Online retailer Amazon has asked a federal judge to throw out Apple’s legal maneuvering seeking to challenging Amazon’s use of the “Appstore” term due to similarities with Apple’s App Store trademark. The contention erupted in March of last year, when Apple sued Amazon over the App Store moniker. The online retailer was using the ‘app store’ term in their developer portal and other marketing materials, with Apple arguing the similarity with its own App Store name may have led to customer confusion…

Cupertino last November stepped up efforts to protect the App Store name just as Amazon was beginning to  promote the Amazon Appstore for Android apps. Earlier this summer, Apple summoned an Amazon executive for court testimony over the decision to drop the words “for Android” from some of Amazon’s app store branding.

Amazon is now calling its Android store simply the Amazon Appstore. Apple says this change could have contributed to confusion among consumers.

Reuters reports that Amazon is riding on the fact that both Tim Cook and Steve Jobs publicly used the “app store” term on numerous occasions, with Jobs referring to the “four app stores on Android”.

Amazon also wrote in court filings:

Apple presumably does not contend that its past and current CEOs made false statements regarding to those other app stores to thousands of investors in earnings calls.

To the contrary, the use of the term ‘app store’ to refer to stores selling apps is commonplace in the industry.

What do you think, does Apple holds exclusive rights to the “App Store” term given the time and money it invested in promoting the iOS application store?

  • Tommy C.

    To-may-toe, to-mah-toe.. I don’t care..

  • AMB_07

    At some extent Apple could be the only one allowed to use the term “AppStore”. But “App Store” is way too broad of a term and should in no way be allowed exclusivity to one company.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      But we should let apple have it for Steve. This. Oils be the best present we could give to him. Think about it. He would of wanted this!!!!!! Let’s do it people!!! I think we should write to every newspaper. At least the major ones. So no matter which country you are in write them and tell them to do an article. Please also write the gay and lesbian papers as well. We are users of the iPhone too!!!!! Tootles!!!!

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Please stop commenting, we already settled this

  • Kok Hean

    Says the owner of the 1-click payment patent.

  • I love Apple for so many things. But one pet peeve is their penchant for making the “consumers will be confused” argument. After all , I highly doubt we confuse an apple to Apple. But I don’t know. I haven’t bitten into my deliciously sweet and juicy Mac Pro yet.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      If you don’t worship apple than a big FU! Get off this site!!!!! Bastard!!!

      • Manny Gonzalez

        I think the MOD should do a better job monitoring nasty comments left on this blog. Although this blog is for apple fans, I do believe everyone should be entitle to their own opinions, whether or not you agree with them is your problem. As an apple fan myself, I do have to agree that anyone who is smart would not confuse Amazon’s AppStore to Apple’s AppStore.

      • Kok Hean

        Too bad it’s that person is a fake trying to defame the real Liu Zhenyu.

      • I think some idiot called triptrop is using someone else’s name to post stupid things.
        I would be flattered, someone is wasting their time trying to be me :DD

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Stop commenting using my name TripTrop, we already settled this.

  • This is a website that gives Apple customer/users news and updates about Apple and its competitions but i truly don’t think the #Fandroids should come on here and HATE… I surly don’t go to an Android blog site i have no need to IDB is my 1STOP SHOP… They keep it 1000

    • Manny Gonzalez

      Just as you said “this is a website that gives Apple customer/users news and updates about Apple and its competitions”, and exactly who is the competition? Android. So if the Fandroids wish to come to this blog and “HATE” like you put it, well there is more traffic for IDB, and I doubt that’s a bad thing. IDB is my only stop for any news related to Apple and the competition as well. If this were to be 100% about Apple they wouldn’t include any news regarding any other OS like Android, Windows, RIM, etc.

  • Apple = Ecosystem … Apple cant save the world people expect too much from them at times….. Eg. Apple Maps (ecosystem) its our 1st year google been doing this a while now lets support Apple maps and stop bitching because WE/YALL still buying them iOS devices…. i just need my iPhone 5 now and im good f*ck maps 😀

    • Manny Gonzalez

      Apple prides for being a company that delivers awesome products and great software and updates the first time around, that being said they rushed into getting rid of Google maps and now they are paying the price. They should have invested more time into perfecting Apple Maps and then releasing it… We have gotten so accustomed of everything Apple releases being perfect, that the first time they screw up everyone complains. Google has been doing it for a long time so Apple has a long way to go.

  • I think amazon should thingking something new, it is stealing someone idea, even it is not patented.. I think the name it self is suited to other products except apple.