Bridge is a jailbreak app that allows you to import music from your iDevice directly into your media library. While it works best in cohesion with a download tool like Safari Download Manager, it can work independently as well.

Files can be accessed via a built in file browser, or you can paste the URL of a specific file directly into the app. Have a look at our brief video for more insight…

If you use Bridge you’ll come to appreciate the ability to import videos as well. Video content can be obtained from youTube via one of the developer’s other app — ProTube 2 — and imported directly into your media library using Bridge.

Upon importing content, you’re given the ability to enter meta data like song title, album title, etc. There’s also the option to designate the type of content, such as music, podcast, ringtone, etc.

Here is a list of the app’s main features:

  • Import any song or video that is on your device into your media library
  • Import media from within other applications (Only apps that have a ‘Open in…’ option)
  • Download and import media from the Internet
  • Importing media is fast, taking only a few seconds
  • Preview songs and videos before importing them to your media library
  • Song information is set automatically and can be manually edited at any time
  • Set import type: Song, Ringtone, Podcast, Video, Music Video, or TV-Show!

The whole point of this app is to create a “bridge” between the content you download, and your media library. On a non-jailbroken device, iTunes acts as that bridge, but with the help of this app, iTunes is not needed.

Bridge is available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99. It works with iOS 5, and iOS 6. Be sure to share your thoughts on the app below in the comment section.

  • LilGreenGuy

    Works great. Can’t import from device to iTunes but that’s said in the instructions.

  • I’ve always used MewSeek, I’ll give this a shot!

  • I’ve always used MewSeek, might as well give this a try!

    • Its better than mewseek.

      • I agree, it seems a lot more sleek. But The only thing I am missing is the in-app browser like the one Newsweek had

  • I am lost… is it really that hard to use iTunes and sync wirelessly?

    • If you want to copy a song from a computer that doesn’t have iTunes, what do you do?

      • Send it to my email from that computer, and sync it when I am home.

        Not like I would die to wait for few hours or a day.

      • You better stop listening to songs cauz you are not a true fan 🙂

      • lol… go for this app guys~

      • Are you serious?! LMFAO

      • Hahaaa I can’t argue with you about that.

      • I have no idea what these people are bitching about. Your method is much better as it allows you to correctly edit ALL the info for the tracks such as track number or the year the album/song was released and also get the high quality album pictures from Apple, get genius playlists for them, and if you have iTunes Match you can upload them to iCloud as well. Did anyone also think about the hustle required to get the songs copied onto iTunes from the device itself. When you require a restore you will likely lose all those precious songs you worked so hard to avoid iTunes to get. Best of all you don’t have to pay $2 for an app that requires a jailbreak. Some people like me don’t even have a jailbreak since there isn’t one for iOS 6 untethered or the iPhone 5. If you require a jailbreak to get this that means you have a computer in the first place, what’s so hard about using iTunes on it while you’re there?

      • Thank you for explaining it, I have restored my iOS devices # of the times because of jb… this is why I stop doing jb…

        Stick with the “regular way”, iTunes is safe… free… and easy.

      • Ryion S.

        I don’t think you , like most people, understand how powerful jailbreaking can be. Sure you can use Apples ways of backing up music and such but by being jailbroke you can back up EVERYTHING in so many ways and so many options. Don’t get me wrong I use all iCloud services and I’ve used iTunes Match and I loved it! But I also do back ups on my computer and use other cloud services. You can never have to many back ups. But in all honestly $2 for an app versus all the money you’ll spend on iTunes (songs $1+ nowadays, $10+ for full albums & iTunes Match $25 a yr) seems like a better deal. Also it’s nothing about iTunes being hard to use it just can get aggravating at times. I’ve used iTunes for years before I had any iDevice and it can be horrible experience at times.

        I do know your comment is 3 years old but still I just figure I’ll put my 2¢ into this. Specially since there’s now a jailbreak for iOS 6 and 7&8 now!

      • Or you can download it yourself same way that person did.

    • Everyone doesn’t have pc by their side all the time. And by the way, with the help of this app you don’t need a pc at all.

      • I think… we still need a pc to do jb these days, please correct me if I am wrong.

        I haven’t jb since 4S.

      • You don’t need pc at all to import music to library. MY GOD!!! Where’s your common sense?

      • But if you have to Jailbreak to get this, that means you already have a PC and can easily import your music with it.

