Now that the iPhone 5 launch has come and gone, the rumor mill’s attention has turned to the iPad mini. Apple is widely expected to unveil a smaller version of its popular tablet sometime within the next month.

There’s been a lot of talk over what the slate will look like, with the most recent chatter stemming from a leaked black rear shell that reportedly belongs to the tablet. And as usual, this has inspired some mockups…

Gizmodo has just published some gorgeous iPad mini mockups from designer Martin Hajek. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because he was also behind these head-turning iPhone 5 renderings from a few months ago.

Hajek has once again based his mockups on previously-leaked parts. The image at the top of the post is of what he believes the iPad mini could look like with a black anodized aluminum shell (same as iPhone 5 back panel). 

Gizmodo speculates that the iPad mini could come in several different colors, including white (with a white anodized back), and possibly blue. It opines that the choice in colors would separate it from the rest of the budget slates.

Of course, this is all pure speculation at this point. But given how close Hajek’s iPhone 5 images were to the real thing, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Apple’s new tablet ends up looking something like the above images.

The iPad mini is said to feature a 7.85-inch display and an extremely thin profile. And the latest rumors suggest Apple will send out media invites for its debut event sometime within the next week or so.

What do you think of the mockups? Do you think the iPad mini will look like this?

  • Dlevi309

    if thats how it looks like im getting one 🙂

    • ic0dex

      Me too!

  • That black one looks hot. Too bad I won’t buy one cause it’s pointless. I already have an iPad.

    • I have ipod 3 and and ipod touch 4g (used as a 100% music player ) and i will also get this ipad mini… why? i dont even know .. lol

  • I hope it doesn’t even come out so everyone can shut up about it. Then again it seems that iDB has the most rumors of the iPad Mini anyway…

    • Johnathan Jennings

      I agree with you

  • This device could potentially come out. Next year, when they introduce the “5S”, maybe then they could drop the iPod touch 4, lower the price of new models to $199 and price the smaller iPad at around $300. Only then would their device lineup make sense.

    • i believe the “S” thing was a big fail when they even thought of doing it to 4s, doing this again will get them really down.. they should move up normally so next iphone is supposed to be 6 and not crappy changes or pathetic name

      • Johnathan Jennings

        It’ll be the “new iPhone” guarantee it.

      • ic0dex

        IMO I feel like we are beta testing the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S is going to be the true iPhone 5.

  • I REALLY like this mockup. I hope that’s what it looks like. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Fake! No scratches hahaha!

    • Fake? It says right in the title “Mockup,” as in not the real thing…

      • Kurt

        you told him!

    • Kurt

      hahaha…too bad 3 people don’t know you were being sarcastic

  • @dongiuj

    Looks like apple needs to patent a new shape because that first picture’s not a rectangle. The left side is longer than the right side.

    • splinejunkie

      it’s the perspective.

      • Kurt

        @dongiuj:disqus has a point…the person who did the photoshopping did the perspective’s off a bit. eye level in this pic is at the very bottom of the ipad. but the eye level is cropped for the middle of the photo.

        apple probably already patented this and bribed the ppl working in the patent office

  • NinjaCEO

    Black please.

  • a second generation would be better for me

    • Kurt

      i wonder if the 2nd gen will look different. the first ipod touch looked different from the 2nd gen. the first gen iphone looked different from the 2nd, and the ipad 1 looked different from the ipad 2. i think its apples way of not updating the innards much but to get more people to re-buy the product since it doesnt look the same. the first iphone and the iphone 3G had the same innards but different backing. only real different in the 2nd gen ipod from the first was the speaker in the headphone jack and the mic. for the ipad there was more of a bump in speed though. as it was the year of the 4S

      • Don’t get me wrong
        I like the look of the mockup, especially the thinner side bezels, it would fit my hand perfectly.
        I feel like a 2nd gen only because I would not put too much hope into the 1st gen’s hardware.
        Of course, my decision is totally based on the fact that I have already owned a gorgeous New iPad. 🙂

  • If it looks anything like this I will seriously consider one.

  • i heard this iPad doesn’t support wifi, just 3g does this tru?

  • Honestly, I’m just waiting for the next gen of the proper iPad. Any word on that? February/March, as usual? The mini really does nothing for me.

  • wtf is the ipad mini for ? U want something small that fits your pocket ? you have the iphone , u want something bigger that you can take with you ? you have the ipad . The ipad mini doesnt fit in the pocket so why not use the ipad which has a bigger screen ?

    • Agreed. Apple is just trying to follow the market for smaller tablets. I personally don’t see the need. The iPad size is fine the way it is and there’s a reason why it dominates the tablet market. iPad Mini? YAWN. Absolutely no use for it. Where’s the info on the next-gen iPad?

    • false… smaller tablets are a huge market segment that the ipad misses…

  • Faiz Hasni

    i really hope it look like the ipod touch you know, come in colors