Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The real reason Passbook was invented โ€” Starbucks.

Indeed, the official Starbucks app was just updated, and it brings the long awaited Passbook support with it. This means that you can now create a pass to store in Passbook, and pay directly with said pass.

It’s super easy to setup, and apparently, it uses the same scanners that scan the “touch to pay” feature inside the official app. In other words, it’s ready to use out of the gate.

Here is the update for the Starbucks app, which includes iOS 6 and Passbook support. It’s obvious that they’ve been rushing on this, since it features no support for the iPhone 5’s larger screen. It’s probably because they promised that it would be out before October.

Once you install the update, and load the app, you’re immediately greeted with a pop up promoting the new Passbook support.

Tapping OK brings up the Favorite Stores setup screen, which allows you to add favorite stores. Once near any of your selected stores, your Passbook will automatically be loaded for you to use on arrival. Nifty.

If you decline to setup favorites, you can always go back and do it later.

Next, the app gathers the information from your account setup within the app, and creates your pass.

Your pass is created. You can now add it to Passbook for later usage.

The pass is now in Passbook, notice my Amex passes below.

As usual, flipping the card over lets you enable automatic updates, and features pull to refresh. Automatic updates will dynamically update your account balance once a transaction hits the wire.

That’s all there is too it. Sadly, I just came from Starbucks not too long ago, so I’ll have to wait before I’m able to test this out for myself. Have you been able to try it out yet?

  • Just used it at my local Starbucks. Works just like the app did before. Just hold your iPhone up to the scanner and that’s it. Very convenient though as it comes up on your lock screen when you enter the store’s geofence. Slide to unlock straight to Passbook.

  • you speak of starbucks like once in a month place! (well… actually i go on that rate but usually people go to starbucks on a daily basis)

  • Updated. Passbook not part of the update in the UK. Rubbish!

    • jabohn

      Also not in Canada. Senseless.

      • alexanderlyd

        NOOO i was waiting for passbook support in the UK but no avail!!!

  • 14% battery is all I can see

  • Ron McLaughlin

    I just added this, now How can my wife put the same card on her passbook so we can share one loaded card on two mobile phones?

  • Awesome! Finally!

  • Guess ill have to re-enter my card number. I updated and wasn’t prompted regarding any about passbook. Nor do I get the option to add if I hit manage. FML

    • You have to have a registered account. Not just a gift card. That’s how I’ve been paying for months via the app.

  • ic0dex

    What happens if our iPhones get lost/stolen and there is no password on it? Apple should place some kind of a security system for the passbook app. Also how is NFC safe, what would happen if someone steals your iPhone/Phone will they be able to use your credit cards?

    • EpicFacepalm

      iPhone doesn’t have NFC and, if you really care about ‘security’ you should of course set a password.

      Have a nice day facepalming yourself.

      • ic0dex

        I know the iPhone doesn’t have NFC you shmuck! It was just a general question. I like most people hate having a password on my phone so there has to be something else there to protect my information.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Find my iPhone maybe?

        And again, how hard rememberingand entering a four digit password can be?
        Don’t be sad if a thief steals your iPhone…

  • where did you get the AMEX Passbook?

  • No Starbucks App for Hungary ๐Ÿ™