Taptaptap’s Camera+ sold over nine million copies since its inception in June of 2010 and it’s remained my favorite go-to photography app ever since. A major new version just hit the App Store this morning, bringing several new features.

Most notably, version 3.5 enables iCloud sync and Facebook sharing with single sign-on. The former lets you automatically sync your Lightbox between devices and the latter simplifies Facebook authorization.

And best of all, the team confirms that Camera+ for iPad is around the corner. Count us excited!

Of course, Camera+ is also updated for the bigger iPhone 5 display and speedier CPU (unlike Apple’s own shopping app). Camera+ on the four-inch iPhone 5 screen lets you see more photos in Lightbox. You’ll also no doubt appreciate a bigger canvas when doing quick touch ups.

Worth noting, I spotted several mentions of the Camera+ for iPad in iTunes release notes.

Here’s what’s new in Camera+ version 3.5.

• iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support
We’re calling this the biggest, fastest Camera+ ever. Take advantage of the taller screen of the iPhone 5 to see more photos in your lightbox and enjoy a larger editing preview area when you’re working with your photos. And with the speedy new processor in the iPhone 5 your photos will be edited and shared before you’ve had a chance to shoot them.

• NEW iCloud sync…
We’ve been beavering away on Camera+ for iPad, that’s right iPad, for the better part of two years. The last year of which was adding iCloud sync. Now you can automatically sync your Lightbox photos between all of your devices!

As you take photos on your iPhone, they will automatically pop-up on your iPad, so you can take advantage of the larger screen and advanced editing features of Camera+ for iPad.

• Facebook sharing with single sign-on
We’re rolling out Facebook single sign-on support for new users. So if you’ve got the Facebook app installed, you won’t need to enter your Facebook username and password in Camera+. If you’re an existing Camera+ user with a Facebook account setup, you can’t use single sign-on just yet because of a little something that Facebook need to fix (we’re sure they’re on it).

 Just a quick note on iCloud syncing.

If you enable this feature, you should remove Camera+ from the list of apps whose data gets automatically backed up to iCloud, provided you are using iCloud backup in place of iTunes one.

Camera+ is a $99-cent download for a limited time only, “to celebrate the release of Camera+ for iPad”.

I couldn’t find the iPad version on the App Store at press time.

Alert us in comments when it goes live and I’ll update the article.

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  • billypuntove

    is that really “iCloud” sync? It sounds to me like Camera+ (app) sync.
    This really stood out for on the title because I had never seen “iCloud sync” as a feature on any app that wasn’t Apple’s own (ie. Pages)

    What does iCloud sync mean here?

    • Metroview

      App sync would mean having both apps open and close by each other to transfer, and transferring over wifi or bluetooth, which is not what Camera+ does.

      iCloud Sync means exactly what it means here. Storing photos that are saved in Camera+’s Lightbox (a sandboxed Camera Roll) in the Cloud, and downloading them from another iDevice to Camera+’s Lightbox.

      BTW, iCloud Sync has been around for a while with non-Apple apps. Instacast, Downcast, Infinity Blade 2, Tweetbot, SoundHound, Ski Safari, iCab Mobile, Slingshot Racing, Sonic 4 Ep 2, DJay, etc. App developers just have to add it…

      • Falk M.

        How did this get a thumb down?

        And yeah, devs need to flipping get their act together and integrate iCloud, most preferably with Mac counterparts where it makes sense.

  • IPad version was up two hours ago when i checked, click on other apps by this developer and it is there.

  • I dont know how they done it, but Camera+ is the only photo app (AFAIK) that natively integrates with iMessage pictures. You can open pictures in Camera+ directly from iMessage. Like this: http://i.imgur.com/IDPH0.png I mailed this to the developers of Camera+ and they were suprised to see this integeration.

    • Falk M.

