Echoing a report from August alleging an October launch for the mini iPad, the usually credible Fortune cites a “major Apple investor” who has it that the Cupertino, California-headquartered consumer electronics maker is set to issue invitations for an iPad mini-related media event on October 10. When the actual presser is exactly going to take place is anyone’s guess at this point, but with invitations reportedly going out on October 10 we’re probably looking at the official unveiling on Wednesday the following week, October 17…

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt has the story:

According to our source, who asked not be named, there appears to be some truth to the widespread rumors that Apple is preparing to launch a smaller and cheaper version of the iPad — often called the iPad mini or iPad air and usually described as having a 7.85-inch screen.

October 10 is a Wednesday, just like last month’s iPhone 5 keynote was. However, the media event itself is not due on October 10, just the invitations.

What our source adds is the specificity of a date: The press, he says, can expect invitations to go out on Oct. 10.

This would suggest an event on Wednesday the following week. And if past pressers are anything to go by, the device will be either available on the day of unveiling or shortly thereafter, meaning in late October or early November.

The author speculated as much:

If the rumor is true, and if Apple follows its usual scheduling protocol, that would suggest a special event to unveil the product on Wednesday, Oct. 17, with a launch day of Friday Nov. 2 – plenty of time to capture holiday sales.

The news is also unusual in that Apple appears to now leak upcoming event notices in advance, presumably so that the media can plan their coverage.

In years past, we’ve grown accustomed to either The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple or the Wall Street Journal-owned AllThingsD blog first receiving (and breaking) Apple’s invites to the world.

If Dalrymple gives Fortune’s report a thumbs-up, I’ll update the post immediately.

AllThingsD, a Wall Street Journal blog, reported back in August that Apple was looking to launch a smaller, inexpensive iPad at a media event in October.

Here’s a video comparing a 7.85-inch iPad mini dummy next to a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Previously published videophotos and interactive 3D model all pointed to the skinnier bezels, presumably making the iPad mini more comfortably to hold in one’s hand.

Are you getting excited already?

  • May ad one to the stable. Lets see what’s in the skin.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    There will NOT be and iPad mini. Mark my words.

    • @dongiuj

      Let me guess. You know that and you’re so sure of it because you work along side the top people at apple? Or is it because you’ve used apple products for a number of years that you think you know how apple thinks?

      • There is a rising market of people wanting to buy a 7 inch iPad but there is a large problem with the iPad Mini. Apps. A 7 inch screen is neither an iPhone neither an iPad and iPad apps will be too large to fit in this small screen and only widescreen iPhone 5 apps will be scalable to a 7 inch screen. And Apple can’t start a new product with almost no apps designed for it…

      • @dongiuj

        What, you mean like same problem when the ipad first came out?
        They’d just do the same but for a smaller ipad/larger iphone/ipod.

      • Exactly but how would they advertise it? “The iPad got smaller, so now it is lighter and easier to use”. This would work if the iPad mini was a whole new category of products like the iPad but it is not… Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of the iPad mini idea but I find it difficult to make this idea work except if Apple publicly announces the iPad mini some weeks before public release so that the devs will be able to make their apps ready for this new screen analysis, which can’t fit iPad apps and can scale up only iPhone 5 apps due to the screen ratio… Anyway let’s wish that Apple manages to beat this challenge…

    • 1337lolzorz

      Just like how the iPhone 5 was gonna be called the New iPhone? Are you gonna be able to handle the taunting you receive next month or are you just gonna cower away like the iPhone 5 naysayers

    • @dongiuj


  • Carlos Briones

    I have yet to own an iPad, they just seem too big for what I need. Depending on what is announced I might have to purchase.

  • can apple at least fix all issues with ios 6 before or at that date?

  • @dongiuj

    Haha~~(⌒▽⌒) Yes!
    Come on ipad mini. Come on.

  • It’s not being called the iPad mini… It will be called the iPad air and may have a carbon fiber body

  • Why are people still thinking that a mini iPad is possible? Then why don’t they make mini iPod Touch, mini iPhone? If Apple wanted people to afford products, there are still previous generation products that are still pretty powerful.

    • Infone

      Maybe because MacBooks come in many sizes..?

    • 1337lolzorz

      Mini iPod touch is called iPod nano.

  • thedarkknight80

    I don’t have an Ipad .

    So if this is will have the A6 chip inside, i am sold !

    That is if the story is legit ….

  • iPod touches start at $299 and iPads at $499. How would they price it?? It makes no sense to have an iPad mini as it would kill iPod touch sales. iPod touches would have to be dropped down in price and they just came out.

  • Eric Armstrong

    So this is an announcement about the invitation to an event that will be an announcement for the launch date of the iPad mini. We must be very excited!

  • I really hope this ipad gets the new colors of the ipod touch 5th genaration