It appears that Apple is making good on Tim Cook’s promise. Just a week after the CEO posted an open letter regarding the shortcomings of the new Maps application, users are starting to see improvements.

Particularly, users are starting to notice an improvement in the 3D aspect of Apple’s Maps app. Landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, and buildings, that were once missing from the flyover mode are now present…

MacRumors points to the “List of cities with 3D mapping” thread in its forums, where users are reporting seeing several new buildings and other 3D imagery in iOS maps in New York City, Los Angeles and London.

Now, some of the changes don’t appear to be registering for everyone yet. On my iPhone 5, for example, I still don’t see a 3D rendering of the Statue of Liberty. But I do see a considerable amount of new 3D buildings in New York. MacRumors says this is likely a caching issue that will work itself out.

At any rate, the fact that many users are seeing improvements is a good sign. Apple knows  that its Maps app doesn’t live up to the high standards that its customers have come to expect, and it seems it’s working quickly to fix that.

How about you? Have you noticed any improvements in iOS 6 Maps?

  • mervynraj

    im waiting for the improvement process to complete… thats when i will buy my iPhone!!

    • The maps shouldn’t be the deciding factor on getting an iPhone.

    • How many times do you use your maps once a months

    • The improvement cycle will never end for Apple Maps or Google Maps. When either stops improving their product the product has been abandoned.

      On Sprint there is a free Sprint GPS program that I’ve downloaded just in case, but so far I have not had to use it. I can also pull up Google Maps in Safari which works about the same as the Google Map app (including no voice and no realtime turn by turn directions)

  • This just goes to show the reliability of Apple. The quickness in improvements I really something to take to heart. When Apple makes promises, they keep them. And that’s what makes me such a loyal customer, always coming back for more.

    • I completely agree, by next year apple maps will work great. Apple made a mistake and apologized everywhere. They even offered people to use rival mapping solutions, no other company I know of has ever done that. And now there working hard to make maps the best it can be, just like you said apple keeps there promises, unlike Samsung

      • Bro you are right, I like Apple yes but im also and android user. I love Apple customer service and guarantee, not like samsung that produce high quality smartphones with too many issues (personal expierence) and they didnt fix it, with apple once i had a problem with my idevice they gave me a new one :), note that I use iPad and a happy LG phone user.

  • I’ve submitted four missing points of interest so far, and they’ve all appeared within a day or two. I’m really impressed with that response time. Personally, I’m very happy with Apple’s map app. I think they’ll improve a lot faster than people think they will. I don’t see any sense complaining about something that has so many alternatives, most of which provide just as much or more capabilities as the Google-gimped iOS 5 maps.

    • Ive submitted one correction the day after iP5s release (14 days ago), in Sydney Australia. Its still not updated. I guess the usa is getting preferred treatment over the rest of the world (well maybe Aus) again.
      Just submitted 2 corrections & 1 new location, will be interesting to see their timeframes (ie importance).

      • Amgine

        Yes, I’d like to see the queues for fixing rates. That way, when I send in all my error reports, I’d be able to see what they’re doing about them. Rather than feeling like the reports are going straight into a galaxy-sized landfill site.

  • Who cares about flyover for a couple US cities. Most of Apple customers dont live or ever visit these places. Apple should focus more on international services and full language support. Do as promised, make the iPhone a ‘world phone’.

    They should also give priority to complete and correct navigation maps, instead of fancy features like flyover.

    • Yujin

      Sorry but the us is more important than Korea or other craps

      • thedarkknight80

        It’s 2012 stupid . It’s time to lose the “racist” card .

        You are retarded .

      • alexanderlyd

        fucking racist show some respect

      • Kurt

        if you hate korea so much change you damn name. im sick of seeing your korean name 유진, then you write obnoxious stuff about anything korean or samnsung. but apple is your god so i guess that explains it. werido

    • 10000% agree, correct maps shud have the priority, flyover is cool but at the same time useless! In Croatia the turn-by-turn navigation is almoust useless because almost EVRY CITY is in the wrong position!!! Fixx it crApple!!! please?

      • Amgine

        I’m using the Mapplet app for better mapping and higher resolution aerial imagery. And google’s website now allows patchy access to streetview from their maps site. So the google maps site is probably the best option for now – until they can get their own maps app out.

    • Well in my country some roads were missing and they would guide us by getting into another country use their roads pass again into my country and by this way reach my destination. But from yesterday Maps have been updated and I finally can use my country’s roads!

  • Flyover is useless anyway… a good map is providing good DIRECTIONS, and flyover does absolutely nothing for me. I’ve been using turn by turn since Beta 1 and it has been perfect. Probably wouldn’t have gotten to any of the places turn by turn has gotten me to any easier.

  • The iPhone 5 is NOT advertised as a world phone… and i bet apple has a lot more customers in new york, or san francisco then in many whole countries.

    • Amgine

      It’s advertised and sold here in GB. So I expect the (pre-bundled) apple maps app to be better than any other offer. However the latest rendition of the map app is so bad it’s embarrassing to have it on my ipad. I used to use the maps app every day with its integrated streetview. But now I’m having to find patchy alternatives. Apple should offer a route back to the earlier iOS until their bundled apps are at least as good as they used to be.

  • Obsidian71

    Did anyone actually “think” the maps wouldn’t improve? They’re server based ..there will be continual improvement.

  • Yujin

    Brooklyn bridge too. Good I like to report any issues cause I know someone is reading my comments at apple. Hope they can kick some google ass in a year

  • Drbballwater

    Fix Flyover, of course… This party trick is essential when showing off one’s iPhone 5! Nevermind that the functionality of the App is still a complete turd, at least you’ve got a cool gimmick to impress your buddies! Siri anyone?

    • alexanderlyd

      lol so true

  • Kok Hean

    Glad that they are adding 3D buildings and structures. So did they also fix the accuracy of searched locations? Turn by turn?

  • Johnathan Jennings

    My local movie theatre is still on the wrong damn side of the city.

  • Techhelp360

    Statue of Liberty doesn’t look that good on my iPhone 5. I think this guy is liing.

    • therealjjohnson

      Mine looks like the one on the left. Did it only switch for certain users? Lol

  • Oliver

    see the statue of liberty in standard mode, in 3D… i didn’t know that it worked.

  • Napster

    There is no turn by turn navigation for Indian users. they never considered India.

    • chin2793

      There are so many streets and each one with 2 or 3 names in India that it’s very hard to cover all the streets in maps. Turn navigation! no solution at the moment. Even google maps don’t all the streets covered in India after spending about a decade on maps. Shouldn’t expect much.

  • Kurt

    i like how the maps icon tells you to make a left in the middle of a bridge.

  • they finaly did hawaii. awesome. ^^

  • Joseph Lim

    The pic above is freaking fake, how the the flyover button in the bottom left appear but no 3d? it was photoshpped people.

  • riza mr

    2 late
    They could give apple map as an optional download untill it is finalized

  • iPhone beginner news

    And it looks like they’re being improved Ginza and Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan

  • Amgine

    The apple maps app is useless for me in my part of the world (GB). And, unless they can integrate streetview, it will never be good enough.

  • fakebuck

    I received a Samsung Galaxy SIII a few weeks ago but did not like it. I don’t know why but it did not seem intuitive and I just gave up and decided to get an iPhone 5. I have never used Google maps but now I am using Apple maps on my new iphone. I think the product is great, especially when I can use siri to help me find something while driving.