      • I own a restaurant in yokohama. I have to take care of a lot of things by myself so, i don’t have to use pc. I use my pc once or twice in a month when i have to use photoshop to design and print some menu. For everything else i use ipad and iphone.

      • I also believe when people own an iPad they don’t need a PC, because iPad can do A LOT already other than office work.

        I seem one of the post here about you can’t import the song back to your PC-library with this app… so if something wrong with your iOS device and it has to be replaced or restored the OS… You will lose all your songs that imported with this app.

      • I don’t know if this problem is true or not. But for people like me (people with jailbroken iphone) its not much of a problem. Because those downloaded content will always be there inside the iphone if you don’t delete it by yourself. You can always drag and drop those content to pc and sync via itunes whenever you have time to do so.

      • I see your your side now. But obviously the way Apple intended in that situation is to legally purchase your music from the iTunes app on either your iPad or iPhone. But nobody wants to pay for music anymore so I see where you are coming from

      • “i see where you are coming from” that sounded like i’m the sinner and you are the saint. Do you really stand in that position to accuse other. Have you never violated any copyright law? Any people who watch videos in youtube and other familier sites are violating the copyright law because these sites has tons of videos that are uploaded without the permission of the owner. People watch sports highlight, tv episodes, movies, music videos and tons of other categories in these sites without paying. Now who is to be blamed here? I download them, you stream online, either way we (everyone) are stealing. Let’s not talk about piracy and stay focus on the article. And all i want to say is this app is great and comes in handy for jailbroken iphones.

      • Well I never said I didn’t pirate anything. I pirate Everything lol. I’m sorry you misunderstood my comment, I didn’t mean to offend you.

      • Thank you, that is my point.

      • Stay calm, we are just discussing here… god… not everyone has your “common sense”.

    • Why are you lost? What’s so hard to understand? Not everyone has a computer at their disposal all the time. Some people want to add music to their phones on demand.

      You DO understand that not everyone is like you. Just because the tweak doesn’t suit YOUR needs doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit OTHER people’s needs … -_-

      • How many of your friend still jb their iPhone?

      • WTF. How many of your friends like spaghetti? What does the jailbreak status of my friends’ phones have anything to do with what we’re talking about? Creep.

        Just because someone owns a PC doesn’t mean they have convenient access to it at all times.

      • Calm down… it has been 8months.

        I don’t really use the F word, because it doesn’t mean you are right, or I am wrong.

      • Nestea80

        Yes, this is an 8 month old conversation, so why are you resurrecting it? Get over it. Weirdo.

      • Because I finally got the notification from this board.

        No F word this time, you are getting better, good job.

    • Ryion S.

      It allows you to import music from other sources other than iTunes. So there isn’t a need to import CDs or music from other sources into iTunes. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult myself to just use iTunes and sync through wifi. I totally agree it’s simple. But with iTunes comes restrictions. I’m not real fond of the way iTunes syncs. I’ve had so many problems with it.

  • 2tearsSr

    Jeff, does it sync with iTunes Match once imported?

    • I wonder if SuperSync v5 would serve as a bridge from the iPhone to iTunes for Music Match.

  • I used pwntunes. It’s a little quirky at times, I’ll take that over iTunes. Drag and drop the music to a folder, open up Music (whatever it’s called) on the device, and bam, done!

  • kevin

    Great.. but it needs to be able to import multiple songs at once.

  • ReanimationXP

    PwnTunes ftw.

  • I would love to be able to get the imported media to somehow automatically sync back to iTunes for music match.

  • Great app. The developer is clever. Instead of updating protube with this feature he created a seperate app to make some more $$$. 😀

    • I would not call it clever…..

  • itunes can suck my big toe. I hate this gatekeeper ….made my days with idevices so tough many times.

    • Then just turn it off genius. Computers have settings for a reason. SMH

      • well,??? How?? I need to upload my music sometimes, or restore the device. I wish there was a better other way to do it. SMH!

      • System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Click the lock to make changes.> enter your password and then under “Allow applications downloaded from:” click on “Anywhere”. And btw gatekeeper should have nothing to do with your music uploading or restoring your iDevices. Gatekeeper has only to do with any third party applications your install on your Mac not those that are already installed such as iTunes so it seems like you have a different problem on your hands. iTunes works just fine.

      • you realized i called itunes a gatekeeper in my previous statements??? What i mean by this is that itunes is in complete control of what is on my idevice.

