JailbreakCon is less than 48 hours away, and as a sponsor, I will be representing the iDB team at the event. I’ll be the first to admit that the workshops will be over my head but we plan to get some face to face time with some of the speakers to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Among the most acclaimed speakers, we expect to talk to Saurik, Ryan Petrich, P0sixninja, iH8Sn0w, pod2g, and more. We already have a few questions we’d like to ask them but we were thinking that you might have some questions to ask them too…

If you do, please go to the comments section below and let us know what you’d like to ask, and to whom you’d like your questions to be asked to. For example:

For Saurik: where can I get the Reloading Data t-shirt?


For everyone: what do you think your biggest accomplishment for the jailbreak community is?

We can’t guarantee we’ll be asking all the questions you will submit, but we’ll do our best to pick the best and fire them at the line up of JailbreakCon speakers.

Now if you’re going to be at JailbreakCon, don’t be shy and come say hi. I’ll be the guy with long hair and a crazy French accent!

If you want to go to JailbreakCon but don’t have your ticket yet, it’s not too late… Get on it now!

  • For anyone: When are we seeing ultrasn0w updated to iOS 6?

    • I think ultrasn0w is done, seeing the prices to factory unlock your device. You can get it done for less than $30

      • wish that what you`r saying is true :
        my 3 hutchison sweden iphone costs 200$ for a factory unlock that`s wayy to much for me..

      • for your country! in Portugal the prices are RIDICULOUS! I mean.. an iPhone 5 16GB costs 690€!!! For unlocking it would be like.. 200€!

  • For Everyone: Has anyone working for Apple contacted you in regards to Jailbreaking or homebrew, and what has their attitude been (at least off the record)?

  • Rob_Huska

    For Everyone: The question on everyone’s mind… iPhone 5 and iOS6, is it being worked on?

    • A5 iDevices as well… iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5th gen

      • yes you are right for A5 devices as well

      • Rob_Huska

        Agreed, both A5 and A6 chips.

    • ic0dex

      NO IT’S NOT!

      • Rob_Huska

        Wow, take it easy there fella… i know Pod2g said he is not, but he is not the only jailbreak developer out there. That is why the question was for “Everyone” not just Pod2g.

    • jose castro

      he said no like a couple of days ago.. he was working on his job

  • For Everyone: have you ever talked with any Apple employees about Jailbreaking or homebrew apps, and what has the attitude been (at least off the record)?

  • For Everyone: As we all know, there are those who will always see Jailbreaking as nothing more than a tool for piracy. Has there been any discussion of ways to enable Jailbreaking for homebrew applications, but not for piracy of paid iOS apps? Any thoughts or theories on how this could be done?

  • For Everyone: any plans to jailbreak iOS 6 on A5 devices ??

  • John herthop

    For pod2g: I thought you said you would have the jailbreak for iOS 6 right on time?

    • ic0dex

      Your question will never be asked

  • Tinus

    For Saurik: when is cydia ready for jbken iOS 6?
    For Everyone: when is untheter jb for iOS 6 ready? :p and where is donate button for that so I can click it for support?

  • everyone or by choice: what do you think can still come out off jailbreaking ? is apple going to listen to the jailbreakers community for future implementations ? is there any way to make it more legal or easier for i only jailbreak now for quickly change track play and pause with hardware and quick reply for messages? won’t future developers in jailbreak be discouraged as apple is implementing some of their ideas almost exactly as created by the devloper ?

  • For Everyone: Has anyone from Apple approached you about working for them and if so why have you decided not to?

  • For everyone:
    iOS 6 and iPhone 5 jailbreak
    A4 or A5X untether
    Cydia improvements and cydia for mac

  • For everyone: It recently came out that Pod2g won’t be working on an iOS6 jailbreak and a lot of the other jailbreak devs are going to bigger companies. Are there any backup or contingency plans in case the devteam loses too many people?

  • For everyone: It took ages to get a jb done for A5 processor how come a jb was done for the brand new A6 processor on day one ?

    • DjFoued_D32

      Because apple failed again (Pod2g tweeted)

      • Apple fails on every update mate software wise i am talking about hardware as its a totally new architecture and new processor , considering it took them such a long time for a A5 processor what was different this time that on day one got access to A6.

  • babybaby95

    For Saurik: Where can I get the Reloading Data T-Shirt? I would love to have it and I’m sure many of us here wants it!

  • For Everyone: Any chance for a new bootroom exploit soon for the 4s and iPhone 5 or this kind of exploits belongs to the one and the only: Mr. George Hotz?

  • For everyone Can we get an official release date for a stable Cydia jailbreak for iOS 6? With a4 devices. ( Redsn0w preferred I know everyone is working on A6 on iPhone 5, are they waiting to release all iOS 6 devices?) for saurik when will Cydia be ready or is it already? (So far Cydia has shown high levels of instability, with the run ability of ios6.)

