Saurik undoubtedly had the most animated and original speak at JailbreakCon. Watch him talk about AT&T, a food court, and salt during this 45 minute presentation ran entirely on iPhoto.

  • samdchuck

    Stop talking and go make me my iOS 6 jailbreak!

    • Nicolas Loots


      • jo

        WHAT DID HE SAY?

    • iHamzaDev

      Who the hell are you to talk to to saurik like that? Are you paying for the jailbreak? NO. Is he obligated to give you a jailbreak? NO. So get lost. This is one of the reasons why jailbreak devs are discouraged because of people like you. Why don’t you go crawl back into your little hole you came out of and learn some respect. Clearly your parents did a poor job teaching you manners.

      Pathetic people.

      • You do realise he’s trolling you and you fell for it right

      • Emre SÜMENGEN


      • and who are you?

    • Miketyler

      Thats not cool, these guys work very hard to give “YOU” a free tool to use

    • You’re pethetic!

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        What did he say. Tell me tell me!!!!!!!

  • it is sad but it is possible one day jailbreak wont be possible. The iOS is harder to hack.

    • jo

      Nothing is perfect including iOS!

  • I have to say it, Cydia is the best thing ever happen on iOS world, “#$% you Siri!, I just install R-project using cydia, and working on non parametric stats using mobile terminal, like a dream. The day i cant use Cydia i will sell all my iDevices. Thanks Saurik.

    • i feel the same way. I spend lots of time browsing through packages on Cydia, and playing with them. It gives great experience. WIthout cydia there is not much to play with except standard apps. Without cydia i would probably stop using my phone for fun, and I would use it for phone calls and and email only.

  • To be fair, while I respect Suarik and as much as l liked seeing him on stage; he didn’t half go on. By the time he’d finished his salt analogy, I’d forgotten what his point was haha

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Always a cutie you are. But yeah. I see your point