Nokia took issue with Apple’s black and white iPhone color options in an interesting new commercial for its Lumia range of smartphones. The ad, included right after the break, sets the tone by depicting a gloomy world where mindless drones come to Apple Stores to buy iPhones. When a customer suggest color other than standard black and white iPhone options, hell breaks loose. The clip then switches to Nokia’s recently refreshed Lumia lineup, available in a bunch of colors…

Here’s the ad.

Gee, I wonder where else I’d seen such an incredibly creative concept based on the shifting line moving slowly forward.

Joking aside, I must admit the commercial is interesting and amusing.

From marketing standpoint, it’s an epic fail.

Why poke at a big dog in smartphones in a commercial supposedly about your own product?

I know, advertising against your rival is marketing 101, but still…

Besides, I suspect average Joes won’t even get the message.

As much as I like Nokia, what the ailing cell phone giant is really doing here is spending most of the time advertising a rival product.

Apple brought colors to the redesigned iPod touch range, which could be a prelude to more color choices for the iPhone in the future. Here is Apple’s 2012 iPod touch.

Notice how Lumias come in nearly identical colors like Apple’s iPod touch.

Of course, it could be also argued that Apple’s redesigned iPod nano looks a lot like the Lumias did a year ago.

In case you were wondering, Apple sold more iPhone 5 units in its opening weekend than Nokia sold Lumias in an entire quarter.

The refreshed Lumia range launched last month as the first flagship Windows Phone 8 offering, but it was short-lived as HTC followed-up with a better offering of its own.

Now Nokia is reportedly considering suing HTC over phone design.

Another thing Nokia is considering: selling its headquarters.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts down in the comments.

No ‘homeless Nokia’ jokes, please…

  • Much like my attitude to custom themes on jailbroken iDevices, they are awesome for a while, but I wouldn’t want a theme on my phone the whole time. Stock for me is far more functional, which is exactly what I want my phone to be; black. Also, if I had a red phone, that would totally clash with the 4 green tshirts I own, and that is not cool.

    • Kurt

      i think the colors can be changed. i think i saw it in one video that they are able to come off. unless that was the 900

  • Kurt

    Why is every company having iPhones in their commercials?

    This is what they look like:

    Our phones are better than the iPhone!

    • i was going to comment the same 🙂

    • It’s called marketing everyone does it!

  • pawfyd

    How dare you to even compare the horrible Samsung ads to this amazing, surreal Nokia ad? It’s the best ad I’ve seen in a long time and I love Apple…

    • Aaron de Silva

      I kinda liked this add. Its interesting haha

  • This doesn’t make any sense. The iPhone has the most robust supply of accessories and cases that vary wildly in color and size.

    • Kurt

      cases…accessories…the ad is talking about the phone. see the difference?

  • lol !!!!!!!!!

  • MohzeenHansrod

    “Notice how Lumias come in nearly identical colors like Apple’s iPod touch.”

    Dude… Colours are colours.

  • Dlevi309


  • ChiefSpecialK

    I find it funny that commercials for competitors phones have to mention the iPhone in some way. Thanks for the free advertising.

  • “”””Notice how Lumias come in nearly identical colors like Apple’s iPod touch.””””
    Why don’t you say “lumia copied Apple’s colour patterns” and suggest apple to sue Nokia?????

    • Kurt

      why not say how the ipods look like the lumias as the lumias came out first

  • They are jealous

  • Do anyone else find this commercial trolling ridiculous and disgusting.
    Using other brand products in their commercials is really demeaning.

    This is starting to look like a political campaign, and we all know how nice and clean they are.

    These companies need to turn around, and market what is good about their products not what they this is better than Apple.

    Every time I look at something like this I die inside realizing this is the pinnacle of our culture brands…

    • Kurt

      why not show the iphone’s cam and the lumia’s cam taking pics and show how superior the 920’s cam is, and the screen also. that ad would do wonders and create such buzz. this commercial was stupid in my opinion. lumia 920 is a better phone, flaunt it nokia.

