Apple’s favorite manufacturer Foxconn runs plants in Brazil, among them facilities that churn out some iPhones, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Japanese blog Macotakara is out with a new report claiming that Apple’s rumored mini iPad will be made in Brazil, just as we’d first heard back in January. The story conveniently coincides with another report from this morning calling for a media event for the iPad mini early in the second half of this month…

According to Macotakara (machine-translated):

According to reliable sources, the production of iPad mini you seems to have been started at the factory in Brazil.

Apparently the device doesn’t have a microphone on the back, perhaps indicating a last minute design change. The rumor-mill described the iPad mini as having a 7.85-inch display abd the skinnier bezels.

Reports this summer indicated that Foxconn was investing big bucks in Brazil plants.

The city of Jundiai was thought to begin production of the iPad in late July, but due to “construction glitches” and a shortage of skilled workers, that date was pushed back.

Macotakara also reported in July, based on  that Apple was looking to produce the iPad mini with 3G capability in Foxconn’s manufacturing facilities in Brazil. The site claimed manufacturing would ramp up in September, just in time for mass availability around the holiday shopping season.

This is in line with today’s report by Fortune saying Apple is scheduled to send out invitations for an iPad mini event presser on October 10, with the media event presumably taking place on Wednesday the following week.

No longer does the iPad mini seem a distant possibility, wouldn’t you agree?

Would you buy one?

  • iXanczy

    Apple, seriously, please don’t…

    • Please don’t what?

    • Wrighty

      Why what would be so bad? It would be a way for apple to expand and have a cheaper offer on the market for people who now can only afford a android tablet or equivalent

      • Apple don’t do cheap.

      • iXanczy

        ^ Exactly. Don’t make a “cheap” product. Apple is kinda “status” to own, and it is already really mainstream. If they (apple) make a “cheap” product I believe they would loose customers that want the exclusive feeling it gives to own a apple product. (Hope you get my point…) But, of course, if they figure they will make more money from it, they will go for it, all dough I hope they don’t. 🙂

  • viva brasillll 😀 que lindo e isso
    what beautiful is that 😀

  • ……..its called “iPad Air”

  • neil belanger

    this is not a real ipad mini because it has a 32 pin connector instead of the lightning connector that apple is replacing the 32 pin con on all new apple products

  • Several months prior to iPhone 5 there were pictures of cases and innards and screens and all sorts of whatnot. We haven’t seen a credible photo of an iPad mini — or any of its component parts — yet. If it were really this close to announcement, shouldn’t there be a “leak” of *something* by now?

  • Gus Me

    I’m holding out, and hoping its released soon, as these new rumors suggest.

  • What’s this about no microphone? Humm…. Hope that was wrong.

    Well, yes, I would purchase this – it will be perfect for watching movies at the GYM while on the treadmill and elliptical. It also is perfect for dragging around sales literature and online presentations – just slip it in to my jacket pocket.

    I was also thinking that this would work really well as an in-car GPS as with the iPhone being just a little too small.

    if the price is around $250 – its certainly a no-brainer. :0)

  • why i don’t think apple is going to release the “iPad mini” just imagine the price point the new ipod touch 5g is set back at $299 so obviously the “iPad mini” will have to be more expensive and considering Apple is releasing this to compete in the 7 inch tablet market u would need the price to be less than $299. Also i highly doubt that iPad mini picture is real cause apple will not release a device that supports the 30 pin connector anymore. JUST SAYING

  • @dongiuj

    I would buy. But if there really isn’t a microphone then no, i wouldn’t.

  • mukpin

    wow.. brazil.. why not in china


    Brazillllllllllllll!!!! It where I can wear my cute skirts with no fear! Loooooove it! GO APPLE!!!!!

  • Kurt

    tomorrow hopefully will be the announcement!