      • OH! Well that confusing lol. Not sure how to help you in that’s situation. I also have iTunes and Tinyumbrella but I have no issues with either.

    • duped???

      yeh force feed the bitch the big one haha

  • Chris

    Available in xsellize 🙂

  • Ete

    Pwntunes ofc

  • Ff123

    Can anyone tell me, the songs imported in music player with this tweak stays on device after iOS update? Or they dissapear? I have tried with MewSeek and AirBlue Sharing but both did not
    Work the songs that were imported using them dissapeard..

    • ic0dex

      Let me ask you this, did you ever back up your songs to iTunes and did they transfer to iTunes when you did the back up?

      • Ff123

        Nop it iTunes does not backup songs whenever I back up the phone.. And i don’t know any other particular feature in iTunes to copy the music.

      • ic0dex

        That sucks! So every time a new iOS update come out you’ll lose your songs. The only other way is to shsh into the device and transfer the songs into iTunes.

  • Sina

    I prefer “CopyTransManager”. It works really well for me! 🙂

    • kev

      where to get that?

      • Sina

        Google it, because sending link in comment (disqus) needs admin approval.

    • I second this.

    • That’s great and all but you still need a computer to run that program which this app is trying to import music without a computer.

  • The perfect combinaton:
    Grooveshark + Grooveshark Enhancer + Gremlin

    Forget about pay for music and forget about needing a computer to sync music

  • Luis Finke

    Kind of hesitant to try this, because the MewSeek import to iPod feature made my iPod not readable by itunes.

  • But will it sync the music back onto iTunes? I like a consistent and compatible libraries.

    • Falk M.

      If you value that a lot, I’d steer clear from such hacky approaches… You never know for sure an update or track or whatever won’t break something.

      Hackish feature additions + databases = bad mix

  • the reason this and mewseek are so awesome is when youre out and about.. maybe on a trip… and download a bunch of music on the go you can instantly put the songs into your ipod app with no fuss. no waiting to get home… just download and play… why would anyone not like that?

  • Have u guys tried MewSeek from cydia? It does the same thing

  • i like MewSeek more

  • Will itunes delete bridge songs?

  • i brought Bridge but it have big problem. when import MusicVideo via
    Bridge it double duration also half of clip doesn’t include sound.
    i have about 200 VideoClips all have same problem. also it crash sometime when
    importing but with many other clip i tried work fine.

    i have attached a VideoClip of mine which have problem. it is duration
    is 2:02 after import it become 4:04 and half of clip without sound.
    check it yourself and let me know…

    i have send to DevOfBridge 3 emails but didnt reply

  • TnS

    How i delete imported ringtones? where are they located????

  • Kevin

    does anyone know where the “imported songs” are stored on the iDevice for 5.1.1 firmware? I want to delete a song using iFile and can’t find it. This is driving me insane!

  • Kevin

    Does anyone know where the imported songs are stored? I want to delete one but can’t find it anywhere in iFile…it’s driving me crazy

  • Trying to install this now but keep getting a HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found error :'(

    • Hmm tried a second time and it’s installed 🙂

  • Maddy

    Ok so i have mewseek but it wont let me pay for it what should i do?????

  • hmort1

    Bridge moves video files into var/mobile/media/purchases/

  • abby

    how do you find the URL of a song to type into it. im very confused…

  • Nikolai Riabchenko

    Why Jailbreak? You can do the same with PhoneStick…

  • Juliet

    Help! I downloaded A TON of songs using the Protube & Bridge combo, but when i synced my iphone 5s (running on 7.0.3), ALL the songs i imported from Bridge vanished! Is there any way i can find them? I didnt know syncing would delete all the songs. I only thought they wouldnt transfer to the computer but would still stay put on my phone! Please help. Im going insane!!! 🙁

  • Kyle386

    Good idea though why not simply using iStick from Softorino dudes? Is is soo easy to use, there is no iTunes required and there is also a trial version available!

    Look them up?

  • Kyle Chadwell

    Very cool!! Though why not simply using istick app from softorino dudes? Is is easy to use, there is no iTunes required and there is also a trial version available!

    Look them up?

  • Dave

    I’d like to suggest one more alternative from the Softorino team. We’re currently developing WALTR and this is a really handy app that allows to copy music and videos to iPhone directly without iTunes in a very few seconds. There are versions available for Windows and Mac users. WALTR is fast in proceeding and simple in installation, has a nice interface. Try it out, comments and suggestions are welcomed!