  • ohhhh. now i get it. Why focus on the innards of a product and the name behind it?? Silly us, its about the color of the device now! My black phone is better than your yellow! NO My Red phone is better than your green!

    pff, i rather stick with white & black

    • Kurt

      id rather have choices. probably cause im not communist/socialist

      • Bringing up politics in an electronic discussion: weak

      • Kurt

        obama is going to lose by a landslide. you heard it here first.

  • You know your product is the shit when everybody else is putting it in their commercials to try and make it look bad. Apples commercials just have their products, tell the people what it can do, and make a small and subtle jab at the competition and go on to sell millions of them. Every one else is like, look ours is better than Apples so buy it.

    • Atlien12

      I’ve been saying the same thing lol.

    • Kurt

      apple vs pc

      • PC applies to any personal computer whether its running Windows or Linux. Even Mac is technically a PC but Microsoft trademarked PC or something. So the Mac vs. PC commercials don’t really count to me as attacking a specific product like this Nokia commercial or the Samsung ones that specifically go after the iPhone. Now if the Mac vs. PC commercials specifically said Windows or pointed out a specific manufacturer such as HP or Dell then I would see what you mean. Those commercials are gone anyways.

  • I’m gonna call BS on that headline. Isn’t it rather that the ad wants to make people aware that the iPhone is a “gray” mass market product (it has lost it’s individuality b/c everyone has one – gray as a metaphor for boringness and ubiquity)? I think they want to advertise individuality and diversity, not make the consumer aware of the fact that the iPhone just comes in black and white. It would appear that consumers already know that.

  • Apple stole design from Nokia

    • Kurt

      true true

  • …… This is the largest amount of ppl I’ve seen so far with lumias …. Ever. It still seems like a ok device overall but there marketing sucks

  • VATekMan

    I am sorry, did I see a different commercial from half the posters here? Nokia was poking fun at a phone with the number 5 on it.., why does that have to be the iPhone 5? Because this is an apple blog, we will all assume that is the only thing they could mean, but it is not really there, and so the people that said it was a marketing failure,i disagree because it only mentions the iphone 5 to people that would have already been thinking about it, but if you did not know about the iphone 5, then you would not instantly think of the iphone…

    Maybe I just saw a different commercial than everyone else…

    • Yes you did. What other phone on the market has anything to do with the number 5 and has a single circular button at the bottom? Come on?!

      • VATekMan

        Take one step back, pretend that you do not really know much about the iPhone, that you do not read this blog… Then you would probably not know the reference in the commercial was to a specific other smart phone. Honestly, if you did know about the iPhone 5, then this ad was probably not targeted at you. The ad was just trying to depict a “typical” phone to an audience that would probably not know the specific one it was referencing.

      • Youre joking right? This is as clear as day a jab at the iPhone. And who the hell doesnt know about the iPhone? My aunts 2 year old kid knows about the iPhone and even the iPhone 5 which just came out. The ads are all over the place.

  • Kurt

    i don’t think my wife liked this commercial. she said “what the heck is that”…i didn’t like it either, but i prefer the lumia 920 over the iphone since its screen and camera are so much better than ours.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Just put on a cover or a skin of your own choice and you are done. You can also replace it after you get bored. I don’t want to get stuck with one color.

  • Nokia – Once connecting people, now scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

    It’s gonna take a lot more than ghastly gay pink plastic mobiles to save their butts.


    No matter what, color will be the last thing I’ll consider when deciding for a phone… And, I’d never go for a yellow phone, again! (Yeah, I had a yellow 5110 or smth. on that series, ages ago!)

  • M Last


  • You know, as much as I find the commercial kinda boring and uninspiring, I actually found the announcement of the iPhone 5 to be the same. Bo-ring. NO wow-effect whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve given big love to my iPhone 4 for 2 years now, but the Lumia 920 at least bring something NEW to the table, ie. the vastly superior camera. That, along with a mature OS (with the fastest growing app market ever), a much more sturdy phone, that you don’t fear will turn to fairy dust if you drop it, makes the Lumia 920 my next choice.

    At least for the time being.

