In addition to discovering aluminum is softer than glass, some iPhone 5 users are now reporting issues with light leaks. It’s unclear whether this is a minor manufacturing issue affecting a small portion of users or a widespread problem. People may not even be aware that their device is leaking light as this becomes apparent only in low-light situations and for many it’s not even a biggie. Did you spot light leaking out of your iPhone 5?

A thread on the MacRumors discussion forums describes a problem where some white iPhone 5 models have a streak of light leaking from in-between the glass panel and the structure.

Boy Genius Report corroborated the issue:

The light leak and loosening chamfer on BGR’s defective iPhone 5 was a 64GB white and silver model running on AT&T.

The light leak is unnoticeable except when the iPhone 5 is used under low-light or completely dark situations.

Another guy had his iPhone 5 replaced by Verizon due to stripes of light that appeared after the carrier fixed a loose battery.

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According to a poster, Verizon “said they were aware of some sort of light issue and promptly replaced the device with a brand new one out of the box”.

User “vineetnangia” says he got his unit replaced in an Apple store, but to no avail as the second unit still exhibits the same issue.

Despite Apple’s ultra-precision manufacturing processes, the Rolex of smartphones is nonetheless prone to teething issues like other gadgets.


Does your iPhone 5 suffer from light leakage?

  • jose castro

    well im glad i preordered the black one.

  • Actually that looks quite cool! I want one with that kind of issue!

    • They should put the light leak around the whole device and not just the top!!! Or make it light up when it rings!!!

  • chin2793

    Don’t know since I haven’t got mine yet!!!

  • I have had to get my Black iPhone 5 replaced because of flash syncing issues. My flash goes off before the picture is taken resulting in a very dark image. I have loads of examples of these dark pictures. I emailed customer support and they have issued a replacement.

    • I have the same issue, i’m actually going to the store later to get it swapped out.

    • Mine did this once, but I just tried it several times and it was fine. Do you think its an issue?

      • I had a look on twitter and it seems it’s been an issue for quite a few people, I just searched ‘flash iphone dark’. Everyone there seems to be having the same issue. Mine was like yours Daniel, it’s an intermittent problem. The longer I go without restarting the problem seems to show up more. I could do a Before flash and After flash comparison if anyone is interested. The results are quite funny.

  • Had same issue with my iPod Touch 4g. Nothing too serious but a little annoying.

    Worst thing is light leaks on the screen(I had them on iPad 2). It’s where you can see screen backlight coming through when you looking on the screen at the angle. I had to take my money back.

  • One of my two iPhone 5’s was squeaky! Went back to apple!
    So far all 4 iPhone 5’s I had contact with, have loose battery, just shake yours a little until you feel something inside, like a battery.

    • pegger1

      Did you really just say shake it till something comes loose?

      • Don’t worry. You will hear it soon if you haven’t yet 😛 You know what I meant. Just try to use “Shake to undo” maybe a little harder…

  • My iPod Touch 3G had leaks at the left hand side too. Not really a big problem because I have a case on and it covers them very well.

  • I have a black one and don’t have any issues….thank god!

    • same here!

    • Liu Zhenyu

      My dad has a black iP5 and it leaks light around the edges of the speakers, so cool!

  • gian testa

    My gfs white iPhone 5 had colored lines going through the middle of the screen. I tried to get a screen shot of it but it went away. Anyone else have a problem with the screen like this ?

    • I don’t think a screen shot will capture a physical defect of the screen, unless you’re saying that this was a software issue.

      • gian testa

        I should have said shot/picture of the screen not a screen shot

    • I have it too. It looks like something’s loose Like a conmector or something of the screen

  • I didn’t notice until I read this article….now it keeps poking me in the eye. 🙁
    Might go swap for a black one.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Well duh!!!! Its freaking white.. the 4s Did the samething

  • Those are some premium, high quality and innovative light leaks. Those should definitely be patented.

    • troll. don’t act like samsung and other android devices don’t have their own issues.

      • Something I hear often is how the iPhone costs a lot more than those “other devices” and its resale value is twice as high. So what now? That no longer matters?

      • SoCoMagNuM

        no one said samsung doesnt have defects, this doesnt fix the issue at hand with the iPhone 5. has nothing to do with samsung nor did he mention anything other than pertaining to apple. it was sarcasm on the facts…grow up

  • At the AT&T store I was first given a black iPhone that had the weird stripes of light at the top

  • Christina Bryan

    Aaah, sometimes iDB scares me for no good reason lol. Brought mine into the darkest corner I could find and scoured over it looking for leakage; mine’s totally fine.

    When I reserved mine, I initially regretted getting the white one, but when I received it and actually held it in my hand, all regret went away. I always get black, and wanted something different, and it was totally worth it.


  • ReanimationXP

    Since when does the Apple logo glow?!

    • SoCoMagNuM

      thats the phone booting logo, not the back frame

      • ReanimationXP

        Oh, derp.

  • It seems that the hurry for mass producing ‘On Time’ have its cost. Apple shouldn’t sacrifice Quality by Quantity. Those issues, like the scratchy backplate, the Maps, the WiFi antenna issues, and others, points to Quality issues.

  • Here’s a question….does it matter? Yes, I agree that if you spend hundreds of dollars on a product you expect top-notch engineering…but in reality…what’s the downside if it’s so minor you don’t notice unless you’re in a tiny room?

    • SoCoMagNuM

      it matters when you buy a BRAND NEW top of the line device with defects out of the box..thats just not acceptable especially being an apple product praised on excellence and precision…..thats not precise at all

      • No, I agree that you aren’t getting what you pay for. But from a practical standpoint, is there a performance problem with the phone? My 4S has dings, scratches, chips along the edges (thankfully it isn’t broken!) but none of that hurts the function of the phone. Does a light leak hurt the function? I ask because I’ve never experienced it on any phone before.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        If you bought a brand new car off the lot everything seems fine. you get home and turn the AC off and it starts to tick for 10-15 secs everytime before silencing. The AC works fine but theres obviously something wrong on the inside. you wont have an issue with that?

        how about you buy a new top of the line laptop or macbook and when you open box and take it out some the keys fall off and/or loose. you can pop it on and it still works but it still doesnt stay on or feel firm like the others. you wont have an issue with that?

        if i buy a product NEW i expect it to be in prestine condition especially if someone with the same exact product has no defects. defect is defect.