One of the best task management apps available on iOS or the Mac, just received a fairly substantial update.

Things, a darling app among many Apple enthusiasts and the Getting Things Done crowd, receives support for the iPhone 5’s larger display, support for iOS 6, and the ability to create new inbox items using Siri.

Here is a full list of all of the updates included with Things 2.1

  • Optimized for iOS 6
  • Support for iPhone 5
  • You can use Siri to enter new to-dues thanks to Things’ Reminders integration. Reminders you’ve created with Siri can be shown in Things’ inbox, where you can easily import them. (Requires iOS 6)
  • Improved stability and bug fixes

Things really benefits from the larger iPhone 5 display. Many more inbox items can be seen at once without scrolling.

The Siri integration via Reminders is a nice new addition as well. Now you can easily add inbox items via Siri.

First you must enable one of more iCloud lists created via the Reminders app. I created a list called Things to be exclusively used to add new inbox items into Things.

Once everything is configured, it’s easy to add new items to your inbox via voice.

Now just import the items from Reminders into your Things inbox.

Things is available on the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac. I like Things because it is simple to use, yet still provides enough depth to implement a sound GTD strategy. Some folks prefer OmniFocus, which is without a doubt the deeper of the two apps, though, many like Things for its clean interface and ease of use.

What do you think about Things 2.1? Which task management app do you use, if any?

  • אסף סופר

    when does the new ipod touch start selling ?

    • around mid October its believed the 5th gen iPod will be built in Brazil with the iPad “Air”

    • You can order it online already. Not sure if the retail stores have them in stock yet though.

  • I really like “Clear” and “Task” apps. Really simple and clean UI.

  • Could someone who owns the app please tell me: if I have a list of things to do within this App, can I have them all display perpetually in the Notification Centre? Thank you!

    • No! The “Things” only will show a Notification that you has (some number) of todo for Start today and (some number) of todos has become due!


    • No Whammy

      Apple doesn’t allow apps to use the Notification Center for anything but notifications. TL;DR: no app does what you want.

      There are jail break tweaks like Intelliscreen X that extend Notification Center’s abilities, but only with certain apps. Reminders might be supported…Calendar is for sure. The only thing I miss about jail breaking on my iPhone 5 is having my Calendar on my lock screen.

  • Is that Ayecon theme running on iOS 6?

  • I bought Appigo Todo back in iOS4 have been using reminders in iOS5 mostly, especially since getting my iPhone 4S upgrade in march, recently switched back to Todo but miss the Siri support, was great to make shopping lists by shouting to your phone whilst raiding the cupboards.

    But yeah for power users the Reminders interface is lacking and a little unintuitive, and features can seem slightly crippled (no support for custom set locations for example) I also really like (in a helpful annoyance way) Todo’s app icon staying badged when items are overdue, with reminders it was too easy to just forget you have stuff to do, seeing those big red numbers MAKES me check the app and want to get rid of the numbers!

    I recently contacted Appigo with some feature suggestions eg. remind me at this time ONLY IF I’m at this location. There’s little point for me to be reminded to put my recycling bin out for example if I’m not at home as I can’t act upon it.

    I did receive a reply,
    “Cool. Thanks for the feature requests. We’ve got some cool stuff coming
    pretty soon so sit tight and get ready to be wowed in the next month or
    As Things is their competition I’m guessing they’ll be keeping an eye out for features they can improve upon.

    Have been tempted to trial Things out as well, annoyingly can’t get any to stay ‘sticky’ on notification centre/intelliscreen x and that was a very helpful feature for Reminders.
    I also really liked EpicWin as a todo list 😛 such a unique fun/silly way of getting things done

  • Smuys

    But they still haven’t added time based reminders, don’t get me wrong, I love the app but it is quite useless without time based reminders wich is why I use Checkmark instead.