Apple’s relationship with Foxconn is already under scrutiny, but the iPhone maker is set to be posed yet more questions about working conditions after the news that a 2,000 person brawl erupted at one of its factories.

The Taiyuan facility was closed by Foxconn after a fight broke out about an apparently non-work related matter. Reports suggest that things escalated however once guards and factory workers began to fight.

Reports also suggest that around 40 people have been injured as a result of the disturbance…

While the factory produces hardware other than that built for Apple, it is the production of the newly released iPhone 5 that will no doubt feature in most headlines.

Foxconn has been on the receiving end of much discussion of late, with working conditions and low pay causing Apple CEO Tim Cook to visit the company to discuss the issue. Foxconn has suffered from some high profile suicides at its factories also, causing some to call for Apple to end its relationship with the company.

Protests over pay have been relatively common place at Foxconn factories, but this is the first time such a large, and violent disturbance has taken place. Or at least, it’s the first we have heard of!

Does Apple’s use of Foxconn and its questionable business practices color your opinion of its products, or do you see this as just another cost of doing business?


  • it’s sad to see this is where our iPhone’s come from ):
    but at the same time I’m happy to have one in possession!

    ps. proof read before posting? I see couple spelling errors.

    • It’s sad to say we contribute to this though.

  • @dongiuj

    When you say “nom-related”, i’m guessing you mean “non-related”. On other news they reported that a worker was wacked by security staff for not working which then started the riot.

  • Spell check is your friend.

  • bae125

    A number of companies use Foxconn for production, if you’re going to produce electronics in China Foxconn is pretty much it. My Dell notebook has their name in a number of areas.

  • just another cost of doing business, … really?
    this is pretty damn outrageous, does anybody still care about what is really going on in the world? these people are working under slave-like conditions and we all buy the stuff for about 400% the price it costs to make it, just that foxconn and apple can make a pretty penny. Also I dont get why everybody is so protective about apple when it comes to critically talking about the way the apple acts; just because i use the products doesnt mean i have to identify myself with the company that makes them. Sure an iphone is an intimate product with everyday use, but so is toilet paper, and you dont see me defending charmin for chopping up the rainforest when i whipe my ass with it.

    Btw everybody and their mom (yeah i stole that one) is flipping out because of the ios6 map app, but a real topic like this gets barely any attention at all.

    why is that?

    • Because apparently, nobody gives a damn, as long as they have a nice new shiny piece of hardware in their hands. There are thousands of people reading this blog daily. Imagine if all of us created a disaster for Apple (or any company for that matter) by making a Twitter campaign against them #ImproveWorkerConditions? That’s just one of many things we could do! Why does Apple disable comments on their YouTube videos? Because they don’t want to listen, and they’re definitely not the only ones! We have the Internet available to us, and what do those corporations have? Bupkus! We CAN make a difference, the question is whether we want to. I know I do, but what about others?

  • Foxcon Reporter

    Be aware! It’s Apple marketing scheme to boot sale.

  • All of y’all are bunch of hypocrites. Y’all buy a whole bunch of other products that are assemble in China, but y’all want to crucify Apple for being another US company that assemble their products overseas. #bereal.

    • Ok, firstly, stop sayin “y’all” you’re not black so stop trying it, you’re just making yourself sound like a moron.
      Secondly, all of your clothes are likely made by under-payed “slaves” and so is your technology.
      And thirdly, why are you using hash-tags? This isn’t Twitter an holds no relevance to the discussion.

      • Well we got another Romney follower over here

      • Black people aren’t the only ones that say ya’ll btw. Ever been to southern U.S.?

      • That ignorant is from the UK that’s why he doesn’t know jack

      • My whole family is from Louisiana and “y’all” is actually a southern thing, not a black thing. Just saying.

    • a smit

      soooo.. that makes it okay then?

      IMO this is a glimpse at the ‘new world’ we are ‘promised’ – I am sure we will see more of this type of activity (even this side of the pond) in the future.
      if we don’t get our shit together and stop the relentless push for the homoginizing of the masses into worker bees/ gadget consumers – we will become just that….

  • Are you guys sure this plant specifically made iPhone 5’s? I heard rumors that it was a Nintendo Wii U plant. Either way Apple will take all the blame again because they are the only ones that use Foxconn to make their products right? -___-

    • It was mentioned in the article

      “While the factory produces hardware other than that built for Apple, it is the production of the newly released iPhone 5 that will no doubt feature in most headlines.”