With two weeks left until the rumored October 17 presser, we’re again beginning to see parts thought to belong to Apple’s mini iPad. An Ukrainian publication today published four images said to depict the iPad mini chassis featuring a SIM tray, suggesting the device will come in both WiFi and WiFi + Cellular varieties, like its 9.7-inch sibling. Additionally, the images show front and back panels, display assembly and strangely no change for the headphone jack which remains on the top…

Russian-language UkrainianiPhone.com (via 9to5Mac) reportedly got these parts from a Chinese factory source.

Notice the headphone jack on the top, which is in stark contrast to other leaks and the new design of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch.

As depicted above, the bottom also has a small port, likely for the new Lightning connector.

The rear panel revelas a tray that could be for the new and smaller Nano SIM card standard, first used commercially on the iPhone 5. If the part is legit, Apple should provide the iPad mini in both WiFi and cellular flavors (a cellular version of the Nexus 7 is in the works).

Pictured below: the front panel with a hole for the home button and a smaller one at the top, presumably for a forward-facing FaceTime camera. Another notable: white looks as expected, but black sure reminds me of the anodized aluminum appearance on the black & sating iPhone 5.

Notice the thinner side bezels we first heard about last month.

Previously published rumors and leaked parts indicate that the iPad mini could be nearly as thin as the iPod touch, whose body is just 6.1mm deep.

Developer Steve Stroughton Smith noted on Twitter that “the panel is identical to any causal search for the Kindle Fire”.

The back plate with the Apple logo and the iPad moniker suggest no name change.

Instead of the iPad mini or iPad air (seriously, did anyone think Apple will adorn the gizmo with such a nonsensical suffix?), Apple will probably simply call it the iPad.

What do you think, are these parts real or not-so-elaborate fakes?

Did you notice anything else worth mentioning in these photos?


    So slutty sexy! I’m definately getting one of these. My partner and I love playing little games with it. Apple for the win!! Let’s make this the most popular one Eva! Let’s do it for Steve! He loved us! Like our daddy!

    • wow! just wow!

      • Emre SÜMENGEN


      • Larry


  • Will only call it iPad..!!…i dnt think so…
    Why not call it newer ipad..!!…right apple…:sarcasm..:p

  • The Chinese leaks next iPhone parts 3-4 months before release, public says its fake….

    iPhone 5 comes out lol
    I wouldn’t be surprised if these are real parts

  • let the leaks begin……

  • ‘Scruffgate’ here we come!

  • iPad Mini sounds like a good name, they would be stupid too just call it iPad because they have too differentiate it from the regular 9.7inch iPad.

  • Just because it simply says iPad doesn’t mean it will be called just iPad. All the iPods just say iPod on them and all the iPhones say iPhone on them but they still have their suffixes such as Touch, Shuffle, Mini, 3G, 3GS 4, 4S, 5, etc… iPad Mini sounds just fine. Btw with Apple’s possible new love for black anodized aluminum, do you guys think a future black MacBook or iMac will ever come out? Remember the black polycarbonate MacBooks? Those were awesome.

    • Mac_Guy

      Black headphones would be nice too

  • twited21

    I don’t want the mini I want the big mamma jammer the next full sized iPad
    Please and make it awesome

    • um its out now the ipad3 duh

      • twited21

        Lol so silly of you I want the next full size one not the 3rd gen why have salad when you can have steak

  • CJ

    не плохо !

  • guys it is happening
    these days sources are just often too accurate

  • I can’t take it anymore, I need to hide myself from the constant barrage of purported iProducts. I just want a surprise, thats not to much to ask is it..? Oh, it is, where can’t I get myself a ticket to the moon? I’m sure this Sir Richard Branson fella does something like that right? I think this is real. Still wont want to get one… until launch day. DAMN YOU APPLE! I don’t want any of this stuff but I sure as hell NEED it!!!

  • MiniPad, MaxiPad… COME ON… I’m sorry! I’m ashamed!

  • im ready for this

  • now that i think about it, it would be pretty convenient for the new ipod lineup to launch “later in October” with the supposed iPad Mini?