    • Cydia is iOS 6 ready… Look for the post in iDB…

      • if cydia is ios 6 ready it wouldnt be crashing my phone and not letting it run…please dont post when you dont know and only reed this!

    • ic0dex

      It should be ready next week Oct 4th at 1pm PST.

  • For everyone : When baseband downgrade available for iphone4

    • DjFoued_D32

      Like someone asked: when we can live in Mars?
      No one can knows, but is it hardly to answer: in the near futur.

  • For everyone : Who were you before 2007? What were you doing before 2007? Thanks for making iOS much better than people would ever imagine. Wish you great year ahead. Best luck!

    • ali_plus

      Love this question. It should be asked.

      • The real and simple question.. isn’t it? 🙂

  • Jim

    Appletv 3 jailbreak, anybody?

    • Oh, that would interest me too. And when you can expect the Jailbreak for Apple TV 3

  • Jim

    AppleTV 2, Under /User/Updates has anyone taken notice to the “version_ATV4.xml” file?

  • For Everyone: Can the JailbreakCon be watched or followed lived online?

    • Yes. See @JailbreakCon on Twitter

    • ReanimationXP

      @flawlessfox has already said yes.

  • for everyone: same question . when an iphone 5 A6 processor jailbreak will be available or will never be available ? thats the simplest question I WOULD ASK IF I WERE YOU.

  • For everyone: Besides making the iOS a better mobile OS, why are you making the JailBreaking software? What are the reasons that keep pushing you to make the software? P.S. I really appreciate your good work, and all I want to say is THANKS! (This is a “THANKS” come all the way from Hong Kong 🙂 )

  • I heard those reloading data Tshirts are for tweakers, developers etc… So I wouldn’t count on Saurik selling them to your average Joe.

  • For @Saurik Where can I get the reloading shirt?

  • Christian Owens

    For everyone: How can the iPhone 5 be jailbroken the first day it comes out but the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the new iPad can’t?

  • what happened to the mac cydia(jailbreak) ??is it coming??

  • Guest

    For e

  • Derek Diong

    For everyone: Will there be a day where we jailbreakers be able to update wirelessly without restoring if we don’t mind there is no jailbreak available at the moment?

  • For everyone: On average, how much time do each of you spend creating/helping create each jailbreak? Thanks for all the work that you’ve done. It is greatly appreciated.

  • why they don’t purchase cydia in app store
    and when apple tv 3 jailbreak come !!!

  • For Everyone: Do you think Apple will ever just allow jailbreaking for those who want it?

  • ic0dex

    Saurik: Cydia was first launched in February of 2008, back then we had a lot of active members that had the knowledge on how to jailbreak and find exploits. Today a lot of them are gone and we’re only left with few members. Where do you see Cydia going in a few years from now, can we see our self’s Jailbreaking the iPhone 6 or iOS 7 in a few years from now?

  • ic0dex

    Everyone: Is George Hotz the only hacker that will go down into the books that found a boot level exploit? I know P0sixninja found on too but his was never used.

  • all that matters is iphone 5 untether..lol

  • For Saurik: When will we be able to see Cydia with an updated user-interface?

  • For everyone: any work on downgrade baseband of an iphone 4 and the unlock

  • Will someone update iusers to iOS 6 please

  • Jeffery Carter

    For Saurik & Pod2g: Cydia and Jailbrakes have a symbiotic relationship. How do you see the future of the two industries given the cat & mouse with apple and the new devices.

  • will there be a untethered jailbreak for iOS 6?

  • disqus_njH2bSrOTv

    What about bricked iphone3gs’s, does any body working on it to unbrick it.

  • Evan Hartsell

    For everyone: Is it going to be possible to have a tweak that stretches current apps to fit the iphone 5’s taller screen for the apps that don’t get updated? Or could an app be made to show from the bottom of the phone’s display instead of the middle?

  • Hellac00l

    For Everyone: will there be a crash reporting tool for iphone5 so that exploits can found?

  • Anonym

    When will snowbreeze be compatible with ios 6?

  • Sam

    For everyone: How soon can we expect jailbreak for Apple TV 3? ETA /Specific date please

  • Sara alyse

    Why does it say ios 6.0 wont work with this kind of redsnow?!?!

  • Ayusha

    I have reset my Iphone3GS but it is still stuck on the apple icon only. Battery got nill and I charged it again but again an aaple icon appeared. Pls help me.

  • mae

    My iphone 3gs is jailbroken and downgraded to ios 4.1, I want to update it to ios6 untethered, what should I do?

  • fake name btw

    i have an iphone4 right, and it was jailbroke but i did a software update on it or something like that it went of and wont go back on enny 1 know how?

  • Jay

    How do I take the white square around my icons when I change there shape