Adamant to lure folks to its retail stores, Microsoft loves to hire famous recording artist to perform for its customers. For example, Flo Rida, The Black Keys, Justin Bieber and Lenny Kravitz all played for Microsoft Stores in the past.

But something clearly went wrong with this one. Much to the bewilderment of store staffers, young rapper Machine Gun Kelly a.k.a. MGK (not to be confused with an American gangster during the Prohibition era) at one point jumped on the floor displays to do his act.

He bugged out terribly, destroying several notebook PCs in the process until staffers abruptly cut his mic. I guess MGK won’t be performing for Microsoft in the foreseeable future…

As reported by Kotaku, Microsoft pointed out that hip-hop magazine The Source actually hired the artist to perform at Microsoft’s Atlanta store for the publication’s Power 30 Issue.

Still, it’s remarkable that neither the software giant nor the publication briefed the 22-year-old MC on what was allowed and what wasn’t.

MGK even gave a Microsoft store staffer a finger.

You may also notice the MC improvising lyrics with some strong language when warned to get off the store displays.

I wonder who gets to pay for the smashed PCs.

Sometimes, these things just get out of control.


But things could have been worse.

Good thing Justin Bieber performed for Microsoft back in the days when he wasn’t vomiting on stage.

  • Ray V

    That guy couldn’t be more of a D-bag if he tried. I hope they make him pay for all that shit.

  • MGK FOR LIFE!!!! Hahahahahahaha good job MGK! Lmfao!

  • to bad it wasnt a Samsung store…….

    and its staged by Microsoft, last event we had from Microsoft was “Its Micro and Soft that does not apply to my p***”

  • pegger1

    He’s performing (and I use the term very loosely) at a computer store and he thought wrecking some stuff was going to up his street cred?
    This guy was a joke to everyone watching him. As soon as he opened his mouth someone should have grabbed him by the pant leg and dragged him out.

  • two words, white trash.

  • I guess he has a mac at home

  • No idea who that little kid was, but what a damn idiot. And what did Microsoft expect to happen when you have a delinquent perform at your store??

  • Carlos Briones

    I like rap but this guy is a sad excuse of a rapper. I mean it’s kind of funny that he broke PC’s but why would Microsoft hire him in the first place? You’d think there would be people under 18 in the store and that people wouldn’t want their kids to listen to that stuff especially since it wasn’t a clean version or anything. But whatever.

  • Lordthree

    What a fag

  • Jackass.

  • ic0dex


    Hahahaha this is hilarious!

  • I think this more of a attack at the computer industry as whole the artist thinks computers ruined music profitability. And MGK was sending a “message” in a subliminal way?

  • Bob

    He has talent but he is an asshole. No manners whatsoever.

  • Phil

    Too bad it’s rap. Would be better if it was punk, or screamo. I just can’t stand rap crap. It stands for “Retarded Attemp of Poestry”

    • good one!!! NOT.

    • Trackrabbit

      OK Phil, you inbred, non-spell check using hick. You’re either retarded or from Alabama

      • sam

        fuck you asshole why the hell does he got to be from Alabama? where the fuck are you from?

      • Screw the Tide, GO COCKS!!! All I have to say about Bama.

  • Luis Finke


  • i wonder how he would feel if we went to his house and did that shit? I’m not a big fan of Microsoft but i hope they sue the shit out of him. try that shit in an apple store and see what happens. and all the people who are thumbing down the comments that are saying hes a dumb ass and has no respect are just that.

    • Try that at an Apple store, you know security will taze his trailer trash ass lol

    • They won’t sue him, just make him pay for damages; and if he doesn’t, take him to claims court. No suing needed :). But he’s a total douche in the first place, and after this, he probably won’t be getting any gigs at places with electronics around, haha.

  • I’ve never heard of him but I know one thing is for sure. Myself and many others are going to go out and find his music to see who he is. He did his job at least of getting publicity.

  • Zorvage

    Fuck this guy, Eminem is the best rapper alive.

    • MrShutEmDown

      But… he’s actually signed to Eminem’s label bro bro..

  • B Phillips

    ummm, this is related to apple how? … this site is going constantly reaching now lows.

    • Trackrabbit

      There must not be any iPad Mini rumors to cut and paste from other sites.

  • Guess that’s another way of communicating one’s opinion.. But I still hope MS makes him pay for the damage he did at the very least. Maybe force him to apologize publicly and in person, just for good measure.