And the iOS Maps bashing saga continues… Wanna know how it ends? Go past the fold for the remaining three tables. Joy of Tech also has another funny take on Mapgate, by the way…

Notice a subtle Siri mic animation?

Cool, no?

[via Joy of Tech]

  • JerseyD

    Typical Siri. She’s crazy, we hav fun.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Love it.

  • I’ve been using Map from Apple since iOS 6 beta 1, and until today I got my iPhone 5 really I find no problem using the map at all and pretty much everyday I start to use this map more often.

    Also I see how this map getting smarter where it can guide me to navigate to a shortcut way to the direction that I want to go, and really I was so surprise on how they manage to find the best way to get to my destination.

    I know it might not be the best, but again this is just the beginning of it, and I also believe that when google map was launch it may not be the best, but when the time past everything should gets better.

    Just hope for the best as we are the consumer.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      So because YOU haven’t had any problems, I guess nobody does. Ok I’ll keep that in mind

      • I’ve seen many people complaning about the map and many post from
        Christian Zibreg or Cody if I’m not wrong also point out how bad is the map, and I can’t argue about that since we live in a different place, and we have different experience with map apps.

        For me I have missed the exit from the highway twice using Google Map from iOS 5, whereas the map on iOS 6 did a good job even though it is a turn-by-turn.

      • So because you have a problem with Apple maps app I guess nobody should find it useful. Ok I’ll keep that in mind too

    • Ok, try to look at the center of Dortmund (satellite -mode).
      I was there for the first time and I need to meet some one.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        No problems with Dortmund for me. -iPhone 5

      • kgelner

        If you are talking about Dortmund, Germany, I see the issue you mean – in satellite view it has detail for only half the city. But if you needed to meet someone why wouldn’t you just use the map part? In the map part you can even see building shapes to help identify where something is.

        Also, you did submit a problem report, right? Open the corner of the map and click on “Submit Problem”.

      • but I had a meeting point far from the street, and I needed satellite mode.

    • notewar

      For the time being Apple’s map is still improving…but by the time it is fully would probably have a new map Mars already.

  • Who else read this in Siri’s voice?

  • I knew this, with apple everytime they release a new product of service , this kind of trouble happend, antenna problem, the stupid 4S battery, ipad wifi issue, now maps, i wasnt affected by this becuaae i use Android and have the ipad because of my job, but i think apple should stop putting more attention on how to sue samsung and pay more attention an attitude on how to please the consumer.

    • Samsung does the exactly same thing. The patent wars between all these Giant tech corporations are ridiculous. But you can’t act like Samsung does not do the exact same thing. They tried to stop the iPhone 5 from even being launched or sold in the US.

    • kgelner

      And as with all those other issues, in reality the issues are way overblown and most people simply enjoy the product. Maps is no different, for most people in daily use it’s actually a very nice mapping application, and iOS users get turn by turn and 3D maps they did not have before.

    • And Samsung should pay more attention to security so your data can’t be wiped by simply receiving a text message. 😉

  • SimonOrJ

    Maps forgot to apologize for those who fell from the bridge

  • dumping google maps so early was bad move … they should have launched it in their next upgrade … !!!

  • im not having issues with maps. I even looked up a street and spelt it wrongly and maps still found the place. that to me was amazing

  • GLL


  • I love iOS 6’s Maps…. sure they don’t have as much built up data as Google’s right now, but that will change over time. As for Street View, it’s much more helpful in my opinion to get a real 3D view from overhead like iOS 6 gives than to see street views picture by picture with no real sense of the 3D terrain. When your driving to a new location you haven’t seen before, the 3D view of the streets and structures around help MUCH MORE than Google’s street view. I don’t understand all you haters. Google’s straight-up Satellite Imagery only gives you pictures of rooftops really, but iOS 6 Maps give you a REAL idea of what the structures look like…. in my own experience, this is extremely MORE helpful than Google’s views.