    • I have tried the nokia lumia 900, when it was released, the iphone killer, and you know what? B-o-r-i-n-g the apps were not even good, the phone is too big, but about saying about OS you can’t say, because as my two examples it is based on my view, and in my view the iOS works very good, the android works ok, i have tried a few android as I work with cellphones, but the windows 7 mobile is horrible, and everybody that I know who haves the lumia 900 would love to switch or come back to the iphone, but thats just my opinion, and since I havent tried the 920 lumia, I think it will not be too much diferent from it’s predecessor

      But this is only my opinion, as you gave yours

  • philadelphia

    I love how these other companies are such haters.. They can’t make a product as good as Apple so they all just bash them in marketing.. I doubt you’ll ever see Apple stoop that low, their products speak for themselves.

    • Kurt

      but the 920 is better than the iphone 5. the hell are you smoking

      btw, mac vs pc

      • philadelphia

        Better?? For who? Not for me.

      • Kurt

        for users, thats you and me. plus the OS is more innovative. apple can call iOS the most advanced OS in the world but its not true. its good OS but not a great one.

      • philadelphia

        You’re the best troll Nokia could send over?? Smh..

      • Kurt

        yes, they pay me very well. that was sarcasm if you failed to catch it….btw, you are the troll. you started with me. go read the definition of a troll and see what you did. ill accept your apology, in case you were wondering

      • Kurt

        btw, “you are holding it wrong”

      • jdshorrock

        It should be better since it’s being release at least 2 months after the iPhone 5. Why release an inferior product?

      • goofygreek

        What the heck are you smoking. Its only been 2 weeks for the iphone 5. Not 2 months.

      • jdshorrock

        Apparently you didn’t read my post…I said, it should be since it’s being release post iPhone 5. Just read a rumored date of Oct 21. Point being, it should be better than the iPhone since it’s being release after…Never said it wasn’t a great device…

    • What does that say about I’m a PC I’m a Mac ad campaign?

      It’s not enough to have a better product, you have to market it.

      • philadelphia

        I understand marketing and advertising, but some companies *cough samsung* get a little carried away.. It blurs the line between an ad for their own product and just a smear campaign against competitors

  • For me, it just makes sense to have the nano or iPod touch color range on the iPhone. Why limit you target market, sure if you love the iPhone your not gonna walk away just because, but why not try and get more people onboard with new colors? I would LOVE an all silver or (iPhone)RED. Sure its a simple thing to say “do it in more colors” but people like shiny new colors and people are… easly persuaded? “Heres the iPhone5, now in blue” people would cash in, sell there dog just to get that blue iPhone. This is my 2¢… which is right 😉

    • I agree the more choice the better. Android is the worst for color choice by and large.

  • jdshorrock

    Color makes no difference to me. Still slapping a case on it that will prob cover up most of the color…

  • NOO that’s what makes an iPhonee an iPhone it has to be original. In white and black color.

  • lol these companies are sad…. everything they do revolves around the damn iphone proving further that the iphone is number 1

    • Kurt

      its definitely not number 1. with an ok OS, you can’t be number 1. you need a great OS to be number 1 for starters. and change the design of the phone too.

  • What many competitors fail to realize that the black and white colors is simply marketing by Apple-think about it like this,when someone around someone else who has an iPhone, they usually either notice the distinctive shape/color of the iphone assuming if they don’t have a cover on it or if they see the white headphones. If Apple were to introduce more colors into the product line, it loses its distinction from other phones. With iPods it’s different because it has had various shapes and sizes so the marketing ploy is going to be different as color goes between the product is being promoted as a fun/trendy product marketed towards a younger consumer whereas the iPhone is advertised to the more mature market 20ish and above consumer. That’s why the iPod commercials are more more light-hearted and fun and the iPhone commercials are slightly more mature.

  • So Nokia wants me to buy their phone just because its coloured? What with all these companies saying the iPhone. Is shit and their products are top of the range

  • “Notice how Lumias come in nearly identical colors like Apple’s iPod touch.”

    Did Apple patent the colors that Nokia was using first? You guys come up with the silliest article topics sometimes.

  • Yellow?
    Why would my phone be yellow?

  • Falk M.

    LOL… Phony ad… (ba dum tshhh)