Since its release two weeks ago, Apple has taken an enormous amount of criticism over iOS 6. The bulk of the heat has come over the new, so-called inferior Maps application, but there have also been complaints of Wi-Fi and App Store issues.

In fact, according to a new report today, some major companies are urging their employees not to update their iOS devices to the new firmware. But it’s not because of Maps or Wi-Fi problems. It has to do with a major Exchange bug…

MacRumors reports:

“MacRumors has learned that at least one Fortune 500 company is requesting that its employees not upgrade to iOS 6 over a bug with Microsoft Exchange meeting invitations.

The issue appears when users decline a meeting invitation from an iOS 6 device. Instead of simply sending a notification to the meeting organizer that the user will not attend, iOS 6 is sending meeting cancellation notices to the entire distribution list, effectively canceling the invitation for all attendees.”

Employees who are already on iOS 6 are being asked not to accept or decline calendar appointments until the problem has been resolved. Both Apple and Microsoft are aware of the issue, but there’s been no word from either company on a fix.

The calendar bug has spawned a short thread in Apple’s online support forums, as has another Exchange issue involving push email. Here’s hoping Apple can come up with an answer quick, so it doesn’t risk angering its enterprise users.

Have you seen any issues with Exchange accounts in iOS 6?

  • Nope, working for me and I use 3 exchange accounts daily. ON that note, I don’t do much organizing w/ Calendar meetings that require declining or whatever.

  • After restoring and updating, I activated all my email accounts with the same exact settings I had before updating and I wasn’t receiving Push notifications for anything until a few days ago. Very frustrating.


    Wow, if that’s true, it’s even a bigger bug in Microsoft’s side (as any client other than the organizer cannot and should not be able to cancel an event)…

    Again, if it’s true, then we’ll see a quick 6.0.1 I guess… Nice to have all these, before a jailbreak comes in 🙂

    PS: Any ideas on what version of Exchange this bug happens? That definitely is relevant…

    • It worked/works fine in iOS 5, and no other phone platform has reported this problem, so it’s clearly an iOS 6 issue.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Oh I’m definitely not saying it’s not a bug in iOS… It sure looks like there’s something wrong that Apple needs to fix…

        But, looking at a bigger picture, this also means that Microsoft has not done their job (of securing the server side properly) either… This shows us by using a modified client (maybe intentionally?) one can start to cancel others’ appointments, which in principle should not be allowed at the server side… Am I wrong?

      • How would it be MS’s fault if it’s only doing this in iOS 6? It works fine in iOS 5 and below, and works fine on every other platform. It’s a bug in iOS 6 *only*. And from what others are saying, it’s somehow really only a bug in the iPhone 5, so it may have to do with the A6 chip more than anything.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Man, are you deliberately trying not to understand?


        What I’m talking about is a way different thing…

        A mail/calendaring server doesn’t just do what a client says. Or, it shouldn’t… It should check the credentials of the message owner, it’s privileges, message contents, etc… For example, a calendaring server, should not allow anyone, other than the organizer and the delegated management/organizers, to CANCEL that specific meeting…

        So, HOW isn’t this also Microsoft’s bug?

      • EpicFacepalm

        Client is sending wrong data to server. can’t you understand Mr. Techy…

  • Next they need to look at iMessage I can’t text my friends anymore in the USA from England that sucks because it work related too

  • Justin Amberson

    Well that’s a pretty obnoxious bug, but it could be worse. I’d say a “major” bug would be along the lines of an exploit vector that could invoke remote wipe. Sort of like the Gingerbread(?) exploit that can factory reset Samsung phones. That’s major. This one is just more of an annoyance

    • I’m sorry, but if the bug is on a company-level and it flogs their communications, it’s a major bug. Why don’t you try organizing a meeting via email invitations while it’s constantly being cancelled by supposed attendees. :o)

    • fantard

      typical fanboy 🙂 it’s business stuff that involves $$$$$$$$$, need i say more? if you lose that kind of amount, would you just be annoyed? 🙂

      • Justin Amberson

        I hope this article gets updated with the new info that has been published. Thanks for the response though

  • I’ve been experiencing nothing but issues with Microsoft Exchange. Every time I accept an invitation, it tells me I declined it and then I would get a bunch of emails from my own email account with the same info. Never had an issue with iOS 5 and Microsoft Exchange until now that I own an iPhone 5.

  • I use exchange all the time. I have not run into this bug. I will keep an eye for it and try to replicate.

  • Miketyler

    And the list goes on…..

  • The story about the email would have been helpful. A story about a feature no one I know (or very few from this blog) would ever use isn’t. So helpful! lol

  • Alessandro

    Help. Email problem with iOS 6.0: we have an Iphone 4S and a Ipad 2. Dowloaded the new iOS 6.0 on both and our devices could no longer send emails but only receive for no apparent reason. Apple store personnel acknowleged the problem and suggested we wait for the next release to fix this bug. This is insane and we now can not send any emails!!!! THIS is TERRIBLE

  • ward

    After setting up my exchange account on my iphone 4 with ios 6 I don’t get prompted for the cert and my account is setup but it gives me the error “Cannot Get Mail” “The Connection to the Server Failed”

  • Obfuskated

    It’s a feature! Your useing it wrong! Lol….

  • Steven Parsons

    If I make an appointment in outlook it shows up a day later on the iphone.
    It is as if the iPhone is in another time zone?