      We should not be so excited about this…
      It’s sad we as iOS users are, that’s one of the few things were I have Android envy haha

      Apps need to flipping work together better… Not just tossing a single file around each other lol

  • Falk M.

    meh, Give me the ProCamera update already lol
    I have both installed, so this is rather welcome, but I found the combo of ProCamera + FiLMiC Pro to be unbeatable if you don’t give a lot about on board editing like me 🙂

    Rather give me an update for iPhoto for iOS to synch the changes applied to photos with Aperture on my Mac lol.
    I can’t stand destructive edits.
    Hell, even iMovie and Garageband synch their projects to my Mac… “kind of”… Via iTunes File Sharing… Fix that, too Apple, whilst you’re at it.

    • forumiphone

      no need itunes for iphoto
      they sync in via icloud
      and if you saved edited photo to your roll it will show up ın your mac via photo stream then you can import to Aperture

      FiLMiC Pro is more upper people this just too capable for just maınstream job.
      camera + is for more mainstream people

      thıs ıs not good compare

      but camera+ has non.destructive edit or ı remember wrong

      • Falk M.

        I don’t need iTunes for iPhoto, I know that. I was talking about iMovie and Garageband. At least I can export their projects to my Mac this way, although it’s clunky as hell, should be able to automatically synch my projects from my phone to my computer.

        iPhoto synchs via iCloud? How so? iPhoto does sh** about synching to anything, all it does is open your camera roll, photostream and albums. Nothing exciting to see here. It’s the least it could possibly do to do anything. (well the least would be to just take photos from within the app I guess, but you get what I mean)

        I can save the edited photos to my camera roll, that’s true, but here’s where it gets ugly: It’s destructive edits!
        I know I can tinker with the edits in iPhoto on iOS, but that’s not worth a lot to me, I want to be able to adjust without destruction on my Mac and maybe have some changes done on the road or so.
        Exporting to camera roll generates a second image (two master images, completely independent of each other: the unedited original and the edited exported picture)
        I want it to be ONE image with two VERSIONS. unedited and edited.
        So I have one picture with the modifications applied and can revert back to the original if I want to. I want to synch THIS to my Mac, not two masters… Just messes up my library especially as all my other edits ARE versioned and not masters. (unless of course I need two masters)

        I won’t ever import pictures via Photo Stream, I want to delete them after the import is done and I want full control – not saving pictures that have been in the cloud already, the cloud is a mere backup or matter of “viewing” for me here… Don’t get me wrong, Photo Stream is awesome, but I don’t trust it for my imports, I just don’t. Besides it won’t mirror my videos, so I have to manually import either way. 🙂

        FiLMiC Pro is possibly not the best pic for Average Joe, that’s true, however I was merely talking about my use case. IMHO I can hardly feel good taking videos without seeing the volume meter 🙂 But that might be just me, so yeah…
        Usually the stock camera app will do for most people, so FiLMiC only really makes sense if you’re obsessed about control and all that, although I would suggest anyone to use it if they feel comfortable learning the app a little bit, it’s not that hard to control, it’s pretty similar to the stock app and most of what you can change is a one off settings thing… For example the quality picker…

        Not a good compare? I didn’t say it’s for everyone, so it IS a good compare, as in the end (talking about MY use case) this is what I had to decide: what do I use? And I felt having two apps for two different uses is (unfortunately) my best pick.
        If I could have the controls of FiLMiC Pro in ProCamera’s video mode, I’d be hard pressed to further use FiLMiC, maybe because I trust it more… hehe
        Usually, if things go fast, I’ll just stay in ProCamera rather than fire up FiLMiC Pro if the time pressures me, or the stock app when coming from the lockscreen (swipe to camera). ^^

        Camera+ might have non-destructive edits, but that’s not worth a lot if I want my versions (undestructive edits) to be on my Mac.
        iPhone is not made for creation, my Mac is, so that’s where my creational stuff lands. Not on a locked down device I don’t have that degree of control over. No thanks hehe

        edit: DAMN THIS GOT LONG!