but it seems like they never do. We can’t thank the workers enough for making our iPhone and much much more.

      • Will

        No they only sent 30 about 15 of them went to north Island stores and the other 15 went to the South Island. And yes you are correct in some sense that it is Foxconn’s fault but the conditions they work in are terrible as u said, and apple should b doing something about that

      • Keith

        What country is this ? I do agree with you, apple is the one giving Foxconn the big bucks they have the power to make a change, they should take a more hands on approach. The sad thing is we are still going to buy from apple because no one else makes tech so good.

      • Will

        It’s New Zealand. And this is true Foxconn should of made sure they had the supply’s and know how to the the project before talking it on. And I know but this is only human nature want want the best and newest things we can get our hands on

      • Keith

        I think that New Zealand would get more then 30 iPhones. The iPhone 5 sold 5 million in the first 3 days, I don’t think anyone could keep up with demand like that.

  • Yujin

    Is a managing issue at Foxconn. While apple should step in. Foxconn is a greedy corporation plain and simple.

    • Viktor_Zweig

      Really? So, Apple is not asking for higher yield with the same quality? C’mon we both know who is pushing behind the scenes….

      • sriram

        Foxcon is not just working for apple, sony nokia and a bit of samsung, i although agree apple is the biggest.

  • Usama Ahmad

    No Offence, but this line “…..it’s possible that the strike could very well affect iPhone 5 production” seems a tad bit too insensitive. I mean the workers have some legitimate issues to be resolved, who cares about the iphone.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    They went on strike after they saw the terrible specs.

  • @dongiuj

    “Never before have we built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish.”
    That would explain the light leaking out of some of the phones.
    I feel sorry for these workers. Imagine if the rest of the world as hard as these people instead of the lazy way people have become. Wanting more holidays, more pay, bigger bonus, more and better benefits…

    • a smit

      nothing wrong with wanting benefits – on this side of the pond AND their side.

      this is what the psychotic elites want with globalization (its coming here IMO)

  • Will P

    I just want my iPhone 5 🙁

    • Dude, it is too selfish of you to say something like that!

      • Will P

        Sorry didn’t mean it like that 🙁

  • I feel sorry for them, they still have to work over night while I am having a 10-day holiday.

  • goofygreek

    Well, at least there not jumping of the building. (im not saying that to be funny either)

  • Reuters is reporting that the strike is false.

  • I don’t have any issues what so ever with this phone except for the general maps issue. Great battery life, wifi strong too (only weird that 5 GHz wifi N is slower then the 2.4 band).

    Demand is still high in the Netherlands. Some providers seem to have stock. Most are sold out, online for sure at least.

  • Never set a hozen to do a humans’ job.

  • Last week was a major Chinese holiday. (National Day of the People’s Republic of China) Apple Really should’ve allowed them to have that week off (At least a few days). They really deserve it! Everyone deserves time off eventually; these guys are no exception.

    • JamesR624

      Exactly, I think having the iPhone 5 in good supply would’ve been worth waiting a week. Hell, we waited a YEAR for this to come out. We could’ve waited one more week.

  • Yatzik Krupak

    Anyone suspects samsung foule play?