Being one of the most popular reasons to jailbreak, and one of the inspirations behind Apple’s very own Notification Center β€” it’s safe to say that LockInfo has reached legendary status amongst the jailbreak community.

With that in mind, anytime there’s a new version on the horizon, many people look on with great interest. LockInfo 5 is the latest major update to the Lock screen notification enhancing app, and the developer has created a teaser video to show off its capabilities.

Would you like the ability to filter visible notifications by app? What about enhanced notification clearing? Or maybe you’d just like better integration with other jailbreak apps like BiteSMS and TwitkaFly? All of that, and more, is hinted in the teaser video inside. If you’re a fan of LockInfo, you don’t want to miss this…

The new LockInfo promises to be faster, lighter, and as you can see from the video, full of innovative new features.

Personally, I was never a huge fan of LockInfo before for various reasons. I guess I just felt a bit overwhelmed by the insane amount of options. But this version looks like something I could seriously benefit from, especially with the new filtering options. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and take it for a spin. What about you?

  • thedarkknight80

    awesome , sold !

  • Robbie

    Contact images for notifications. So happy

    • That is actually a built in feature of bitesms

      • Robbie

        Yeah i’m a big fan of bite and the way it displays contact photos, but i meant contact photos for whatsapp notifications!

  • Looks good.

  • This would look awesome on the larger iPhone 5 screen!

    • taller*

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Please stop commenting using my name, we already settled this, no need for anymore.

  • Amazing!
    Really gonna bought it when I am able to jailbreak again

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Lock screen makes my butt hole moist. But seriously this beautiful lock screen does make it moist. Because of lube πŸ™‚

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Stop commenting using my name TripTrop

  • Kurt

    i only use lockinfo for the rss feature…but this does look good

  • Guest

    off topic :p any new about CELESTE for ios 6 ?

  • one of my first and favorite cydia tweaks ive actually purchased! absolutely love it! cant wait to see this one!

  • SimonReidy

    Very slick. I haven’t checked out LockInfo for a while due to relying on IntelliscreenX, but I’ve been missing all the advanced customization and plugin features of LockInfo. This video has convinced me to switch back!

  • f1ght3r

    Hopefully iPhone 5 Jailbreak isn’t months away πŸ™

  • Metroview

    As soon as a jailbreak is released for the iPhone 5, I’m going Lockinfo instead of IntelliScreenX. IntelliScreenX has been buggy as shit for me with double notification sounds, lag upon opening Notification Center, lag on phone bootup, and no support whatsoever from Intelliborn.

  • awesome!…..Lockinfo is one of the only reasons i JB…lol…. Lockinfo 5 looks great… if you have never tried it…..DO! It is similar to Intelliscreen but more minimalistic and less busy.

  • Looks good, but I think I am going to stick with Intelliscreen X

  • chjode

    As a user of LockInfo since iOS 4, I can’t wait for an iPhone 5 & iOS 6 jailbreak!

  • looks quite good ill stick to intelliscreenx

  • AndyDontCare

    I love lockinfo’s customizability but simple use. I hope they aren’t moving in the direction of intelliscreenx.

  • thebudman

    I originally Jailbroke my first iPhone because I wanted Lockinfo. I will definately be upgrading.

  • IntelliScreenX is better and more polished

  • Lockinfo was on my iphone since I can remember. one of the best tweaks ever. Developer is really talented.

  • Cantello

    Yay, updated LockInfo. It’s the only reason I have not yet upgraded to iOS6.

  • Best lockscreen combination I’ve ever seen is:

    1.Gravity lock screen with the slider replaced by a grabber (like the notification center one at the bottom but on the lockscreen and it had a small camera button with the bitesms options as well. Not sure where the guy got it from though)



    once i can get all of these on iOS 6 since I’m on it now. I will be very, VERY happy!

  • It’s still not out!! : (

  • sda

    Any news on the release date?

  • Joe Scott

    I just installed LockInfo 5 on my phone, followed by uninstalling it and installing IntelliscreenX. I just uninstalled IntellisceenX as well. I don’t know why, but for some reason both of these top LockScreen apps have decided that instead of creating a pure LockScreen experience, it was easier to take away almost all customization options and literally give your LockScreen the exact same thing you get from your notification center. For a major update (and an app that costs between $8 and $10), I’m left wanting much more than either will provide.

  • M F

    The newest version of Lockinfo is terrible, many people are complaining. The author of the program unfortunately took a turn for the worst when he decided to change it.. Please dont waste your money.. Hopefully one day Lockinfo 4 will come back..

    • SimonReidy

      I totally agree. I wondered what David had done to it when I first installed! Where are all the amazing configuration options it use to have? Plus it just looks ugly now and doesn’t really help much with managing notifications. I went straight back to Intelliscreen X.

  • brinek

    Looking worse than old version. Cannot see messages preiew, fonts are too big and cannot change it…
    Just bought it but I want my money back.

  • LockInfo 5 sucks big time!!!

  • Owen Cavender

    Sorry, but how do i get this on my iPhone 5 now?